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{ Trend Hungry Tuesday } Athleisure Style Works At The Super Bowl & Beyond


The term athleisure has been floating around the fashion world for a little while now. It’s fashionable activewear also meant for street style. Think printed yoga pants, varsity jackets, jerseys and more. It’s a growing category and brands are launching new lines and collections in this space. Heck, athleisure even hurt the sales for  jeans.

Spotted this weekend at the Super Bowl halftime show was Missy Elliott wearing a Nascar-esque jumpsuit while performing with Katy Perry, who changed into an embellished zip-up hoodie. Continue reading…

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Super Bowl Style: Beyonce Makes Knee Socks Sexy at Pepsi Halftime Show


By Brooke

She came, she saw, she conquered…all in heels mind you. We knew Beyonce’s performance for the Pepsi Halftime Show was going to be flawless last night at the Superbowl – why would we expect anything less?! If you were too busy watching the Puppy Bowl and missed it, shame on you! (Click here to watch Bey’s rehearsal footage)

No Jay, no out-of-box guest performers…just a diva who loves to get her dance on and sing her heart out while surrounded by an all female band and a sea of fierce back-up dancers. The rumor of Destiny’ Child reuniting on the halftime stage had been floating around all week and when Kelly and Michelle flew up from underneath the stage- history had been made. How awesome was it to see all these ladies on stage again!!??

If the Pepsi commercial counting down to Bey’s performance didn’t give you heart palpitations, I’m sure her dancing in heels did! What would a Beyonce show be without a corset leotard, heels, and the complete package of Sasha Fierce? Her leather corset leotard with lace embellishments was custom designed by up-and coming New York designer Rubin Singer.

My favorite part of Beyonce’s outfit were her fierce knee-high socks. Has Beyonce brought back the school girl chic look? These socks are great because they elongate your legs and keep them warm while giving the illusion that you’re wearing boots. Black is always a classic, safe color for socks – especially if you’re planning on wearing them to work or happy hour. Colored knee socks go great under riding boots or with heels. I’m pretty sure you won’t be wearing your socks with a leotard, so try them with daisy dukes or a skirt.

Thanks Bey for being such a fashion icon and true inspiration that dreams can come true. Oh yeah and motivation to go to the gym. If she can move like that on stage and I was tired walking from the couch to the chip dip, there is a well-needed intervention coming my way.

Did you watch the Pepsi Halftime Show? Comment and tell us what you thought of Beyonce’s performance and fierce outfit. Also, shop below to get some trendy knee socks!

Hollywood Head THONGING It Up!

Some call it a headband, a head dress, or a head thong. I prefer the latter of the three and here are the celebs that prefer the style.

Celebs: Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie, Khloe Kardashian, and now Nicki Minaj.

Here’s our girl Nicki wearing it at the 2012 Super Bowl Halftime performance.

You want it like that? You got it like that … and on a skinny budget.

Tag: Gold Crystal-Chain Headband, Was $30.00, Now $22.00 at UsTrendy.com.

This piece makes a statement so don’t overdo your look. Pair with dark skinny jeans and a flowy solid top to keep the boho-chic style wearable.

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Super Bowl Celebration: Wear What You Own

Good Morning! Eat your Wheaties and pretend you’re an athletic-loving football fan. It’s time for the big game! Personally, I could care less, unless there is free food and no one talks during the half-time show and commercials (my only reasons to watch). This is not really a big day for fashionistas. So instead of my plugging away at what you could and should buy on a skinny budget, today let’s talk about what you already got!

Uggs! Your dirty old Uggs, a faux pair, or even slippers that resemble the ultra-comfy brand are perfect footie attire. Odds are you’re going to be hanging out with dudes wears jeans or sweats that are guzzling crappy beer while seeing how many nachos they can eat before the next touchdown. So be comfortable -no heels, no over-the-knee boots, no wedged booties. Be comfy and carefree.

Next up, is jeans, sweats, leggings, jeggings, or whatever you got that’s comfortable minus pj pants (this isn’t a slumber party). You want pants that aren’t too snug and constricting on your waist. Be one of the guys and indulge with some taco dip and wings.

And you’ll need a top, ya know, cause even though you’re hangin with the boys, you still aren’t one. Opt for a basic tee, perhaps sporting your team’s colors? If you own a jersey that works too. Or a chambray shirt, or a sweater – whatever you feel and look good in.

This outfit should cost you nothing, since you must own some of these pieces already. Have fun, eat tons, and remember that hot sauce does come out of clothes with some seltzer (I’m actually not sure if that’s accurate).

What are you wearing for the big game? Share by leaving a comment!

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