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The Perfect Fake Bake: 11 Tips You Need Before Spray Tanning

kim kardashian: spray tan tips

Now that tank tops and sundresses are finally (!) recirculating our wardrobe, I bet I’m not the only one’s feeling a little pasty from the winter months. Every year around this time I break out my cute skirts and imagine how much better I’d look and feel with some tan legs! As a former fake baker and someone who still adores a nice tan, I’ve made switch from harmful UV tanning beds to the safe alternative spray tan (and you should too!). Unfortunately the spray tan was given a bad rep by the Jersey Shore cast as being fake looking and orange, but if done right you can get a gorgeous, healthy glow that will look natural and does no damage to your skin!

spray tan

 1. Spring for the custom airbrush.

If this is your first time spray tanning, I highly recommend getting a custom airbrush tan. Almost all tanning salons offer this option (as opposed to a booth that sprays you mechanically). This is what I did and was thrilled with the results. An airbrush tan is done by a salon professional who hand blends a color that will match your skin tone and give you your desired amount of color (a light glow to a deep bronze and anything in between). She will then airbrush you herself, so you know each and every limb and crevasse will be tanned beautifully!

2.  Wax before.

If you wax (legs, arms, bikini, face, etc.) be sure to do this at least 2 days before your appointment. Waxing opens up the pores and if you wax too close to your appointment you run the risk of looking spotted (this occurs when the tanning solution fills your open pores, which, unless you’re going for the cheetah look, will not be cute). Shaving should be done in the shower right before your appointment.

3.  Exfoliate.

(The Body Shop’s Mango Body Scrub gets the job done). Exfoliating will remove all the dead skin cells from the surface which will allow the tanning solution to better soak into your skin. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, any excess oils will create a barrier which won’t allow the solution to soak in completely.

4. Go bare.

Do not moisturize, apply makeup, or wear deodorant. All of these will make it impossible for you to get a perfect tan.

5. Position you cap just right.

Upon arrival you will be provided with a cap for your hair. You should wear the cap a little behind your hairline (so some hair will get sprayed, don’t worry though, tanning solution does not permanently color or damage your hair). Doing this will ensure you don’t leave with a line across your forehead.

6. Apply blending cream.

I highly recommend applying the blending cream that will be available for you at the salon on your finger nails, toe nails, and any bony or very dry patches you may have, such as elbows, knees, and feet. This will prevent buildup of color at these areas.

7. Wear loose clothing.

There will be excess product that will lay on skin (mostly product that has held on to hair follicles) which you can wipe off with a towel, but in case you miss some I’d wear that same baggy tee and sweatpants ensemble you wore to paint your room. Not to mention your tan needs time (roughly an hour) to fully “set”, so it’s best to give it some breathing room.

8.Wait to shower.

Wait about 4-6 hours to shower after getting sprayed, the longer you leave it on the darker you’ll get. Some salons recommend waiting 24 hours.

9. No sweating.

Try not to do anything that will make you sweat or get any part of your body wet until after you shower for the first time. This will cause the tan to run or streak.

10. Keep skin hydrated.

After getting your tan continually moisturizing, not shaving, and staying away from chlorinated or salt water will extend the life of your tan. Your tan will last 5-10 days depending on how well you take care of it.

11. Invest in touchup kit.

Fixing little patches will help your golden faux glow look luxe a little longer.

Did we miss something? Share your spray tan tips and experiences in the comments below or chat with us on Facebook!

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Beauty Battle: Cream vs Powder Blush

Cream Blush vs Powder Blush
beauty buys

A perfect rosy cheek is something that is always on trend and translates to every season (who doesn’t love that?!) Although there are tons of products out there, they all fall in to one of two basic categories: cream or powder. The trick is deciding between the look you want to achieve. Blush can help to create a matte or dewy finish, which you can read more about here.

 Powder Blush

Using a powder will give a more refined, matte look. Definitely a good choice if you prefer the classic and airbrushed style. Powders are good for girls with oily skin because they help minimize shine and control oil. If you have dry skin, use caution because the powder may accentuate dry skin and cause it to flake.
When applying a powder blush just for come color, use a large fluffy brush, tap off excess powder, and apply blush lightly in a circular motion from the apples of your cheeks upwards to your hairline. If you prefer a more contoured look, invest in a contour brush, these make life A LOT easier. To get the perfect contour, use the brush to apply color from the temples down to the mouth in the area between your top and bottom jaw. Applying color here will create depth and make your cheekbones pop.

