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JCP Fair & Square Haul

First, let me just say that this blog is not a “haul” area, where I simply show what I bought.   But, my first JCPenney “fair and square” experience is SO worth sharing!

JCP is not just for your mom or Christmas pajamas. They’re totally revamping – more diffusion lines, simple-chic ads, and way less math in order to save a buck. The sales are simple, labeled, and the MNG by Mango jewelry I’ve been eying since the fall finally went on sale!!

Snagged two bangles, a long necklace, and futuristic earrings for $16.00 … TOTAL!

I’ve always been a JCP girl. Got all my school clothes there. Even my first interview blazer was snagged there. Watched the JCP evolution and love where it’s going. Their exclusive lines  ( I ‘Heart’ Ronson, Olsenboye, MNG by Mango) are becoming my go-to brands and this simple-chic pricing is perfect. No longer do I feel the need to go with my mathematic mom and coupons in tow for the best deals.

Tags: MNG by Mango Spike Earrings, $10.00 online, $4.00 in store.

MNG by Mango Long-Bead Necklace, Orig $30.00,  $24.00 online, $6.00 in store.

MNG by Mango  Bangles, not currently online, $6.00 in store.

So have you been to JCP lately? Dish your shopping deets below!


Sale-Rack Report: Versatile Tweed

Tweed screams fall, but sometimes it screams a little too loud and takes away from other fab pieces you chose to pair it with. This is not that kind of tweed. This is the kind that looks office chic and goes with practically anything. This is the kind of tweed that you’ll never get rid of, because it’s timeless.

This is the tweed skirt that will get you through the fall, winter and a touch of spring. This is the tweed skirt that feels fresh and is only around $25!

Tag: I ‘Heart’ Ronson Skirt, Was $36.00, Now $25.20 at JCPenney.

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Wired: Designers Do Diffusion

Ready to satisfy your appetite for designer labels? It’s now within reach on a skinny budget!

Get ready fashionistas and go shopping for diffusion lines. It when top designers create lines even us skinny budget folk can afford.

My Faves!

I “Heart’ Ronson – Charlotte Ronson’s Line ( DJ Samantha Ronson’s twin sis) – sold at JCPenney.

UK Style by French Connection – sold at Sears – I know, when did Sears get so stylish?!?

MNG by Mango - Also at JCP.

Calypso St. Barth for Target - It’s the ultimate is vacation style and it’s fabulous!


There are so many more of these designer diffusion popping up. Please check me out this Monday on NBC10’s The 10! Show. I’ll be showing you how real women can rock and afford this stylish trend.

XO, Jessie

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MNG By Mango

JCPenney used to be the store my mom always dragged me to, since it was the main department store near our house and they always had really good sales. Back then I wanted to be “cool” and shop at Hollister (what was I thinking!?!), but now I love JCP because their items are affordable and they’ve got I “Heart” Ronson, an affordable collection by designer Charlotte Ronson, and MNG by Mango.

Fringe Sleeve Sweater Dress, Orig. $89.90, Now $44.95.


Have your heard of MNG by Mango?? It’s Mango’s more affordable line for JCPenney that launched this past Fall, is in 75 stores and online, and by this coming Fall (2011) it will be in 600 stores!

It’s got the chic and edgy style of Mango, but it’s got more pieces for everyday looks and what I love most? It fits a skinny budget! Also, JCP has a new sale practically daily, so you should NEVER pay full price.

Puff Sleeve Knit Top, Orig. $24.90, Now $12.45.

What I really love about this line is that it’s perfect for those of us ladies in our twenties and early thirties. I’m still relatively new to hitting the pavement, and when interviewing I want to look professional, but not like I’m wearing my mom’s power suit (she doesn’t really wear power suits). I want to look my age, but less Juicy Couture and more city chic. These clothes and professional, stylish, and age appropriate.

Note: This post is a little diff from others. Click the images and you’ll be taken to where you can buy the item.

Do you like MNG by Mango? Does it fit your skinny budget? Leave a comment!!!


Crave of the Day: Go-Go Gadget Trench Coat

No, no that’s not a brand. It’s simply an amazing trench coat that instantly transforms into a dress!

The trench is a timeless wardrobe staple that’s being featured everywhere. From Burberry to Forever 21, this trend is not going anywhere … except wherever you go, because it goes with almost any outfit.

Celeb trenchers include Victoria Beckham, Leighton Meester, Kristen Stewart, and Angelina Jolie to name a few.

This trench-turned-dress by I Heart Ronson can be found at JCPenney in beige (classic) or black for $42.00. Don’t forget, JCP always has sales going on so you may be able to snag this gotta-go-go-get item for even less.

To morph from to jacket to dress all it takes is unbuttoning the top buttons (one on each side) above the belt.

**I Heart Ronson Trench Coat is currently unavailable online, but should be available in store.

Alternative Options:

Forever 21 Trench Coat  for $29.80

Say What? Double-Breasted Trench Coat found at Kohl’s originally $58.00, now on sale for $33.99.