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    Giveaway: Quick-Fix Beauty Products

    It’s spring. It’s time for rebirth. We’re all thinking about our looks and are ready to shed our dry winter skin, but unfortunately we’re all low on time. I’ve search for the products that…

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    Spring Looks with Freed Love

    This post goes out to all the fashionistas of Northeastern PA. There’s a boutique that’s fashion forward and more importantly, skinny-budget friendy. They carry some of my favorite boutique brands such as…

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    TV Clip: Guy Gifts

    This past Trend Hungry Tuesday on PA Live! was all about gifts for your guy. Be generous and let’s treat the men this Valentine’s Day, but on a skinny budget. Don’t worry,…

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    PA Live: Fitness Fashions

    I am by no means a fitness expert, but my friend MizzFit is and she helped me find a few of these products I’ll be chatting about on WBRE’s PA Live!at 4pm.…

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    New Takes on Trends

    It’s almost a new year. You’re ready for new goals, new planner, and some new fashionable items … on a skinny budget. Hey, we want to start the year off right and save…

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    TV: DIY Gift Guide

    My most recent seg for WBRE’s PA Live! was all about the DIY gifts. I used a lot of items I already owned and so these gifts were on an extremely skinny…