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Make Your Shopping Count: Fair Trade Month

fair trade beauty products

We all look forward to October for fall fashion and getting dolled up for Halloween! Well, now there’s another thing to add to your list. Fair Trade Month. It’s the month that’s dedicated to reminding us that with fair trade, the money spent on every day goods can better an entire community’s lives. As fashionistas, we need to remember that it’s important to be a conscious shopper but to also give back. Fair Trade reminds us that every purchase matters. According to Fair Trade USA, “They help farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities. We’re a nonprofit, but we don’t do charity. Instead, we teach disadvantaged communities how to use the free market to their advantage.” How cool is that?!!!

There are even organizations like Ten Thousand Villages that create income-earning opportunities for artisans in developing countries by establishing a sustainable market for handmade products in North America. For 65 years, Ten Thousand Villages has been one of the top sources for jewelry, home decor, accessories and art from around the world!

We are completely obsessed with Fair Trade. Take a peek at Trend Hungry’s Top 10 Fair Trade Items:

1. Strawberry Body Butter (the Body Shop)



It’s made with Community Fair Trade shea butter and smells so yummy! The mini size is only 4 bucks!

2. Swinging By Necklace (ModCloth)

fair trade necklace

Found this necklace from Modcloth for under $20 by  a feminist-minded brand, Mata Traders, who specializes in fair trade and handmade products that are both beautiful and ethical, so you can feel great and look spectacular sporting this chain above a printed shirtdress and slate-blue heels.

3. First Blush Bangle (Ten Thousand Villages)

6832420_1-1 Handmade in India, this bangle is to die for and will spice up any arm party! For only $8, this bracelet is perfect for work, brunch, or date night with that special someone. Plus, it’s blush pink coloration gives it a royal, sophisticated feel.

4. Splash of Sun Infinity Scarf (Ten Thousand Villages)


You can never go wrong with an infinity scarf. Handmade in Indonesia, this scarf can be worn year round and goes great with an army jacket, jeans and a black tee for the fall. There’s no better way to invest $24 !

5. Mariposa Key Hider (Ten Thousand Villages)


For a girl on the run, this is an essential gadget that you won’t regret investing in. For only $18, this Mexican handmade key hider also functions as a wall decoration.

6. Alana Dress (prAna)


This hooded jersey dress will keep you styling in comfort on those weekend days when you’re running around doing errands. On sale for only $49, this hooded masterpiece will make you stand out among the masses.

7. Ethiopia Yiracheffe (Adventure Coffee Roasting)


Fashionistas on the run NEED coffee! So why not start your day off with some quality java!? This Ethipia Yiragacheffe blend has floral aromas with a dry lemon finish…YUMMY! Get 1lb for $13 and never step foot in Starbucks again!

8. Oatmeal Face Scrub (Dirty Beauty)


Made with fresh local organic oat grains, exfoliating papaya enzyme extract and calming lavender, this nourishing face wash is soap and oil free. Use this daily to loosen dead skin to reveal your fresh revived skin! ($24)

9. Alegre Recreational Soccer Ball (Senda Athletics)


Soccer is the best way to stay in shape for the fall! It’s fun and involves lots of cute guys! Grab a ball for only $ 19.99 and kick your way into style! Get this- Senda also has brand ambassadors! If you have a true passion for soccer, then this might be your calling! Ambassadors create fun awareness activities and reach out to local clubs, schools and soccer organizations about the impact of Fair Trade in soccer!

10.SpaRitual Illuminate Lacquer Duo with Fair Trade Bag (Zappos)

fair trade beauty products



These two hues come with a fair trade bag to tote around.



If you’re not feeling any Fair Trade products, then you can always donate your earning towards this great cause! Look at it this way- for every $1 Fair Trade has spent since 1999 has generated more than $5 in additional worker/farmer income…that’s amazing!

Which Fair trade item is your fave? Is there a Fair Trade brand we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!



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Canadian Tuxedo: Rihanna’s New Uniform?

Rihanna Loves Denim

Denim is one of those trends that will never go out of style. Denim killed it in the 80’s, was the THING in the 90’s, and is certainly resurfacing in everyone’s wardrobes present day! Our girl Rihanna is a total fan of the denim on denim trend and rocks it quite frequently… but always in a unique and quirky way! Whether it’s your dad’s vintage jean jacket or a pair of jean shorts you picked up from the thrift store, make this trend your own!


