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Manicures: How to “Nail It” This Valentine’s Day


Waiting and wishing for the perfect Valentine’s Day this year? I hope you’re planning on more than indulging in chocolate truffles and conversation hearts! Whether you’re coupled up or riding solo this V-Day, it’s the perfect chance to rock a cute and flirty mani! Break out your reds, pinks, hearts and sparkles, and with little creativity, you’ll have a romantic manicure that will have all your friends swooning a “Be Mine” <3!

So we all know the classic red manicure is always beautiful, but I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to shake things up a bit. So we searched the internet for some easy DIY’s for your digits!

1. Pink & Gold. This is similar to what Tracy Reese showed at this past NYFW. And, it’s something you can totally do free hand. Check out how Ivana Thinks Pink pulled it off! She did a video tutorial so stealing the looks is easy breezy!

2. Do Dots.  To achieve dots on your digits, simply apply a base coat of red. Let your nails dry fully, then, using a a dotting tool (tooth pick or pointy Q-tip will do the trick), dip the end in a white polish (even White Out works!) and apply polka dots in any design you wish! Wait several minutes for the dots to dry to apply a clear top coat. Too cute!  We found this look at Clothes, Cosmetics and Chat

3. Seeing Pink. Check out this mani mix by Dressed Up Nails. It’s as user friendly as it gets, but still makes a statement.

4. Over-The-Moon-In-Love Mani.  My personal favorite style may seem like the most intricate and challenging style, but even a nail-art newbie like myself pulled this one off with ease. The Beauty Department created this tutorial and they’re ultra fab for giving in-depth tutorials. It’s your basic half-moon mani, but with nails strips underneath instead of polish. Here’s the Trend Hungry tutorial on the half-moon mani.

Now that you’ve seen our faves, show us what you’ll be rocking this V-day! Comment and share your own marvelous manis or Instagram a pic and tag #trendhungry or @trendhungryblog!


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Black-Shatter Obsession!

It’s official. I’m obsessed with nail polish, and not just any nail polish. Two words. BLACK SHATTER.

OPI’s newest creation, is so fierce and fabulous that if you get your hands on a bottle, you’ll be obsessed too! It’s an attention getter and conversation starter, not to mentionaan unique accessory.

Okay, here’s the deal. First polish your nails with a color (no mild Frenchy hues). Let dry, then apply Black Shatter as a top coat. From there, it’ll instantly start to break apart and create a shattered design. Let dry and apply clear top coat, since Black Shatter has a matte finish. FIERCE!

Okay, so check out my digits!! Here I am looking like my normal self at 2 am, in a bathrobe with hot pink lipstick and Kate Spade planner in tow. This is me captured in my natural state (please pick up on the sarcasm).

Okay, now let this be known. Black Shatter is like Ugg boots at Christmas time, very slim pickings. I searched all over and ended up turning to Amazon.com. I bought it with Serena William’s new color Simply Smash-ing, because it was cheaper that way, $15.00 for the two colors together.

I also got my hands on Katy Perry’s collection, bought in the mini’s, and am wearing Teenage Dream under the shatter. Check back to read my review of the Katy Perry line.

So what ya think? Too crazy or too fabulous?!?!

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