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Celebrity Trend: Girls Rocking Bow Ties

Rita Ora, Kin Kardashian, Beyonce, and other celebs in bow ties

As usual, I’m talking about the Kardashians. It’s not my fault they follow all the trends. Pretty much everyone in K. Dash klan has worn a bow tie. Kim, Khloe, Kourt, even momma Kris, and Bruce’s babies Kendall and Kylie have all been spotted.

bow ties on celebs

Other celebs have also stolen this menswear staple, including Emma Stone, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Rihanna, and Diane Kruger,

Our Pick!


This top is under $20 and can be rocked any season!

Who do you think looks best in this trend? Comment below!

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Spray-Painted Scalp: Khloe Kardashian’s New Do?

khloe kardashian blue painted scalp

Khloe Kardashian Odom had been rocking a new do (as seen on Twitter), a blue spray-painted line on her hair part. Seeing as we’re trend obsessed, we gotta know, will this take on?


At first we were like “Whaaaat???” and now we’re kinda like, “Hmm…”. So, what are you like? Also, how good to her lashes look?!?!

Oh, and if you are into it, the product is Pop of Color by Rita Hazen. It’s $18 and comes in three hot hues!

Is a spray-painted scalp the new do? Join the convo by leaving a comment.


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Trend Bite: How To Wear A Long Tee Shirt

We all have items in our closet that we love, but just aren’t sure how to wear it. Or maybe we only always wear it the same way. It’s time to rework that wardrobe and make your clothes do double or even triple duty. Check out how I styled this long tee from the Kardashian Kollection at Sears.



Tag: Kardashian Kollection Tee (c/o Sears).

Take Note: No longer available, but here’s a similar one.

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Maxi Dress Perfect For Curves

One of my readers hit me up on Facebook asking for a maxi dress that works on a curvy figure. I feel ya, girlfriend. I’m tiny, but boobs can makes certain maxis look more nighty. Opt for a dress that cinches in. That way your waist looks smaller and your curves do all the talking… without showing too much, of course.

Khloe Kardashian is the queen of this look. She knows to define her bust from her waist and she stays away from the moo-moo look (spelling??).

Here she is…

And here’s a menu of what you can be wearing for under $50.00…



Prom-Approved Flats

I wish I brought flats to my prom. It would have saved my feet a lot of pain. Now I’m a little older and wiser. Flats or flip flops are a must when I’m groovin’ and movin’ at weddings, deal digging at the mall, or walking aimlessly around the city.

Flats have come a LONG way the last few years. You can snag a pair almost anywhere, in any price range, and any color or pattern. There’s a flat for everyone and some designs are so cute it may make you want to rock a short dress. Either way, save your feet and stash a pair in your bag.


Kendall Jenner rocks them on the red carpet. She’s tall and pulls it off. I’m only 5’3 so would prob keep heels on for photo ops. Hand me a cocktail and throw me on the dance floor, then it’s flat time.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

I own a foldable pair and swear by them. They’re not the most sturdy, but they are life saving after a long night, especially when your feet are a little swollen from those constraining stilettos.

Tag: Footzyrolls The New Yorker, Was $35.00, Now $19.25 at 6pm.com.

All of these are under $25.00 and fabulous. Take a look and comment with your favorite!


Color-Block Bling

By Morgan

Color blocking is cute, fun, and all the celebs are loving it! Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Rihanna rock the look, but it can seem scary to try out. There’s a new take on the trend that’s user friendly and very affordable.

It’s all about the color-block bling and Mijourne Jewelry totally has a monopoly on this trend.

Tag: Color-Block Pink Multi Bracelet, $18.00 at Mijourne.com.
Take Note: Comes in blue too!
Too many colors of the rainbow? Here’s a subtle and oh-so-stylish version that I’m totally buying.
Tag: Color-Block Bracelet, $14.00 at Mijourne.com.
Would you rock the look or are you over the color block? Leave a comment below!

Kim K. Finale Fashion Necklaces

Everyone is buzzing about SAG fashion, but hello, did you forget about our girl Kim Kardashian?!?! It was her big night, the night where they said they’d be showing the beginning of the divorce, but instead kept cutting to commercials and focusing on Kim’s big chesticles. I was disappointed in the finale, but did take notice of that necklace laying over her breasts. Kim is always about making a statement. She may have not dished as much as usual, but she wore some signature statement necklaces.

Feather Flavor

This baby was seen on Kourtney before, but Kim was wearing it lots on the recent season finale of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. It’s a little pricey for costume jewelry, but host a Stella & Dot party for $250 worth of free merch.

Tag: Pegasus Bib Necklace, $198.00 at Stella&Dot.

Some other looks Kim K. would approve of …

The Jeweled Gem

Tag: Purple Stone Statement Necklace, $7.50 at Charlotte Russe.

Collar Chic

Pretty sure Kim owns this in gold and wears it often. Think she got this deal?

Tag: Collar Necklace, $11.00 at EDressMe.com.

Which statement do you prefer? Leave a comment below.


Trendin: Kardashian Nail Kolors Too?!?

Listen here Kardashians,

I hated you, then I loved you, now I’m over you.

But… I am still glued to their newest show, like their Sears line, and am kind of loving some of their new nail colors. Damn you, you genius business women, you!

That being said, the nail color names are so corny and I LOVE them! Also, it’s under Nicole by OPI, which is sold at Walmart aka one of my fave stores. For real, I actually LOVE Walmart!

My fave shade …

Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam

Side note:  Each of the females, including the little Jenners, are getting paid equally. Weird?

Thanks TMZ for the info!!

Would you buy? Leave a comment!


Hello Kitty Takes Over the World

Hello Kitties! Hello Kitty makes clothes, pencils, wallets, toasters, and now makeup. Yes, this kitty is a workaholic and she’s showing Kim Kardashian how it’s done. Watch your back Kardashian clan.

Want in on this cute new makeup line? Of course you do! Sephora, the queen of makeup, is exclusively carrying these gems!

There are compacts, glosses, mirrors, a PERFUME NECKLACE ($39.00), brushes, nail stickers, and if that’s not enough then go buy that Hello Kitty toaster (not sold at Sephora).

Some these items are little too rich for my fanny pack, but they’re too cute to pass up.

If you just need one of these cutie-pie items, then get these eyeliners.

It includes seven colors, SEVEN! It’s $28.00, aka $4.00 per pencil. That’s not too shabby!

Trend: Hello Kitty Makeup Takeover

Thang: Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit

Tag: $28.00 at Sephora.


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