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best lipsticks

Happy National Lipstick Day! Another day, another holiday I would have never known about if it wasn’t for social media. So how am I celebrating? By learning how to make stop-motion videos with my main squeeze. I got a new desk with a pretty wood top that I’ve been eager to photograph. Add a handful of lipstick favorites, some creativity and voila, we made a little video (that’s over on my Instagram & embedded below).

petite maxi dress style tips

I’m way more of a lipstick type of lady than a gloss girl. The color lasts, and stickiness isn’t even a thought.

So here are five colors from my makeup bag that I really, REALLY love, and I am fond of each for a different reason.

1. { Saturated-Staying Power } Maybelline New York Super-Stay 14-hr Lipstick in Eternal Rose

It’s bright but not too in your face. This cheerful pink is my #1 go to for whenever I’m on TV. It makes my smile pop, teeth look whiter, and the color stays in place for even three-hour-long show.

2. { Light Sheen } Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural N37

Looks good and feels good too! It’s an icy-coral hue that I tend to wear in the summer when I’m tan or winter when I’m more fair and pair with a light coral blush. I also like to swipe it on when my lips are dry, as it’s hydrating and so light and natural looking.

best lipsticks

3. { Red For The Real World } Revlon Super-Lustrous Lipstick in Rich-Girl Red

It makes wearing red easy breezy for every day. Try this snappy-yet-subtle shade with jeans and a tee.

4. { Dark, But Not Too Dramatic } Susan Posnick ColorEssential in NYC

Wear at any time of the day, this particular shade has a hint of that wine look, but yet still looks very natural because it self-adjusts to give you color to complement your lips’ natural shade — so cool! It’s hydrating too, with vitamins A and E, antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract, and olive oil. That means soft lips and long-wear that won’t feather or bleed.

 5. { Pretty & Pinky } Mally Beauty Lipstick in French Kiss

Gorgeous glossy sheen & a posie-pink hue make this one feel fresh and youthful, and naturally beautiful too.

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any certain lipsticks that are your ultimate favorites? Share in the comment section of get in touch with me on social media (all linked above on the top menu bar).



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Beat the Heat: 8 No Sweat Beauty Products You Need This Summer

meltproof  makeup

All of us have been there, those humid days when you HAVE to be outside (for a wedding, a party, a family reunion, whatever) and your makeup doesn’t make it past the first 20 minutes. Soon you find yourself a sweaty mess, complete with clumping or cakey foundation, melting liner, and sticky lips. This, ladies, is the summer face melt. Yikes.

meltproof makeup

I can’t be the only one who is struggling to keep it together in this crazy summer heat. Being hot, sticky, and uncomfortable only irritates me, but luckily I’ve found some solutions to staying pretty and preventing the classic (and all too familiar) “face melt” of summer beauty. Hey, at least now we have long lasting, humidity proof makeup to be happy about, right?!

1. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector SPF 30, $7.19. We’ve already discussed the magic of BB creams, but these really come in handy during the summer heat. One product, one application, and one easy step to a smooth, even, fresh face. Being a multi-tasking product really helps, so you don’t have to layer on moisturizer, primer, and foundation (which tend to cake up and melt in the heat). The SPF will keep you protected from those harmful UVs!


2. Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Customer Bronzer Blush & Eye Shadow, $9.19. This lightweight compact is a triple threat of bronzer, blush and shadow. The light reflecting properties of shimmery shades of golden tans and browns are perfect for a long-lasting beachy glow and don’t require layers of application.

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Customer Bronzer Blush & Eye Shadow

3. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer, $20.00. The name says it all! Insure your lids with this sweat-proof primer. Shadows and liners will stay on all day without worry, and this primer consistently gets top knotch reviews; definitely worth the 20 dollar investment!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer

4. Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner, $18.00. Known for her tattoos, Ms. Von D’s liner is almost as permanent. This stuff really sticks, throughout the heat, water and whatever else you’ll be getting into this summer, this is your liner! With it’s exact precision and durability, you can even use it to create temporary tattoos!
5. Maybelline Full N’ Soft Waterproof Mascara, $7.99. For all of those waterproof mascaras out there that I’ve tried, this one has to be my favorite. Lashes stay long and full even after water exposure.
6. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, $7.49. This conditioning tinted lip balm is neither thick nor sticky and provides just enough color to make your lips pop. If you’ve already got your summer tan going, shades of orange (try Tutti Frutti) reeaaally pop against tanned skin!
7. The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz, $18.00. If the heat is really bringing ya down, lightly spritz face and neck with this Vitamin C power packed solution. It’ll Instantly wake you up and refresh without disturbing your makeup.
Quick Tip:Throw in the fridge on an extra-hot day for a quick cool down.
8. Clean & Clear Instant Oil Absorbing Sheets, $4.49. Hands down the best product to have if you get shiny! These mini miracle sheets blot away shine and oil (yes, and sweat) to get you back to a matte-looking finish.
There will be plenty of heat waves coming, now you’ll be able to ride them out without looking like a hot mess.


Do you have any must-have products for the summer to ward off face melt?! I’d love to know, I’m always on the lookout. Comment and share your faves!
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Get Lucy Hale’s Blood-Orange Lips

This bright red-orange shade is a summer staple. Lucy Hale just donned the hue at the Teen Choice Awards and this trend is leaping from clothes to your kissers. Check out her lips. I’m loving the look and spent quite a lot of time in Walmart makeup isle to find the perfect orangey hue for my kissers.

Let’s be real, orange lips are not going to work all year round, so I’m def looking for a budget buy and ended up opting for one of those Just Bitten lip crayons. After I used it once I seriously thought of returning it (Walmart will literally take anything, and I mean anything, back). After a few more uses, I’m hooked.


Tag: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, Rendezvous, $7.69 @ Target. (it’s cheaper at Target than Walmart)

Why I hated it: The color wasn’t saturated enough. I was looking for an in-your-face neon lip. This is a lip stain balm, so ended up with a more sheer tint.

Why I now love it: Like I said, orange lips are not the most versatile. It’s a statement, but thanks to the less-shocking pigment the color works with my lip tone to create a more blood-orange color and it’s gives me that trendsetter style with more wearability. Plus, this product feels awesome on. It’s hydrating, has menthol, and seals in the color for a fabulous finish.

So have you tried an orange-lip hue yet? Comment below!





Beige and grey had a lovechild and it’s now an overflowing trend for your nails griege. Think of it as the new neutral for nails. Last month, Chanel came out with three fabulous khaki nail colors in honor of Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out – an annual shopping celebration that took place this year on Sept. 10.

Kathy Lee Gifford likes the Khaki Rose (pictured above on right).

Chanel colors retail at $25.00. As much as I love the shades, I just can’t justify spending that much on ONE nail polish.

Essie’s Mink Muffs,  Chinchilly, and Sew Psyched (pictured on left) are among popular shades in the greige realm. Essie nail polishes tend to be around $8.00, but prices vary depending on the shop. Better yet, hit up Bed Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon.

It’s always much cheaper to give yourself an at-home mani/pedi. If you buy a bottle of salon-grade polish for $8.00,  that’s numerous wears and touchups at a fraction of what one manicure would cost.

If you’re looking for an even thriftier option opt for a drugstore-discount brand. New York Color and Wet N. Wild can ring up as low as $.99.


N.Y.C. – Wing It Wine Creme, Wet N. Wild – Shield, Revlon – Gray Suede

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