Alexa Chung’s Menswear Glam

Alexa Chung is like no other – kooky, elegantly disheveled, and always chic. Plus, she’s super entertaining, which is why she’s back to do another tv show. This time it’s on PBS and it’s about finding awesome finds at thrift stores, called Thrift America. The blog world finds this super buzzworthy and with good reason – There’s been a void in a hipster-chic cool chick to watch on tele since her MTV show On with Alexa Chung was canceled. I’m just now putting down my candy supply from the heartbreak of the cancellation.

This entry is dedicated to Chung’s carefree way of pairing menswear with feminine pieces. She makes it look so effortless.

What you need:

Menswear-Inspired Blazer: Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer, Urban Outfitters, Originally $78.00, now $49.00.

Feminine Fock with shimmer & shine: Abstract Jacquard Dress, Forever 21, $29.80.

A Pair of Killer-Chic Pumps: Botkins in Black, Aldo, Originally $90.0, now $49.99.

A Quilted Bag with Chain Strap: Small Quilted Studded Bag, Forever 21, $20.80.

Dark Tights: Worthington Sweater Tight, JCPenney, Originally$14.00, now $5.88.

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