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Trend Bite: How To Get Ready In Under 2 Minutes (PopSugar Exclusive!)

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Hello and Happy Friday! By the end of the week I am exhausted and care slightly less about my appearance. That means I’ll hit the snooze button a few too many times and will be left with no time to get ready. That’s why I have a hyper-speed process so I can be out the door in minutes. I’m not saying this is my preferred method (which would be having a team of people on hair, makeup, wardrobe, dare to dream!) but it gets me looking acceptable to face society without wasting time. I used this method earlier this week when I overslept an hour for an audition, so I highly recommend having an abridged routine down to a science.

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P.S. Here’s info on BB vs CC Cream, since this product is perfect for doing your makeup quickly.


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Upcycle Your Socks with a New DO!

Hello my fashion-forward femme fatales! You gotta get your eco chic on (Earth Day is approaching!!) and the best way to do so is to upcycle – aka reuse something you already own. My personal favorite is the sock bun.

Hair brands are selling bun makers and hair donuts, but a simple sock does the job. Cut off the toes, roll into a donut (almost like you would when putting on stockings) and then it looks like a donut. Place on top of ponytail. Waterfall hair to cover. Use a hair tie to secure then bobby pin ends and you’ve got the perfect big bun. For a picture tutorial click here!!


Celebs obsessed with the big bun include some of my faves: Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian, and J.Lo.

image via http://thekrazycouponlady.com/


How do you upcycle? Share your eco-chic trends by commenting below!!



Trendin: Sock-Bun Secured

That extra-big bun is HUGE right now, pun intended. Hello, did you see J.Lo‘s bun at the Oscars? Goody sells actual forms to help you get that full-bun perfection, but the DIYers are opting for an old sock to do the trick.

I’ve partnered up with the ladies of FreedLove and will be sharing their skinny-budget fashion explorations here. Here’s round numero uno!

Sometimes you have to push the limits.  Enter the sock bun.  Lately, the girls around FreedLove have been going the distance when it comes to bun volume.  Here’s a little tutorial so you can try it yourself.

Grab a lonely sock that’s been single for a while, cut off its toe and roll it like a donut.

Channel your inner 80’s child and wrap your pony with the sock donut like a scrunchie.  Follow this with a good tease.

Roll it.  Pin it.

Works high or low. For more from the FreedLove ladies check out their blog —-> Freedlovely.blogspot.com