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Diner en Blanc: The Little White Dress Guide

diner en blanc: little white dress guide

Every year around this time white comes back into our wardrobes. We crave that crisp clean look that just happens to complement our sunkissed skin so well (spray tanned, or course!).

diner en blanc: little white dress guide

I’ve been on the hunt for white dresses lately. I just hosted a white party last week and had to run to the mall right before to find a little white dress. The next thing on my ical with a white dress code is Diner en Blanc.

What’s Diner en Blanc you ask?

It’s a white picnic that happens in major cities and this is the second year Philly will be celebrating. Myself and my blog posse Philly FABB will be attending this event in August so it’s time to start outfit planning now. The perfect white dress isn’t as easy to find as you’d think. So I’m starting now and all the items below are under $50!

For the fashionista

For the sweetheart

For the classic & chic

For the tomboy (it’s a jumpsuit!)

For the girl next door

For the romantic

For the rockstar

For the posh

So which one suits your style? Comment below!

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The Perfect Fake Bake: 11 Tips You Need Before Spray Tanning

kim kardashian: spray tan tips

Now that tank tops and sundresses are finally (!) recirculating our wardrobe, I bet I’m not the only one’s feeling a little pasty from the winter months. Every year around this time I break out my cute skirts and imagine how much better I’d look and feel with some tan legs! As a former fake baker and someone who still adores a nice tan, I’ve made switch from harmful UV tanning beds to the safe alternative spray tan (and you should too!). Unfortunately the spray tan was given a bad rep by the Jersey Shore cast as being fake looking and orange, but if done right you can get a gorgeous, healthy glow that will look natural and does no damage to your skin!

spray tan

 1. Spring for the custom airbrush.

If this is your first time spray tanning, I highly recommend getting a custom airbrush tan. Almost all tanning salons offer this option (as opposed to a booth that sprays you mechanically). This is what I did and was thrilled with the results. An airbrush tan is done by a salon professional who hand blends a color that will match your skin tone and give you your desired amount of color (a light glow to a deep bronze and anything in between). She will then airbrush you herself, so you know each and every limb and crevasse will be tanned beautifully!

2.  Wax before.

If you wax (legs, arms, bikini, face, etc.) be sure to do this at least 2 days before your appointment. Waxing opens up the pores and if you wax too close to your appointment you run the risk of looking spotted (this occurs when the tanning solution fills your open pores, which, unless you’re going for the cheetah look, will not be cute). Shaving should be done in the shower right before your appointment.

3.  Exfoliate.

(The Body Shop’s Mango Body Scrub gets the job done). Exfoliating will remove all the dead skin cells from the surface which will allow the tanning solution to better soak into your skin. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, any excess oils will create a barrier which won’t allow the solution to soak in completely.

4. Go bare.

Do not moisturize, apply makeup, or wear deodorant. All of these will make it impossible for you to get a perfect tan.

5. Position you cap just right.

Upon arrival you will be provided with a cap for your hair. You should wear the cap a little behind your hairline (so some hair will get sprayed, don’t worry though, tanning solution does not permanently color or damage your hair). Doing this will ensure you don’t leave with a line across your forehead.

6. Apply blending cream.

I highly recommend applying the blending cream that will be available for you at the salon on your finger nails, toe nails, and any bony or very dry patches you may have, such as elbows, knees, and feet. This will prevent buildup of color at these areas.

7. Wear loose clothing.

There will be excess product that will lay on skin (mostly product that has held on to hair follicles) which you can wipe off with a towel, but in case you miss some I’d wear that same baggy tee and sweatpants ensemble you wore to paint your room. Not to mention your tan needs time (roughly an hour) to fully “set”, so it’s best to give it some breathing room.

8.Wait to shower.

Wait about 4-6 hours to shower after getting sprayed, the longer you leave it on the darker you’ll get. Some salons recommend waiting 24 hours.

