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Manicures: How to “Nail It” This Valentine’s Day


Waiting and wishing for the perfect Valentine’s Day this year? I hope you’re planning on more than indulging in chocolate truffles and conversation hearts! Whether you’re coupled up or riding solo this V-Day, it’s the perfect chance to rock a cute and flirty mani! Break out your reds, pinks, hearts and sparkles, and with little creativity, you’ll have a romantic manicure that will have all your friends swooning a “Be Mine” <3!

So we all know the classic red manicure is always beautiful, but I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to shake things up a bit. So we searched the internet for some easy DIY’s for your digits!

1. Pink & Gold. This is similar to what Tracy Reese showed at this past NYFW. And, it’s something you can totally do free hand. Check out how Ivana Thinks Pink pulled it off! She did a video tutorial so stealing the looks is easy breezy!

2. Do Dots.  To achieve dots on your digits, simply apply a base coat of red. Let your nails dry fully, then, using a a dotting tool (tooth pick or pointy Q-tip will do the trick), dip the end in a white polish (even White Out works!) and apply polka dots in any design you wish! Wait several minutes for the dots to dry to apply a clear top coat. Too cute!  We found this look at Clothes, Cosmetics and Chat

3. Seeing Pink. Check out this mani mix by Dressed Up Nails. It’s as user friendly as it gets, but still makes a statement.

4. Over-The-Moon-In-Love Mani.  My personal favorite style may seem like the most intricate and challenging style, but even a nail-art newbie like myself pulled this one off with ease. The Beauty Department created this tutorial and they’re ultra fab for giving in-depth tutorials. It’s your basic half-moon mani, but with nails strips underneath instead of polish. Here’s the Trend Hungry tutorial on the half-moon mani.

Now that you’ve seen our faves, show us what you’ll be rocking this V-day! Comment and share your own marvelous manis or Instagram a pic and tag #trendhungry or @trendhungryblog!


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Let’s Pretend Christmas Isn’t Over, Cool?

Merry Christmas! This post is a little late due to some technical difficulties, but it’s better late than never. Aside from crying for an hour (I don’t deal well with technical difficulties) I had a fabulous holiday! I got to visit my parents. We had a white Christmas. My mom made my favorite meal  – chicken parm, hers is seriously the best ever! And my family had a dance party in the kitchen with my boyfriend bringing the best moves, some Justin Timberlake-esque spins and fancy footwork. Continue reading…

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Chanel Is Bringing The French Manicure Back

By Kelsey

Have you ever peered down at your beautiful nails and asked yourself… “What happened to the French Manicure?” Remember when the French manicure was a must have if you were trying to look your very best?  Going to the salon and getting a light pink coat with a painted white tip would make you feel like royalty. But then the poor innocent French manicure took a drastic fall from grace.  Gross, long, and tacky now comes to mind when thinking of the French manicure sported by reality TV stars from New Jersey (the Housewives, the Jerseylicious bunch, and  even Snooki ruined this manicure).


Alas, we all remember the French manicure for the cute look it once was; attention Fashionistas:  its time to take back the French manicure! Personally, I’m a fan of a very subtle French mani. This includes your natural nail, a light polish with a thin painted on white line.  As we all know by now acrylic nails can leave your nails extremely brittle, thin and flat out ugly – not very chic. Continue reading…


#4U2Read: NYFW Style & VMA Nails

It’s New York Fashion Week! I spent Monday and Tuesday in NYC for some fashionable festivities then spent Fashion’s Night Out hosting the blogger lounge at the King of Prussia Mall. Tomorrow I’m back in NYC for a jam-packed day of fashion (follow along on Instagram @trendhungryblog) and I’m also on Better TV tomorrow showing you how to wear white jeans after Labor Day. Then I’ll be back in the Philly area for The Philadelphia Collection (a fashion celebration in Philly) and I’m most excited for the HUGE event at South Moon Under that yours truly will be hosting. You’re invited! Here are the details. Okay, enough about me, let’s see what’s going on in the fashion blogosphere.


Photo: Getty Images/@KatyPerry's Twitter


1. Cosmo is now a fashion collection, and it’s at JCPenney. The lingerie is perfect for a Cosmo girl and the price point is just right! – The Budget Babe

2. Friendship bracelets were so ten minutes ago. Opt for a more sophisticated, stackable bracelet and don’t buy, DIY! – Stripes & Sequins

3. Fashion week street style def sets trends. Here’s what Fashionista found on the streets. Also, take notice to the site’s redesign. Looking good! – Fashionista

4. Get your nails did! Don’t even think of attending a big event without a statement manicure. The VMA’s are a big deal and nails must be outlandish. – MTV Style


Thanks for reading and enjoy what’s left of your weekend! Hope to see you this Thursday at South Moon Under  – free mini makeovers, manicures, and swag bags too!!

If you like this blog post, do me a solid at tweet it w/ the hashtag #4U2Read. Thanks a bunch!!Xo


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DIY Olympic-Medal Manicure

The highly-anticipated Olympics are in full swing. You’ve probably already been watching the swimming and gymnastic events and have been wondering how to incorperate Olympic style into your look (I know I have!). Lucky for you (and me!) I’ve figured out an easy way that fits a skinny budget and I’m calling it the Olympic-Medal Mani.