Our faves for powder blush are

Picture 5

L’Oreal’s True Match Super Blendable Blush, $10.99
Picture 4


and Maybelline’s Fit Me! Pressed Powder Blush, $5.79

Cream Blush

A cream will give you a more radiant, dewy glow. Its a lifesaver in the summer because it holds up beautifully in the heat and always looks fresh, never cakey. It’s definitely better to be used on those of us with dry skin though, as it can add extra moisture (which sometimes causes breakouts in those with oily skin). One thing you must be mindful of when using cream blush is to not add it on top of layers of makeup. This often causes build up and the color with clump up instead of smoothing on evenly. So if you’re going for cream, it’s best to apply on top of bare cheeks. The best part about applying cream blush is how easy it is! All you need to do is apply the color with two fingers on the apples of your cheeks and on top of your cheekbones. This will give you a highlighted effect and really make your face glow.

Our top picks for cream blush are

Picture 6

Sonia Kashuk Creme Blush, $9.79


Picture 7


and Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush, $12.99

Still undecided on what look you’re eying for?  Use your skin type as the deciding factor. If you break out easily, opt for powder and if you’re skin is dry go for cream. This way you’re skin will be happy and you’ll avoid any mishaps or breakouts.

If you’re still not sure, try out both looks and let us know which one was your favorite!

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Happy Earth Day! Our 5 Favorite Eco-Chic Beauty Brands

5 eco-chic beauty brands for earth day

5 eco-chic beauty brands for earth day Happy Earth Day! Help celebrate and protect Mother Earth along with your beauty routine by swapping your current products to eco-friendly versions. This is a great way to support the “Green Movement” as well as give your skin a break from all those harsh chemicals, dyes, parabens, and perfumes. While a completely natural and/or organic arsenal of beauty products is ideal, it may be hard to find the  right products at an affordable price. I’ve rounded up my favorite eco-friendly beauty picks that can be found at your local drugstore at Trend Hungry approved prices!

1. Burt’s Bees

Most commonly recognized for their beeswax lip balms and lip tints, Burt’s Bees offers a wide range of beauty and skin care products, even a baby line. Everything is roughly 99% natural or above, and there’s a “natural bar” on the side of each product so you know exactly how natural each product is, as well as the exact ingredients. A big perk is the very affordable gift sets, our favorite being the Radiance Healthy Glow Kit  for $15 which includes travel sizes of  each of the following (full sizes also available):

  • Radiance Face Cleanser (0.75 oz)
  • Radiance Day Lotion (0.25 fl oz)
  • Radiance Night Cream (0.25 oz)
  • Radiance Eye Cream (0.14 oz)
  • Radiance Lip Shimmer (0.09 oz)

BurtsBeesHealthyGlow Tag: Radiance Healthy Glow Kit, $15.00 

Perfect for maintaining radiant, healthy skin on the go naturally! Most products offered at local drug stores and all products can be found at www.burtsbees.com.

2.  Eco Tools

Most likely the current makeup brushes you are using are either too old, too dirty, or just not getting the job done. Let me introduce you to my all time favorite brush line, EcoTools. Available at Target and EcoTools.com, these brushes are a godsend from beauty heaven. For $12.99 you can snag a 6 Piece Bamboo Brush Set including all the essentials, not to mention bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules, and  soft, cruelty-free bristles.

I’ve had my kit for six months now and the brushes are still super soft and I have yet to see one bristle fall out! 

Bamboo_6_Piece_B_503bee7eaccda Tag: Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Kit, $12.99 

3. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear

As a beauty line that is already dedicated to providing high-quality hypoallergenic products to the masses (all of their products are made without 100 of the most known irritating ingredients for skin), we knew Physician’s Formula Organic line would be perfect for those looking for natural, safe, sensitive-skin friendly makeup without sacrificing quality.

Just released: FakeOut Mascara; the “1st EVER mascara with 100% natural origin lash extension fibers for the full-on fringe of false lashes without irritation”  – Physiciansforumula.com

Now you can get that falsies look without clumping on layers of chemicals to your lash line! We’ll take it!!