9. No sweating.

Try not to do anything that will make you sweat or get any part of your body wet until after you shower for the first time. This will cause the tan to run or streak.

10. Keep skin hydrated.

After getting your tan continually moisturizing, not shaving, and staying away from chlorinated or salt water will extend the life of your tan. Your tan will last 5-10 days depending on how well you take care of it.

11. Invest in touchup kit.

Fixing little patches will help your golden faux glow look luxe a little longer.

Did we miss something? Share your spray tan tips and experiences in the comments below or chat with us on Facebook!

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What to Wear: Preakness at the Piazza This Saturday!!

Philly Fashion Blogger Jessie Holeva

Philly Fashion Blogger Jessie Holeva

I love themes. And when the theme is calls for a fun fashion choice, then you know I’m there! Trend Hungry & Philly FABB have collaborated with Preakness at the Piazza (think Derby, but younger and cooler!) to raise money for the MS Society. And guess what? You can go to and support a deserving cause. Tickets go for $70, but you can get 30% off with the code preaknessstyle.

philly fashion blogger: preakness at the piazza

Myself and a few bloggers will be acting as Style Ambassadors for the night. I’ll be strutting my stuff in attire from Nich Boutique along with a faux glow by Baked and a blow out thanks to Blo Out.

preakness at the piazza philly

Not sure of what to wear? Check out these two looks for some inspiration!

philly fabb: fashion bloggers

So, what do you think of these pics?

philly fashion blogger jessie holeva

Thanks Ian for setting up this amazing photo shoot. For more details on the shoot and pictures visit PhillyFABB.com.

philly fashion blogger: preakness at the piazza



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Trend Bite: Go from Office to Cocktails in an Instant

Trend Hungry Style Tip: How togo from the office to happy hour

Don’t drag your big, bulky bag from work out for drinks.  Use a clutch as your wallet and grab it when ready to ditch your desk and a work bag.

Tag: Big Buddha Clutch (birthday present from my boyfriend’s mom) // Turban (c/o) Melissa Viella – $20  // Necklace (c/o) Kardashian Kollection // Cropped Top (c/o) Nich, Skirt (actually a dress, and three years old) Forever 21.

New Trend Bites out every Wednesday!!

Have a bite you’d like featured in a video? Do tell in the comments below! 

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You’re Invited to Poshmark’s First Philly Party! Philly Fashion Bloggers Cohost (Including me!)

Philly fashion bloggers cohost Poshmark party!

I just LOVE events (if you follow me on Instagram then you already know) and I especially love events that involved shopping, cocktails, and bloggers! So I’m thrilled to invite you to Poshmark’s first part in Philly! I’ll be cohosting with Philly Fashion Bloggers Jacqui of Burgundy Whispers, Chaucee of Streets & Stripes, Lexy of Beauty Fash, and Melissa of Ring the Alam!!

Poshmark is a free app that enables you to sell your clothes with ease. Shop my style by checking out my Poshmark closet!

If you live in Philly come meet me and my Philadelphia Fashion Blogger cohosts. If not, join in virtually!!

philly fashion bloggers host poshmark party

  • Time: Tuesday April 23, 2013 7-10pm

  • Place: Le Meridien 1421 Arch Street

  • RSVP: by April 22nd to rsvp@poshmark.com

  • Shop my closet: You can shop my closet, or even lish your own “Spring Fling” goodies for sale! And 

  • Join & Earn credit: Join Poshmark and get a $5 credit using code HYWAO. This is valid for the first 10 people, so join now! 

Check out Poshmark on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and start using the official party hashtag  #PoshParty! I seriously so excited to be cohosting so come join the fun!! Tweet me @jessieholeva #poshparty!!

