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    TV Clip: Celeb Lines on The 10! Show

    I love celebrity fashion (unless it’s the worst-dress list)  and I am in LOVE with these celebrity designs! Here’s my latest clip from NBC10’s The 10! Show. Click here for all the…

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    Tantalizing Lip Tattoos

    You want a crazy pattern on your puckers? You don’t need a celebrity makeup artist to do the tricks of the trade. All you need are some temporary lip tattoos. The Kardashian…

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    Patterned Pantyhose, Please!

    Fashion is all about making a statement. This can be done with a pop of color, a big-bling ring, or even your tights. Pantyhose have really evolved in the last half-a-century. Brands…

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    (P)Leather-Dress Mess

    I hope you are starting your new year’s workout routine because this next trend is not very forgiving. Leather Dresses, yeah, leather dresses. Nuff said. Celebs like J.Lo, Nicole Richie, Nicole Scherzinger…

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    Lacey-Lady Tops

    Lace is not just for grandma’s tablecloth on lingerie. Lace is now mainstream. Designers high and low are selling lace tops, some full lace, others with lace accents. Celeb Sigthing: Rihanna, Kristen Cavallari, GaGa,…

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    Cool Temps = Cape Time!

    Capes aren’t just for super heroes. They’re for fierce females too! They wrap around your whole top half. Think of a skirt, but made for your upper body. Capes are super similar…