PhysiciansFormulaFakeOut Tag: Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin FakeOut Mascara, $9.95


When I say this is the best smelling body wash I’ve ever used, there is no exaggeration. Becoming pretty well known for their natural lotions and body washes, JASON is disproving the common belief that it takes loads chemicals and perfumes to make a great smelling and effective product. Our favorite is the softening mango wash, gentle enough to not strip your skin, but powerful enough to give you lasting silky smooth skin. Pick yours up at Target or order online at www.jason-personalcare.com. JASON_Mango Tag: JASON Softening Mango Pure Natural Body Wash, $13.49


5. The Body Shop

Initiating their Beauty With Heart campaign, The Body Shop is making their good works and dedication to our planet known with informative labels (you know where in the world the ingredients came from to make each product), the Community Fair Trade program, cruelty-free products, the list goes on. Read more about The Body Shop’s Beauty With Heart here.

We’re HUGE Body Shop fans and did a whole week of beauty to celebrate Beauty With Heart. This campaign has opened my eyes to all the good things companies can be doing to support and product Mother Earth, and I have now become a loyal Body Shop customer! All good deeds aside, the products are simply amazing! A few of my personal favorites are the Extra Virgin Mineral foundation,  Banana Shampoo (I wish I could eat it!), and the Hemp Foot Protector (perfect for getting those feet sandal ready!).


extra-virgin-minerals-compact_l Tag: Extra Virgin Minerals Compact Foundation,  $18.75

banana-shampoo_l Tag: Banana Shampoo, $6.00

hemp-foot-protector_l Tag: Hemp Foot Protector, $13.50


With all this new found knowledge and insight on natural, eco-friendly, and organic products, we hope you go out and celebrate Earth Day the way Mother Nature intended: naturally and beautifully!

Have any eco-friendly must-have’s you’d like to share with us? Comment below!





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Funky-Girl Guide: 11 Must-Have Coachella Essentials

what to pack for coachella

So, you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to go to heaven-ahem, I mean, Coachella this year. Lucky you!! Once you get over the initial excitement (ok maybe that won’t happen), you need to start planning what to bring! Usually a stressful task is now going to be 10 times easier, because I’ve complied the 11 must-have items to bring on your trip to Cali. 

SPF 30+ Sunblock Stick Super Sensitive - Fragrance Free (0.5oz.) by California Baby

1. Sunblock and hat. Seriously. Do not forget your sunblock! It is so crucial to remember to apply and re-apply block throughout the day. Your skin is your biggest and best asset, so you better protect it! Sunburn does serious and lasting damage to skin, and causes all sorts of problems including sunspots and premature aging (aka wrinkles, so please please please protect yourselves, you’ll thank me later. Start in the morning with a moisturizer with SPF in it. I love this Say Yes to Cucumbers Daily Moisturizer  because of it’s calming effects, so it will feel extra good on skin after days in the sun. Throughout the day, continue to apply a good sunblock, like California Baby Sunblock Stick. The stick form is good for high temps, it won’t run or streak! 

 If you want to look extra cute while protecting your face, get an adorable floppy sun hat like this one from Nine West! Protection from the sun never looked so good!


2. Sunglasses. The ultimate festival accessory and another key item to protect yourself. Your eyes need just as much protection from the sun as your skin, and sunglasses will be your best (and pretty much only) form of protection. Snag a few cute pairs and play around with different looks. I like these, and these, AND these! All under $5!

3. Sneakers. The only reason why I am suggesting sneakers (or a closed toe shoe) is a.) They will stay on your feet and b.) they will protect your feet! Unless you plan on running around barefoot, your best bet it to get a cute pair (like these for $12.95 at h&m) to add style and functionality to your festy look. It’s no fun being in a crowd of people and getting your toes stepped on! 

Roxy Handbag, Fly Bird Backpack

4. Backpack or fanny pack. While a bag is fairly important to have with you, a purse is only going to get in your way. You’ll need a bag that stays put like a cute drawstring backpack (we LOVE this fun floral Roxy bag)or a funky fanny pack (they’re making a comeback, I swear! Look how cute this one from Urban is!

5. Dry Shampoo. We can almost guarantee that your hair is going to need serious love during Coachella. Whether or not you’ll care what it looks like is another story. To quickly put some oomph back in your tresses, spray hair evenly with dry shampoo, disperse with fingers and keep on dancin’.