This jean look by RiRi is my favorite because it’s not too in your face and is flirty and bright enough for Spring!

Rihanna was seen leaving Giorgio Baldi Restaurant in Malibu, CA

Copy this look with Delia’s Studded Denim Shorts  (on sale for only $9.50) and this Forever 21 Oversized Chambray Shirt ($24.80). Throw on a pastel colored shirt, a fun headband and some funky heels and you’ll be ready for a casual night on the town!


Can you say fun, funky and completely risky! I’m not saying COMPLETELY commit to mimicking this look, but the top and bottom can be matched with other pieces from your wardrobe to create a fun outfit for clubbing or music festivals! On sale for $17.99, this Delia’s Denim Sweetheart Bustier goes great with high-waisted pants for just enough coverage and hiding that navel area! And as for the skirt, I am obsessed with this Miss KL denim skater skirt. (did I mention it’s 41% off the original price…score!) At first glance, the skirt doesn’t appear like denim, but the unique pattern  makes it totally wearable for casual Fridays, brunches in the city, or going for a walk.

Don’t be afraid to commit to the denim-on-denim trend. It’s easy, inexpensive and something you always want to have in your closet.

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Lash Extensions

eyelash extensions philadelphia

I did it! I got eyelash extensions. I’m now in the club with Kim Kardashian, J.Lo, and whole bunch of other beautiful celebrities! But before embarking on some extra-long lashes there’s a few things you should know (don’t want to risk going to a hack and getting an eye infection!). I sat down (well, technically I was laying down) with Eye-Lash Expert Deneen Marcel. She’s a certified Lash Extensionist, trains people in the lash art, and also gave me my stunning lashes on live TV! (click here to watch!)

All you need to know about lash extensions with Deneen Marcel

Explain the process of getting lash extensions.

You arrive with a clean, product free face. If it’s your first time, I will chat with you about the look you’re going for and the available lash options. The lash extensions are applied with two pairs of tweezers and adhesive. Your bottom lashes are taped down with a collagen-gel eye pad and medical tape in order to conceal your bottom lashes. I will prime your lashes, ensuring they are clean, then I apply your lash extensions one at a time.

 How does it work?

Lash extensions is a process by which one strand of synthetic hair is attached to each lash one at a time. They are bonded with a medical grade adhesive, extending your natural lashes, resulting in a look that makes your eyes pop!

eyelash extensions philadelphia

What’s the upkeep at home?

You can’t get them wet for the first 24 hours after application. Keep your lash line clean with mild cleansers. Fluff your lashes after a shower using a mascara wand. Avoid pulling or twisting your lashes. Don’t use eyelash curlers and avoid waterproof mascara.

  • Do shower just before your appointment. If that is not possible, thoroughly cleanse your face and eye area to remove any dirt, make-up and/or oil, so the adhesive isn’t compromised.

  • Don’t wear water-proof mascara or products containing high amounts of Polyethylene glycol, Hexalene glycol, Butylene and Propylene glycol, these can break down the eyelash adhesive and shorten the life of your extensions. If you feel the need to wear mascara after getting your lash extensions, L’Oreal Full Definition Voluminous mascara is a great choice.  It’s water-soluble and glycol free, making it easy to clean off with a gentle cleanser.  You may also use baby oil or olive oil to remove your makeup.

  • Don’t shower or get your eyelash extensions wet for 24 hours. This includes working out and saunas for the first 24 hours, as this will allow the adhesive to fully dry.

  • Do wait at least six months before getting lash extensions if you have used Latisse.

  • Do make sure you go to a certified professional who is licensed and certified as a LASH EXTENSIONIST. Do not accept any type of lash service from an untrained stylist.

  • Don’t attempt to apply lash extensions yourself. “I don’t care how many DIY videos are on YouTube,” Deneen quips.

  • Don’t remove lashes yourself. If for some reason you are overwhelmed by all the attention you are getting with your fabulous new lash extensions, don’t pull or try to force them off, go back to your technician to have them professionally removed.

  • Don’t use an eyelash curler. Doing so can cause serious damage to your natural eyelashes. If you want a curlier lash, ask your professional for them, you have options.

How much does it cost to get lash extensions and refills?

$275  for full set. Refills depend on how many weeks since your last visit: $50 after two weeks, $65 after three weeks, $75 for four weeks, and $85 after five weeks.

How long does it take to refill?

Refills take 60 – 75minutes

What to watch out for when looking for a place to get eyelash extensions? Make sure they are certified lash extensionist. You can as to see their certification.

