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Easy Updo Ideas, as Seen on Stylish Celebs

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Ever have one of those days when you just don’t feel like going through the countless steps of your hair routine? With static hair thanks to our favorite winter fashions, there’s bound to be more of us in this boat than usual. The fix? Try an easy up-do! Whether you’re late, lazy, or just too busy, we’ve got quick styles and tips for looking pretty and pulled together in no time at all.

The Beyonce Braid: If hair is wet and you’re in a hurry, run a volumizing mousse through hair and fix into a low braid. Spritz with hairspray. Continue reading…


Oscars 2011: Lavender Loves Mila Kunis

If there is one bell of all the red-carpet balls, it’s Mila Kunis. This girl has made emerald green, red floral, and now lavender looks like the best thing since … well, since the last thing she wore.

She keeps outdoing herself and this lacy-lavender number was breathtaking.

Is anyone else craving this stunning color? Here’s how to wear lavender (a big color this spring) on the regular while sticking to a skinny budget.

Polish your nails! A way to get a lot of wear out of this shade is on your nails. Check out this new hue from Essie. How perfect is this color?

Essie’s Nice is Nice, $8.00. It’s new so check your local Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and wherever Essie is sold. It’s only $6.00 on Amazon.com.

Are you a fan of this color? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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SAG 2011: Mila Kunis Stuns Onlookers

Mila Kunis is one of my fave celebs when it comes to stealing style ideas. She’s got dark hair, olive complexion, and petite – like me. So when she looks great, I try to take away ideas from her lovely looks.

She killed it it green at the Golden Globes, making me pine for emerald-colored everything. And then, she managed to top herself in an Alexander McQueen red floral number – STUNNING! This girl isn’t on trend, she sets them.

I don’t have a particular event coming up where I’d need a dress like this (nor to I have the funds), but I’d like to work some floral fashion into my everyday look. Here are a few  florals in flowy fabric that you can wear on the regular (especially with Spring coming up!), but will stay on a skinny budget. And away we go!

Details: Charlie Jade Ruffle Front Racerback Chiffon Dress, Originally $98.00, Now $39.97 at Nordstrom.

Details: Crepe Satin Floral Top, $19.80 at Forever 21.

Details: Angie Dress, Originally $48.00, Now $27.99 at Macy’s.

Do you like Mila’s look? What’s your take on florals? Share you opinion by leaving a comment.

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Disco-Darling Makeup

Jackie on That ’70s Show always looked enviable. She somehow made those psychedelic styles look fashion forward instead of the embarrassing excuses for outfits you can find on yearbookyourself.com. Retro is in. Nichole Richie, Rachel Zoe and Kate Hudson have been rocking the trend way before this post and it’s now going mainstream.

Want to travel back about four decades? Step one – makeup! Here’s the best retro makeup kit to get you started.

Benefit’s Scene Queen Kit. This kit has the essentials to take you from work to play. $38.00 may sound like a lot, but it’s not. You’re getting lots of goodies with this kit. From eye-catching coral lips, to seductive eyes and coral-kissed cheeks – this kit will hook you up.

My faves: Okay, this whole kit is seriously amazing. I have a special place in my heart for Benefit because they’re so darn good at looking appealing. I’m a sucker for packaging, and this box it comes in makes me feel ready to put on some wedged espadrilles and hit the disco all night long.

The packaging may attract me, but what keeps me coming back for more is how amazing the makeup is. This kit, much like many of their other kits, is all you need. It’s got something for your eyes, lips and face. It even comes with instructions. I like to know that I’m using the products properly and it makes doing my makeup so simple.