It’s basically a half-moon manicure (super popular!), but with some patriotic-pretty polishes. Celebrity Inspiration – Rita Ora, Rihanna, Lauren Conrad, Dita Von Teese, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian.


What you’ll need – hole punch stickers, three nails polishes – one metallic, one colored (try red, white, or blue for US team spirit), a clear top coat … and a semi-steady hand.

1. Polish your nails in the metallic hue. Do two coats and let dry.

2. Once nails are dry (must be very dry!), add whole punch stickers to the moons of your nails (lower circle lines towards the cuticles). Secure stickers to all 10 nails.

3. Add your second color. Start at where the end of the sticker is. Repeat for all 10 nails.

4. Let dry.

5. Peel off stickers.

6. Add a clear top coat.

7. Instagram your nails and tag me @trendhungryblog. Hashtag it too #olympicmedalmani

8. I’ll tweet it and we’ll be nail twins.

9. That’s all folks!

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#4U2Read: Nail Necessities & A Blog For Boyfriends

Hi there and Happy Sunday! I just woke up (it’s after 1pm!) and SO needed that sleep. This week included filming a slew of TV segments, a blog seminar with the super-star blogger Meg of Mimi+Meg (also got to meet Lara of The Glossarie – love that site!), deep cleaning my apartment, missing my roomie/boyfriend – he was in LA for a few days, and dancing my booty off last night at a friend’s wedding.

Now that I’m caught up on sleep and missed yoga class (what else is new?), it’s time for me to share my top four reads of the week! Hope you like them and feel the urge to share with your fashionable friends – hashtag #4U2Read.


Image Via High Snobiety

1. Save money and DIY your manicure ( I  haven’t had a mani in three years!). Here are some tools worthy of wanting/needing/buying. – The Glossarie

2. Virgin America is getting new uniforms by Banana Republic. My boyfriend just flew Virgin (relatively new airline to Philly) and they’ve already got cool lights, good music, and video games on your own little personal TV.  - Fashionista

3. This next blog I just discovered and don’t love it for me, but for my boyfriend (sorry to type about him so much – I just missed him). It’s for men, but not metro men, guys that wanna look good, but sleek and not over the top. They’ve got a whole section just for sneakers. Check out these Batman Chuck Taylor kicks – I wouldn’t even be embarrassed to be seen with someone wearing these.  – High Snobiety

4. What’s better than me linking to one of my favorite reads? Linking to one of my favorite blog’s favorite reads. Let’s get inside and see what they’re reading. The list includes an awesome interior makeover I’m really coveting  – Mimi+Meg

Thanks for reading. Share using the hashtag #4U2Read and comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

XO! Jessie

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Magnetic Nail Polish Put To The Test

By Morgan

This will have you hooked like a magnet.  Partly because it’s magnetic!  Sally Hansen is ingenious and never ceases to amaze, especially with the new magnetic nail polish! This mezmerizing polish is very budget friendly, comes in eight different colors, and looks like it will give nails a 3-D effect… but I had to put it to the test.

 And, the picture speaks for itself. Magnetic nail polish is a must-try trend. The directions are conveniently located on the polish bottle.  Not even a magnet could get it closer than that.


So have you tried this trend? Comment below!

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Easy Easter-Egg Nails

I love DIYs as long as they’re easy, like DIY for dummies easy. Easter is almost here and finger nails resemble eggs. Right?

Right! Hop into Easter with festive digits. All ya need are a few pastel colors, pointy Q-tips, and a steady hand.


As far as a pattern goes, be creative. I did each nail a little different.If you mess up, just add a ton of overlapping polka dots in the colors you’ve picked.

Don’t the look eggcellent? If ya like what ya see share it on Pinterest and try this DIY yourself. Send me pics and I’ll give ya a shout out on Twitter!!!


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Scented Nail Polish By Betsey Johnson

By Aling of What’s Last Call

Growing up in the ’90s gave me an interesting insight into crazy fads. Yes, I was one of those girls that cried at the. *NSYNC concerts (shhh….). I was also OBSESSED with those scented florescent gel pens that would drive everyone of my teachers nuts.

When I got the email from Sephora that Betsey Johnson just came out with a scented nail polish in pink for the Sephora by OPI collection, I just had to have it. And get this, it’s scented with Betsey’s signature scent Too Too.

Tag: It’s My Pink, $9.50 at Sephora.

It’s a bright pink, a great quality product, and it makes my nails smell great!

I got all of my co-workers and students to smell it today, and they all liked the scent. After the initial confusion of hearing the phrase “smell my nails,” it was unanimous that the color was fun and it was an interesting change from the usual nail polish. I will say that the I was getting sick of the smell last night while I was putting it on, but I can also attribute that to me putting on 3 coats, and being inches away from my nails in order to make sure I wasn’t making a mess of my cuticles.

I’m giving this a 9/10 for a great quality nail polish (something you expect from OPI), on-trend color (neon is HUGE for spring) and for bringing back something from my youth.