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Tantalizing Lip Tattoos

You want a crazy pattern on your puckers? You don’t need a celebrity makeup artist to do the tricks of the trade. All you need are some temporary lip tattoos.

The Kardashian Klan rocks the tats as does Kelly Rowland and Jessie J.

Patterns – leopard print, tiger patterned, glitter, even birthday girl written on the bottom lip.

Tag: Violent Lips – Glitter, Was $15.00, Now $7.00 for a pack of three at Sephora.

For a larger selection go to Violent Lip’s website.


Patterned Pantyhose, Please!

Fashion is all about making a statement. This can be done with a pop of color, a big-bling ring, or even your tights. Pantyhose have really evolved in the last half-a-century.

Brands high and low are showing patterned stocking and personally, I’m in love. Wear with a plain-jane dress or even jean shorts.

Stylish celebs craving the tantalizing tights include Khloe Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and Victoria Beckham and GaGa – she wore mirrored tights on New Years Eve … awesome!

My favorite brand , aka the IT brand in eccentric stockings, is Pretty Polly. They can be pricey (around $30.00) but here are comparable options for way cheap!

Sale-Rack Steal – Two trends workin’ up in here. The floral is ladylike, yet sexy.

Tag: Burnout Floral Tight, Was $14.00, Now $9.99 at Urban Outfitters.

Unexpected Sexy – You won’t believe where this next pair is from.

Tag:Black-Ribbon Tights, $10.00 at Hot Topic.

Leopard Legs – Weird , but already growing on me. P.S. They fit a skinny budget even before they went on sale!

Tag: Leopard-Spot Tights, Was $7.99, Now $5.99 at New York & Company.

Want to keep these babies in place? Trend Bite will tell ya how this Friday! Tune in!

Which pair do you like most? Leave a comment below or tweet @trendhungryblog!


(P)Leather-Dress Mess

I hope you are starting your new year’s workout routine because this next trend is not very forgiving. Leather Dresses, yeah, leather dresses. Nuff said.

Celebs like J.Lo, Nicole Richie, Nicole Scherzinger and Rihanna love this look, but my mini keg I call a stomach doesn’t.

Here are a few figure-flattering options fit for a skinny budget.

Boyish Figure

This will cover your arms and looks way longer on your hemline in person. This model is 5’8 and a size small. I’m 5’3 so will lay quite differently.

Tag: Leatherette & Mesh Dress, $29.80 at Forever 21.

Tummy Tuck

This won’t hide your tummy totally, but isn’t skin tight on your belly like most of the other leather dresses on the market. Add some Spanx for extra support, dark tights and a boyfriend blazer to create a work-appropriate leather look.

Tag: Glamorous PU Dress, Was $87.26, Now $45.45 at Asos.

Arm Shy

This is the perfect dress to showcase the trend, look classy, and feel covered up. Any age can pull this off.

Tag: DEPT Leather-Look Dress, Was $129.00, Now $77.40 at Dillards.


10! Show Giveaway: Sally Hansen Salon Effects!!

Hello fashionistas!!

It’s almost 2012, so that means it’s time to gear up for all the hot new trends. There are new takes on some of your old fashion favorites. Example – The statement manicure is the new statement jewelry. Today at 11:30am on NBC10’s The 10! Show, I’m showcasing the new trends and giving away a DIY manicure set of different Sally Hansen Salon Effects. That means you can get that celebrity-style manicure at home and for FREE!!






Thanks and good luck.

US only. Contest ends at 9am December 29th.

XO, Jessie


Black Friday – DON’T; Cyber Monday – DO!!!

Black Friday is total chaos, and despite me being a being obsessed with fashionable deals, I don’t do black Friday.It’s totally crazy. And you can always get deals, they’re just highlighted on this day, plus the huge deals are only till noon.

Cyber Monday is way better and way less stressful! It’s like Black Friday, but from home and often bigger savings!!


Lots of stores offer the same and often better deals on Monday. Often include free shipping.

Kohl’s, Gap, Target, and the majority of Old Navy stores will be open at midnight.  Banana Republic has 40% off everything till noon.

JCPenney, Nordstrom and many more will offer double cash back on Ebates.com. Ebates is shopping site that helps compare deals and helps you earn cash back, much like a rebate. But, know what you’re looking for.

Got a smart phone? There may be an app for you.

Black Friday App– has all the black Friday ads

ShopSavvy – scan bar code and it will shop you where to buy and what price.

Sale Saver LT – this figures out the price for deals that say a percentage off and factors in sales tax too.

Happy Shopping!


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Lacey-Lady Tops

Lace is not just for grandma’s tablecloth on lingerie. Lace is now mainstream. Designers high and low are selling lace tops, some full lace, others with lace accents.
Celeb Sigthing: Rihanna, Kristen Cavallari, GaGa, Taylor Swift & Kim K.
This trend is so easy. All you need is a cami or tank to wear under the lace top. Or go sexy with just a bra. You can do all one color or switch it up to be funky and feminine. You can wear these with everything  – a skirt, a blazer, or skinny jeans and heels for a night out.
Here’s a pic of my girls Taylor & Kristen. Taylor’s rockin’ the trend during my Fox shoot from Apricot Lane Ardmore.
Cheap & Chic
Tag: Lacy Long-sleeve Top, $7.90 at Love Culture.
Dainty De Leche
Tag: Shimmering Lace Top, $17.80 at Forever 21.

Videos: Fox’s Online on a Dime

You can look fine on a dime by shopping online. Here are three stores that get the skinny-budget approval! Click here to watch the vids. It’s a series, and the others in the series are below once you get to Fox’s site. Sorry for any confusion!!

1. LuLu*s – click here for shopping info!

2. Rent The Runway –  click here for renting details!

3. Just Fab –  click here for shopping details!

I had such a blast at Fox today! Check out the Trend Hungry Tumblr to what we were up to during commercials!

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Cool Temps = Cape Time!

Capes aren’t just for super heroes. They’re for fierce females too!

They wrap around your whole top half. Think of a skirt, but made for your upper body.

Capes are super similar and often confused with ponchos. A poncho is more like a sweater and a cape has more jacket-like features. Both are over garments sans sleeves.

Celebs: Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian,  and Kate Hudson & Lily Allen both spotted in a gorgeous Louis Vuitton cape.
Skinny Budget: It’s like a jacket – a thin one solely for fashion is under $30.00 at Forever 21, but one that will keep you as warm as a winter coat will be a little more. Still JCP has one under $75.00 and New York & Company for under $60.00.
Tag: Contrast Knit Cape, $29.80 at Forever 21.