We recommend: Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

6. Baby wipes. Or what I like to call miracle wipes. Since they are intended for use on a baby’s sensitive skin, they can be used on your body and face to freshen up throughout the day without causing any irritation. 

coachella dress: LC Lauren Conrad Fit & Flare Polka-Dot Bustier Dress sale $39.00 original $60.00

7. Sundress. Quick, easy, cute and comfy: recipe for the perfect go-to festival outfit! Top it off with a cute belt, some accessories, and your sunnies and you’ll be good to go! Absolutely loving this LC Lauren Conrad Chambray Fit and Flare Dress!

what to pack for coachella: Favorite short-sleeve V-neck T from gap

8. Favorite tee. Everyone has one. Your one and only. Your ultimate go-to. Your gotta have it. That one tee (tank, shirt, top, whatever) that you can’t live without, or even feel comfortable without. (Mine happens to be the favorite tee from Gap). Bring this along to wear at any point during your trip, it’ll make you feel good and keep you comfy. 

9. H2O. Never underestimate the power of hydration! Since you’ll be exposed to sun and heat all day (and doing lots of dancing), you’ll need to be drinking way more water than normal. Not only will it keep your energy levels up and body temps down, but it’ll keep your skin hydrated. 

10. Camera!! Seems like a no brainer, but make sure you remember one of these so you can capture the memories. If you’re an experienced photog and want to shoot the festival on a professional level, then by all means bring your fancy cameras. If you’re like me and have trouble keeping track of things, opt for a (few) disposable camera(s). I always think they take the best photos!

coachella: Single Ribbon Hair Ties from sephora

11. Hair Ties. These ribbon ties are cute enough to wear around your wrist, and gentle enough to tie back hair sans a a major dent. That way you can have your hair up then down again. They’re only $1.50 at Sephora!


Comment below with your favorite!

P.S. We’re on Bloglovin! Follow there so you can read us when you’re catching up on all your favorite blogs!!

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Manicures: How to “Nail It” This Valentine’s Day


Waiting and wishing for the perfect Valentine’s Day this year? I hope you’re planning on more than indulging in chocolate truffles and conversation hearts! Whether you’re coupled up or riding solo this V-Day, it’s the perfect chance to rock a cute and flirty mani! Break out your reds, pinks, hearts and sparkles, and with little creativity, you’ll have a romantic manicure that will have all your friends swooning a “Be Mine” <3!

So we all know the classic red manicure is always beautiful, but I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to shake things up a bit. So we searched the internet for some easy DIY’s for your digits!

1. Pink & Gold. This is similar to what Tracy Reese showed at this past NYFW. And, it’s something you can totally do free hand. Check out how Ivana Thinks Pink pulled it off! She did a video tutorial so stealing the looks is easy breezy!

2. Do Dots.  To achieve dots on your digits, simply apply a base coat of red. Let your nails dry fully, then, using a a dotting tool (tooth pick or pointy Q-tip will do the trick), dip the end in a white polish (even White Out works!) and apply polka dots in any design you wish! Wait several minutes for the dots to dry to apply a clear top coat. Too cute!  We found this look at Clothes, Cosmetics and Chat

3. Seeing Pink. Check out this mani mix by Dressed Up Nails. It’s as user friendly as it gets, but still makes a statement.

4. Over-The-Moon-In-Love Mani.  My personal favorite style may seem like the most intricate and challenging style, but even a nail-art newbie like myself pulled this one off with ease. The Beauty Department created this tutorial and they’re ultra fab for giving in-depth tutorials. It’s your basic half-moon mani, but with nails strips underneath instead of polish. Here’s the Trend Hungry tutorial on the half-moon mani.

Now that you’ve seen our faves, show us what you’ll be rocking this V-day! Comment and share your own marvelous manis or Instagram a pic and tag #trendhungry or @trendhungryblog!


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Neon Now! How RiRi Rocks This Beauty Trend

Rihanna_Neon Nails

As you may know, neon is hugely on trend right now and is not going anywhere anytime soon. While neon may sound intimidating, fear not!; there are multiple ways to rock this bright and bold look and who best to learn from than the always on trend Rihanna?

Neon Nails: Eye-popping nail colors are no longer reserved for summer! Keep your digits bright all year long with fun funky colors. You can even go a step further and add cute designs (like Rihanna’s smiley faces!) If you want to add just a bit of color, opt for a neutral nail and brightly colored tip. Get colorfully creative with Revlon Nail Art Neon. Continue reading…