To contact Deneen Marcel


525 South 4th Street

Philadelphia, PA, 19107


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Miley’s Twerking Onesie = Awful! She Shoulda Wore a Jumpsuit!

Miley Cyrus Twerk Onesie

Wow! We already knew Miley Cyrus had sick style, but who would have known this girl’s got the moves to go along with it! (did you have a chance to catch her latest #twerk video?) We have to say viral Miley is a lot more fun especially when the limelight is showcasing her fashion sense.

Miley Cyrus Twerk Onesie


The Pajama Party theme has definitely been put back on the map with celebs like Ciara, Miley Cyrus and even Perez Hilton, who hosted a huge PJ bash for his 35th birthday! I can’t think of a more comfortable and fun way to celebrate! Sears is now carrying  exclusive Joe Boxer PJs so you can rock out like a superstar! These celebs showcased their best bedroom attire for the whole world to see and we are loving it, but only at a themed party or a stay cation. But other than that, sleepwear should never been converted into streetwear. It’s just a huge no-no. Instead, rock a jumpsuit, duh!

rita ora


Onesies aren’t only made for the bedroom! If you’re looking for a style that can be worn in public, then jumpsuits are your thing!  With the help of  Rita Ora, Vanessa Hudgens, J.Lo and Jennifer Hudson, jumpsuits are back in style rotation! Ora matches her jumpsuit with sneakers, fun shades and a slouchy hat giving her a more relaxed, chill look. Her outfit screams Coachella Fashion, don’t you think? Or dress it up like the Queen B, Beyonce!

Beyonce Jumpsuit


A more tailored and structured jumpsuits work best with heels and a sick  statement necklace. If you’re looking for your next business meeting outfit, a jumpsuit, blazer and heels combo is 100% Trend Hungry approved. :) Don’t worry – we found this jumpsuit at Kohls for only $25 so your shopping worries are over!



Petite Fashionista Tip: Jumpsuits work best with heels and when belted. A belt will break up the your body giving the illusion of longer legs and heels will add height for a much sexier feel and look!

Dress it up jewelry or rock it with sandals or flip flops-  the possibilities are endless!

Are you a fan of jumpsuits? Comment below!!

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Spring Trend: See-Through Accessories (Under $50!)

Spring Trend: See-Through Accessories

A girl can sometimes only dream of having everything from the runways fill up her closet. Just because you can’t afford things straight off  the runway doesn’t mean your style has to suffer!  Be there the first of your friends to prematurely bring a trend into the spring season! The fashion Gods have revealed that see through accessories are making a comeback for this spring, so make sure to dust off those jelly sandals jump of the bandwagon. Here are a couple of see through accessories we can totally see in your spring wardrobe!

Clear Collar

Lucite Collar

Add over a plain tee to trendify your look. This hue is great for Easter week!
Tag: Lucite Peter Pan Collar Necklace, $10.80 @ Forever 21.


Apple Charm Necklace

See- Through Apple Necklace Forever 21

Simple, cute and the tiniest accessory that adds the most amount of chic to an outfit. Simple charm necklaces are the best because they’re the opposite of statement jewelry.  They don’t take attention away from your outfit, which is important if your rocking your shoes or dress as a focal point. Remember: you always want to make a statement but never more than one fashion statement at a time!

Tag: Apple Charm Necklace, $5.80 @ Forever 21.

 Neon Necessity

see through bag


This is by far my favorite accessory! Why? (Well, I’m glad you asked!) You can match this bag with your everyday work attire or use it for a night out on the town. This trend works great from spring to the summer season. Think ahead to the summer…beach, bathing suits, sunscreen, neon bag- totally makes sense! And for $14.80, this accessory makes sense for you!

Tag: Neon Boston Bag, $14.50 @ Forever 21.

Transparent Details



How amazing are these heels? Plus they’re on sale for only $31.49 so grab them while you can! I’m sure when you heard  see-through shoes, you immediately thought of trashy stripper-like heels, right? I always did! When incorporating this trend into your wardrobe, the accessory doesn’t have to be 100% see -through. The thing I love about this shoe style  is the light yellow color with transparent details will  perfectly brighten up your blacks and grays or contrast off of spring colors like lavender or blue.

Tag: Wentzell Shoe, $90.00 $31.49 @ Aldo.

