#TotesAmaze Mag Bags

#TotesAmaze Mag Bags

Dear Technology,

I love and appreciate your improvements, but I still LOVE magazines in the tangible form. That being said, this post is not about ipad cases, but magazine bags. Thanks for understanding!

XO, A blogger who still loves turning the pages and Pinteresting the old fashion way.

Initial Attraction

Tag: Deena & Ozzy Alphabet Stud Tote Bag, Was $24.00, Now $9.99 at Urban Outfitters.

Take Note: Not all initials available.

Frills and Function

Tag: St Barts Ruffle Bag, $54.00 at April Marin.

Take Note: I already own it and love it! Great for quick errands, an overnight stay, or even a few groceries.

Bag of Tricks

Tag: Bag of Tricks Tote, $23.00 at Madewell.

Take Note: Adorable. DUH!

Okay, let’s hashtag this post with #totesamaze & #trendhungry.

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it. Love the support, but LOVE comments even more, so leave one!


Simon Malls Style Setter, skinny-budget fashion blogger, and on-air style expert. Loves tea parties & window shopping.

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