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4 TV Shows Worth Watching for Outfit Inspiration


Stop only looking to your favorite magazine for outfit ideas. Instead, turn to the tube. TV shows offer up a whole range of style. Here are five I watch just for that.

mad men style

1. Mad Men. This show is all about authenticity to the time period the show is set in, the early 1960’s. Estee Lauder did limited-edition Mad Men makeup two seasons in a row in line with the season premiere. Retro packaging with makeup to match. Are you a Joan or a Betty?

girls hbo fashion trends

 2. Girls. The show is a little too, wait, a lot too hipster, but some of the styles are pretty cool. Marnie’s sexy hostess uniform with the clip-on suspenders? Loved it! And Shoshanna’s weird hairdos do inspire me to pin them on my hair board on Pinterest.

the carrie diaries fashion

 3. The Carrie Diaries. The show hasn’t lived up to the hype, but the clothes are still cool. It’s Carrie Bradshaw in the early 80’s. It’s pretty fab for stylish workwear only the young professional can pull off.

Pretty Little Liars outfits

4. Pretty Little Liars. I’m 25 and love watching these high schoolers try to solve the whole “A” mystery while prancing around in trendy items  my high school would have never allowed. What high school allowed spaghetti straps??


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You’re Invited! Philly FABB Hosts Happy Hour This Friday at Xochitl!

Philly Fashion Bloggers Happy Hour event (PhillyFABB)

You’re cordially invited to the Philly FABB Happy Hour at Xochitl!  Come snack on complimentary lite bites (they have the best guacamole!!) happy hour drinks specials, and networking with top Philly-based bloggers. Come meet Philly FABB and be entered to win the ultimate FABB swag bag! One lucky guest will leave with fashionista favorites (aka lots of amazing stuff!!). RSVP to garden_wellington@yahoo.com or on Facebook and start tweeting with hashtag #XOFABB! See you Friday!!

Philly Fashion Bloggers Happy Hour event (PhillyFABB)

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Trend Bite: Makeup Brush Holder Ideas

Makeup Brush Storage ideas

Spring is in the air, as so is cleaning and getting organized! Don’t run out and buy something new. Store your beauty brushes in something you already own. There’s bound to be something pretty in your place that’s perfect for holding your makeup brushes. Here are the items I scouted out in my own space that make for a fabulous makeup brush holder. Hope this inspires some stylish storage!


New videos come out every Friday! Click here to watch more!


Treat Yourself! The Rules of Splurging

trend hungry diesel collaboration

In case you haven’t noticed, this blog is ultra budget friendly. That’s because fashion should be fun and the guilt associated with spending money takes away from the care-free feeling creating your style should give. That being said,a girl that’s too penny wise and doesn’t treat herself makes for a dull girl. Like I said, style should be enjoyable, so sometimes you gotta get that pair of $228 jeans. Here are the rules of the splurge.

1. GOTTA LOVE IT. Yeah, if you don’t feel like you cannot live without it and it will vastly improve your style happiness then think about what else you could be spending that money on.
2. FITS LIKE A DREAM. For me, it’s so had to find the right jeans. I’d gladly trade in my 10 pairs of cheapies for one pair that makes me feel flawless.
3. NOT TOO TRENDY. If you’re gonna invest in a piece make sure it’s worth the investment. A neon belt, probably not worth spending $80 on. Little black dress, you’ll wear to cocktail parties, dinners, weddings, you name it.
4. MAKE IT A CLOSET STAPLE. Is this something that will fit right into your existing wardrobe and be a go-to item? A printed pair of denim may look really cute, but a classic blue pair could end being worn for 10 years. Think about price be wear. If it’s something you’ll wear over and over, then that designer items may actually end up costing you less per wear than that Forever 21 dress you only wore once.
5. QUALITY IS KEY. When opting to drop cash that you’re not used to spending, give it a quality check. Is it handmade or made with an expensive material? Ya gotta pay for quality.
Calling Philly Fashionistas! I’ll be in-store hosting Diesel’s King of Prussia Grand Opening this weekend and you’re invited! Come stop by and enter to win tickets to Coachella!!


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