Trendin: Kardashian Nail Kolors Too?!?

Trendin: Kardashian Nail Kolors Too?!?

Listen here Kardashians,

I hated you, then I loved you, now I’m over you.

But… I am still glued to their newest show, like their Sears line, and am kind of loving some of their new nail colors. Damn you, you genius business women, you!

That being said, the nail color names are so corny and I LOVE them! Also, it’s under Nicole by OPI, which is sold at Walmart aka one of my fave stores. For real, I actually LOVE Walmart!

My fave shade …

Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam

Side note:  Each of the females, including the little Jenners, are getting paid equally. Weird?

Thanks TMZ for the info!!

Would you buy? Leave a comment!

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