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Indochino Menswear
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Bring Your Boy Toy: Indochino Menswear Comes to Philly

Be my guest! Indochino asked me to share this special invite with you to a stylish event your man will benefit from. C’mon ladies, you know you want him looking fashionable and in clothes that fit right  - baggy dress shirts, not haute! Dubbed “the traveling tailor, ” this is the time for your guy to get measured and find his right fit. Book an appointment for your man online and he’ll leave with some new style to his step (and a couple goodies!). Anyone who prebooks an appointment and purchases a suit will receive a free custom dress shirt and a gift set consisting of a tie bar and cufflinks ($160 value)!

Indochino in Philly

Let’s tweet about it! @jessieholeva & @indochino #SuitUpPHI.


chaucee of streets and stripes

In The Bag: Philly Blogger ‘Streets and Stripes’ Mobile Essentials

Ever wonder what a blogger totes around?  Chaucee, the creative behind popular Philly blog Streets and Stripes gave us a peek inside her mobile office. Her work moves with her, as she’s always snapping style pics and covering fabulous Philly events. And if you haven’t heard of Streets & Stripes, take a look! You’ll see Philly through her lens. – Jessie

1. iPhone – The Blogger’s Dream Phone. This guy doesn’t go without me anywhere. It’s how I check my email, play Pandora, check Twitter, and waste time on Instagram. #MacForLife!
2. On Writing Well - I always bring reading material because I never know when I’ll get a minute to myself! Currently reading this book on improving writing skills.
3. Mini Moleskin – For all those random ideas that come at the most inconvenient times!
4. Wallet – This bad boy as a gift from a friend. It has so many inside organizers that I’ll never go back to a smaller wallet! Also is great in self-defense.
5. Lip Gloss - I always keep either chapstick or lipgloss on hand at all times, especially during the winter! I love soft pink shades for a natural look.
6. Reading Glasses – Well….for the book!
7. My Camera – Okay, well that’s not actually my camera in the picture (as I was using it to take the photo) but I always keep my handy Canon 7d on hand to document life in the city!

Beyonce's Fashion Blog

Beyonce’s Blog & 5 Celebs We Wish Had Fashion Blogs

By Kelsey

Wouldn’t it be nice if some of Hollywood’s best dressed lent their expertise to us on a daily basis? In a dream world I would open an iPhone app every morning to fashion blogs personally written by some of my favorite dressed celebrities. Beyonce’s blog wets our palette for celeb style, and here are five more we’d like to see more fashion from.

From edgy , classic , everyday and crazy I’d pick my mood and read my blog. Yes, in a perfect world everyday would be a fashion show and it would be easy to know what exactly was going through the mind of my favorite celeb when they stepped out of the house. Since this is probably a far off dream, let’s pretend! Here are some of my dream bloggers.

1.Lauren ConradLauren Conrad is one of my favorite designers. Making fashion look effortless I absolutely love her desire for floral print. She gives  off a old fashion glam look while still looking up to date and lovely. She may have a beauty blog ( and blog on, but I want to see her style daily… and maybe copy it.

2. Katy PerryFeeling crazy? Then rock the blue hair and dramatic lashes! Katy Perry teaches us that you’re never too old to have fun with fashion. You can make a statement every day; don’t be afraid to take a risk.

3. Blake Lively is always on top of new trends. As fashionable as the character she plays on tv, she looks chic in every day clothes and in formal wear.  Known for a sleek and stylish look Blake always rocks top designer looks. Get her look! Continue Reading

on air style expert jessie holeva video tips
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Trend Bite: Fashion Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s the last Friday of 2012 and that means this is the last Trend Bite of 2012. It also marks one year of Trend Bites!! Thank you so much for your support! If you haven’t already, check out the Trend Hungry on YouTube  and subscribe so you don’t miss a bite!

My resolutions include cleaning out my makeup bag, selling the clothes I don’t wear (this has been on my to-do list forever!), wearing more emerald green, and mastering the cat eye. I know, these may sound a bit shallow, but these are just my style resolutions.

And if you must know, my hat is from The Wardrobe Boutique (can’t remember how much, but it was under $10). My top is from LuLu*s (I’m currently selling it on Threadflip), and my emerald green jacket is from Kohl’s for $72.00 $36.00 (c/o).

Thanks for watching! Take a trip down memory lane and watch the very first Trend Bite.

Comment below with your fashion resolutions!







Sale Rack Skinny with Meg Biram | Trend Hungry
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The Sale-Rack Skinny With Meg Biram

Today one of my favorite bloggers is taking over Trend Hungry and she’s sharing her sale-shopping favorites. Meg‘s a creative that also knows a lot about the blog biz  - I took her class Blog, Biz, Buzz… highly recommend! She’s also an artist and a consultant. I’m basically obsessed with her blog and her business sense. Read on to snag her stylish deals. – Jessie
Right now (and after the holidays) is the perfect time to find what you’ve been eyeing all season on sale. I’ve already scored a few pieces myself when sites do a blanket discount (like 30% off everything including what’s already on sale). Oh man those are good. Continue Reading

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Our New Favorite Designer Collaboration: Neiman Marcus + Target Holiday Collection

By Kelsey

I love Neiman Marcus with all of my heart. Walking into the store is a total experience; the sales people are over the top friendly, you get to see what top designers have been up too, and the atmosphere is delightful. Now, don’t get me wrong, I only LOOK, when I step foot into Neiman Marcus, the only thing I can afford is a salad from their café. Obviously, I was ecstatic when I found out that Neiman Marcus was teaming up with Target.


