3 Diffusion Lines That Should Be On Your Radar

3 Diffusion Lines That Should Be On Your Radar

It’s a common myth that you have to break your wallet to look good or get designer style. It’s always the question of whether to opt for the quick, cheap outfit or spring for an invest piece, a quality piece you’ll have for a while. Have no fear – diffusion lines are here! Diffusion lines are great because they allow you to get the newest designer fashions minus the hefty price tag. Why do we love diffusion lines? Take a look at three we’ve been eyeing and see for yourself…

Designer: Janie Bryant- Costume Designer
Launch: Spring 2013
Price: Range from $29.50-$375
Why: Blast from the Past. Mod Vibe of the ’60s
Style: Late 60s mod fashion mixed with in your face prints and bold & bright colors.
Tip: Influenced by runway trends, get ready for a blast back to a time of geometric jewelry, graphic scarves, capris, and keyhole details. Match a solid colored piece along with a graphic one to stand out amongst the masses. Take a sneak peek into the collection here!
Launch: hit stores February 1st. It’s currently available
Price: Range from $17-$40
Why: Brighten up your wardrobe with these fun pieces!
Style: Fun, young and the perfect addition to wake up your closet.
Tip: This line was created to be fun and exciting! Get funky and mix and match pieces together!
Fave: Zip-Front Cardigan  ($40)
Launch: hit stores February 10th. It’s currently available.
Price: Range from $13-$200
Why: Inspired by the different stages of love.
Style: Light, floral and sheer. These pieces seem innocent, honest, and comfy.
Tip: The pieces in this line evolve from innocence to the confidence that love creates and encompasses. If you aren’t a fan of florals and pastel colors, this line isn’t for you.
Fave: Floral Dress. ($49.99) It’s structured shape makes it appropriate for all occasions.

Brooke's a Jersey native taking the Big Apple by storm. Brooke works in music programming by day and enjoys attending industry events and a nice cocktail by night...while being fashionable and chic of course! Brooke gets most, if not all of her fashion inspirations from music artists that grace the hallways of her job, art, and/or magazines (yes, people still read magazines). She loves how clothes and a great pair of shoes or jewelry can change your mood. Brooke's fashion motto  is "trust your instincts." Follow Brooke on Twitter at @BrookieDaniels and click here to read more from Brooke.

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