Crystal-Clear Hoop

Vince Camuto Lucite earrings $25 1. Vince Camuto is amazing. 2. These earrings are only $25!  3. They feel glam, yet tribal chic. 4. How can you resist? I know we can’t!

Tag: Vince Camuto Lucite Hoop Earrings, $25 @ Shoebox.


Are you feeling this trend? Chat with us by commenting below or tweet @trendhungryblog!

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Style Profile: Ode to Danielle Fishel (aka TOPANGA!!)

Danielle Fishel, aka Topanga

In case you haven’t been near a computer for the past week, Danielle Fishel, better known as Topanga from Boy Meets World, has been making her mark all over the internet with a new steamy Maxim cover. Mr. Feeny…Cory Mathews…Chubbies- who doesn’t remember this iconic tv series! If you don’t tune in to catch reruns of the crew every weekend, here’s a flashback into the style history of every guy’s dream girl…Topanga.

Cropped Top

fishel crop top

This picture completely defines the 90s. She’s totally rockin’ the look, but WOW! 90s’s fashion was something else, don’t you think? Spring is just around the corner so get ready to witness everyone’s navels peeking out. Crop tops go great with high waist jeans or a flowing skirt for those warmer spring evenings. Crazy to think but 90s fashion is slowly making a comeback. Check out this crop top we found on sale for only $7.49!

Boyfriend Jeans Danielle_Fishel-008p


Meet wannabe bad girl Topanga (what season is this picture from?) Boyfriend jeans are a great item that every girl should have in their closet. They work great year round and are really sexy when paired with some heels or wedges. Check this pair out for only $21.99, Good call Topanga!

Call Me Maybe?

Topanga who?? I think everyone’s jaws dropped when this picture leaked last week. Topanga is back and looking better than ever. Feeling comfortable in your skin while looking sexy is exactly what this picture exudes. Every girl should have that special lingerie set that makes her feel sexy.

Jean Jackets


Hi my name’s Topanga and I’m just one of the guys! If you did a quick glance of this picture, you’d never be able to tell there’s a fierce mama under those clothes. Trend Hungry loves jean jackets…just not in this look. (It’s okay…we’ll blame it on the decade.) Rock darker denims in the fall and winter and save the lighter rinses for spring and summer.



Hello there. This is my favorite look because 1.She looks fabulous. 2. She’s rocking lingerie during the day. 3. Topanga is back! Thin-strapped dresses are ideal because they can be taken from the street to the bedroom.

Fun fact: If you have a form-fitting dress, it can easily be tucked into high-waisted jeans to emulate a bustier. We love this River Island dress! How about you?

What was your favorite Topanga style? Share by leaving a comment below!

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Win Tickets To Coachella! Come Visit Me At Diesel KOP’s Grand Opening!!

Diesel King of Prussia Grand Opening

Remember how I said something festival-chic is coming? Well, it’s here! Diesel has officially opened at the King of Prussia Mall and I’ll be there this weekend hosting the grand opening celebration with my Philly FABB sister, Lauren of The Style Darlingand we’ll be offering styling tips and entering you to win, get this (!!!!), 2 TICKETS TO COACHELLA!!!!!! We know, it’s sold out! We know, it’s in Cali. And guess what else we know, the lucky winner and friend will get flown out and also get to hang out at the Diesel house!!! If only I was eligible to enter. Can I be your plus 1?

Simply visit their new spot in the King of Prussia Mall (lower level of the Plaza) during one of times on the invite and come get your picture taken in front of the Diesel backdrop looking like a concert cutie. This contest is only for the King of Prussia Mall, so you’ve got a great shot of winning!

So, come visit me this weekend! Lauren & I are splitting up the time so if you want to be sure to catch me, I’ll be in store on Friday from 4-8pm, and Saturday from 12-4pm!

I’ll be stopping by Diesel today to pick out an outfit for the event. Follow along and help me pick what to wear on Instagram!

Diesel King of Prussia Grand Opening

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Ways To Wear Leopard: Animal Instinct Fashion Tips

How Celebrities Wear The Leopard Trend

It’s a trend that will fire up your mood and was hot on New York/London/Paris Fashion Week runways…leopard print. It’s sassy, it’s sexy, and always gets people’s attention. As a firm supporter of all things leopard, this is a trend that can be dressed down or easily dressed up!

Celeb Sightings: Beyonce, Rihanna, Emma Roberts, Olivia Palmero, J.Lo, Amanda Kerr.