Target, known for their low prices, leaves it nearly impossible to leave the store without purchasing something. Neiman Marcus and Target launched their collaborated collection Saturday at 8am; ( also on some devoted shoppers were in line since 6:30 am, and you would be too if you could get your hands Tory Burch, Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs, and Oscar de la Renta for Target prices! Continue Reading

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Why We Love: Galoshes

By Brooke

It goes without question that Sandy has given us the perfect reason to scope out galoshes. Out of all rain wear, galoshes are the most practical item to add to your wardrobe, plus they’re most fun to dress up! I’m still haunted with the thought of the hideous bulky yellow rain boots my parents used to make me wear as a child. But celebs like Hilary Duff have been spotted casually rocking this look reviving hope to this trend! Hilary has made Hunter boots a staple item in her wardrobe, and we can see why. When you search images for celebs in rain boots, all that pops up are pictures of Hunter boots, a lot of pictures. Although these boots tend to run on the more expensive side (a Trend-Hungry approved splurge), there are a lot of ways to get this look without emptying your bank account. Feeling a little skeptical about investing in a pair of galoshes? Here are a few reasons that put our savvy-saving minds at ease …



1. Sandy. I think that should say enough.

2. Showoff your style. These babies come in all sorts of fun patterns and prints. They can liven up the most simple outfit while serving their purpose. Continue Reading

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Four Style Lessons From Michelle Obama

By Kelsey

Welcome The First Lady of fashion, Michelle Obama. Move aside pant suits and drab cookie-cutter ensembles, we can all learn a little something from the last four stylish years of sophistication and fun fashion that hit the white house. Regardless of your political views, no one can deny the impeccable taste of our current First Lady. Since Michelle has taken on the role as First Lady, her fashion choices have been closely scrutinized. Michelle has been more open and unique with her clothing selections, indulging fun prints, bold colors and form-fitting dresses, extremely different from the monotonous fashion of First Ladies of  years past. Remeber when she posed in a sleeveless dress and everyone was shocked – so nuts! What we admire about Michelle’s style is that she knows how to add a fashion-forward twist to the usual boring business attire, giving everyone hope that fashion doesn’t die at the work place. Whether it’s a presidential debate or a day with the kids, Michelle looks effortless in her apparel. Here are four style lessons we can take from our fabulous First Lady.


The White House/Getty Images


1. Play with Prints. Dresses are encouraged and  fun prints and colors are welcomed, as long as the length is appropriate. Continue Reading


Open a Bottle of Wine Nail Polish

By Kelsey

For the nail-polish obsessed, the best fall fashion accessory is deep red nails. Think red wine! Deep-red nails are stirred up major buzz at New York Fashion Week and have been a big street-style trend. These red-wine colors are a perfect accent color to your fall favorites. Different variations of this deep red-wine color (dark red, deep purple, burgundy) is a trend that’s here to stay and we are here to share some of our favorites with you.

wine inspired nail colors

1. Forever 21 – Wine Stain $2.80 // 2. Butter London – Dark Red $14.00 // 3. OPI – Malaga Wine $7.95 // 4. Essie – Skirting The Issue $8.00 // 5.  Sally Hansen – Red Zin $6.99

Red wine stains lips and teeth. These dark hues do the same and can leave some unsightly yellow nails after its taken off, so don’t skip a good basecoat to keep your digits in mint condition. This versatile color will look excellent with earth tones and prints. We’re loving this trend so much that we’ll be rocking lips to match!

Comment below and tell us your favorite color for your nails for fall!


Heel-less Shoes: Hot Or Harmful?

By Kelsey

The most-talked-about shoe of the season is also a shoe you have to see to believe. These shoes will give your style an individual look and everyone you meet will definitely be looking at your feet. The heel-less shoe has been spotted on the runway and on celebrities, so is this trend here to stay?  I know fashion is an ever-changing form of art, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve turned into my mother by thinking “these shoes are not practical.” A shoe without a heel, well they are certainly interesting to look at, but that’s about it.

When would you wear this shoe?For a night on the town? No, not unless you have insane balance control. To the bar with your friends? 100% no, these shoes and alcohol DO NOT mix. At home sitting on your couch? Yes, almost no chance of injury. Yes, we’ve seen celebs like  like Victoria BeckhamNicole Scherzinger, Lady GaGa and Lucy Hale stand tall in these shoes, but are they really worth the tough time walking? Heel-less shoes

1. Neon $42.00 $27.95 (Go Jane) // 2. Cream $47.50 (Charlotte Russe // 3. Blue $47.50 (Charlotte Russe)  //4.  Spikey $42.90 $28.95 (Go Jane)

There are far better ways to look glamorous with zero chance of bodily harm. So if you’re clumsy, or don’t wear heels that often, I’d sit this trend out. Don’t feel too bad, along with its unpractical look, I believe they are absolutely hideous. Let’s hope this “trend” turns into a fad and disappears as quickly as bedazzled trucker hats.

Are you bold enough to try this trend,? Take a look at a few heel-less shoes we’ve recommended. Good luck walking gracefully in ‘em!

P.S. Follow Trend Hungry @trendhungryblog on Twitter & Instagram for Fashion Week fun & photos!