Here are some fun ways to work with leopard print:

Banana Republic at POPSUGAR Shopping
Leopard Bag/Clutch: Avoid completely committing to the trend while easily spicing up your outfit. An every day bag with the pattern gives you the freedom to incorporate the trend into your outfits daily, weekly or monthly.


Asos at POPSUGAR Shopping

Leopard Coat: No matter what season, leopard print jackets/coats are a great way to stay fashionable while being smart and functional. Worried that a jacket is too much of a statement? Switch up with your accessories by matching your jacket with a bold neon bag or a subtle colored hat. Plus, this coat was originally $285 and now it’s

Rocket Dog at POPSUGAR Shopping
Leopard Shoes: Own the room with the ultimate statement shoes! Whether it’s a loafer, wedge, kitten heel, or going-out pumps, leopard print goes great with neutral colors or bold, neon colors. For the office or coffee meetings, leopard heels or ballet flats go great with any little black dress or slacks and a blouse. For lounging or vacation, wear leopard heels or wedges with shorts and a neon bandeau or that sexy mini dress you’ve been saving to squeeze into.
Alongside the black, white and grays in your closet should be the a leopard print staple to give your wardrobe the right boost. I say as long as you don’t overkill the trend, there’s no limit to how often you can rock your animal instinct. It’s a great way to look structured while feeling fierce and staying current.
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Manicures: How to “Nail It” This Valentine’s Day


Waiting and wishing for the perfect Valentine’s Day this year? I hope you’re planning on more than indulging in chocolate truffles and conversation hearts! Whether you’re coupled up or riding solo this V-Day, it’s the perfect chance to rock a cute and flirty mani! Break out your reds, pinks, hearts and sparkles, and with little creativity, you’ll have a romantic manicure that will have all your friends swooning a “Be Mine” <3!

So we all know the classic red manicure is always beautiful, but I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to shake things up a bit. So we searched the internet for some easy DIY’s for your digits!

1. Pink & Gold. This is similar to what Tracy Reese showed at this past NYFW. And, it’s something you can totally do free hand. Check out how Ivana Thinks Pink pulled it off! She did a video tutorial so stealing the looks is easy breezy!

2. Do Dots.  To achieve dots on your digits, simply apply a base coat of red. Let your nails dry fully, then, using a a dotting tool (tooth pick or pointy Q-tip will do the trick), dip the end in a white polish (even White Out works!) and apply polka dots in any design you wish! Wait several minutes for the dots to dry to apply a clear top coat. Too cute!  We found this look at Clothes, Cosmetics and Chat

3. Seeing Pink. Check out this mani mix by Dressed Up Nails. It’s as user friendly as it gets, but still makes a statement.

4. Over-The-Moon-In-Love Mani.  My personal favorite style may seem like the most intricate and challenging style, but even a nail-art newbie like myself pulled this one off with ease. The Beauty Department created this tutorial and they’re ultra fab for giving in-depth tutorials. It’s your basic half-moon mani, but with nails strips underneath instead of polish. Here’s the Trend Hungry tutorial on the half-moon mani.

Now that you’ve seen our faves, show us what you’ll be rocking this V-day! Comment and share your own marvelous manis or Instagram a pic and tag #trendhungry or @trendhungryblog!


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Sexy & Sheer: Steal RiRi’s Grammy Style (Under $40!!)


If you didn’t catch the Grammys last night, you missed a night full of stellar performances, surprise wins, and of course, jaw-dropping fashion! It’s official – skin is definitely in…I mean did you see J.Lo’s dress?!?! From midriffs to cut-out dresses and plunging necklines, the stars were definitely showing off their beach-ready bodies. But our favorite look by far was the sheer. It’s practical, sexy, and gives coverage with a little bit of tease. Just make sure you don’t go sheer from head to toe – that’s a major NO NO.


What celebs stole the show in sheer? Ashanti, Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys and of course, Rihanna – this girl can do no wrong!
Rihanna rocked the red carpet in her long, sheer dress matched with a matte red lip. The cut and length of the dress covers all the right areas while still encompassing some playfulness and sex appeal.

Steal the look in time for Valentine’s Day! Opt for a cocktail dress with sheer details.

Our recommendation: Pins and Needles High-Neck Chiffon Dress  $109.00 $39.99 at Urban Outfitters.

 If that’s not your style…

Snag a skirtThrow on some heels and elongate those legs! Red is always sexy and this leaves room for the imagination. ($26.99)

Shop the trend. Scroll through the showroom below and tell us how you’d rock the trend!

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