Throw It In The Bag: 5 Essentials For Your New Years Eve Bag


So we all know how much effort we put in to looking our absolute best on New Years Eve, but don’t think that prepping for the best night ever ends after you decide on the perfect outfit. The secret weapon behind looking fabulous all night is what is kept in your bag! We’ve compiled a list of New Years Eve must-have essentials to ensure the perfect night. Continue reading…

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The Sale-Rack Skinny With Meg Biram

Sale Rack Skinny with Meg Biram | Trend Hungry
Today one of my favorite bloggers is taking over Trend Hungry and she’s sharing her sale-shopping favorites. Meg‘s a creative that also knows a lot about the blog biz  - I took her class Blog, Biz, Buzz… highly recommend! She’s also an artist and a consultant. I’m basically obsessed with her blog and her business sense. Read on to snag her stylish deals. – Jessie
Right now (and after the holidays) is the perfect time to find what you’ve been eyeing all season on sale. I’ve already scored a few pieces myself when sites do a blanket discount (like 30% off everything including what’s already on sale). Oh man those are good. Continue reading…
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Style Lessons From Suri Cruise

By Kelsey

With her ever-present frown and oversized head pieces, Suri Cruise is shaping up to be our very own real-life Blair Waldorf; and we couldn’t be more excited. Looking to take advice from a seven year old may seem a little out there, but when you have the best fashion at your fingertips, glamour begins at a very young age. OK, we can definitely count out shopping at baby gap and please stay away from kitten heels. Although those age appropriate categories fit Suri, let’s point out some of her more mature fashion selections.


1. There is no excuse for boring fingernails, ever. Suri rocks this adorable mani on one of her more casual days. Continue reading…

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Trend Bite: How To Pack Light

Sponsored Post: It’s vacation season! Are you getting excited? Well, packing isn’t so exciting and it’s a necessity. If you’re over over-packing then I’ve got the shoes for you, MUPS. They’re flats that have velcro on the front for decorative ornaments that stick right on. It’s great for the girl on the go. Want to change up your style? It can be done in a split if you’re wearing MUPS.


Check out MUPS on Facebook & Twitter.

Video: Kristen Van Genderen

Music: Justin Bostwick


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Trend Bite: DIY Two-Toned Flats Using Duct Tape

So many designers are showing heels and flats with a different color on the toe of the shoe. It’s a pretty cool trend and lots of DIYers are showing how to spray paint your shoe tips. That’s a little more work than I’d prefer, and it means you could potentially ruin a pair of shoes – I’m a sloppy painter.

All you need for this fashion craft is some duct tape. Bonus, no commitment. Hate the design? Peel it off. (Click HD so the footage looks its best)


Video: Kristen Van Genderen
Music: Justin Bostwick




Prom-Approved Flats

I wish I brought flats to my prom. It would have saved my feet a lot of pain. Now I’m a little older and wiser. Flats or flip flops are a must when I’m groovin’ and movin’ at weddings, deal digging at the mall, or walking aimlessly around the city.

Flats have come a LONG way the last few years. You can snag a pair almost anywhere, in any price range, and any color or pattern. There’s a flat for everyone and some designs are so cute it may make you want to rock a short dress. Either way, save your feet and stash a pair in your bag.


Kendall Jenner rocks them on the red carpet. She’s tall and pulls it off. I’m only 5’3 so would prob keep heels on for photo ops. Hand me a cocktail and throw me on the dance floor, then it’s flat time.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

I own a foldable pair and swear by them. They’re not the most sturdy, but they are life saving after a long night, especially when your feet are a little swollen from those constraining stilettos.

Tag: Footzyrolls The New Yorker, Was $35.00, Now $19.25 at 6pm.com.

All of these are under $25.00 and fabulous. Take a look and comment with your favorite!


Monday Mood: Mint Condition

It’s almost St.Patty’s Day! Maybe you’ve already been celebrating, but this minty hue will make you stand out in the sea of green. Plus, it’s on trend, under budget, and makes you look more tan! Just sayin’.


I love the idea of mood boards and have been toying around with adding mood-board posts to the blog. This a test run. Hope you like. Maybe we’ll make it a monthly or weekly thing!?! Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Ohh, and if you ask me (I mean this is my blog *wink*wink) the best way to rock the trend is on your nails. It’s cheap, chic and a good way to test the minty waters.

mint-musts 1



Crew neck sweater
$34 – shopruche.com

Heart pump
$36 – topshop.com

Lola Ramona hair bow accessory
$14 – modcloth.com

minty musts 2



Debut knit skirt
$16 – tobi.com

Miss Selfridge green jewelry
$4 – missselfridge.com

Mint Shimmer Nail Polish
$2.80 – forever21.com

Fresh Mint Nail Polish
$2.80 – forever21.com

Singer/Songwriter Style via Julia Price

Touring Singer/Songwriter Julia Price is pretty freakin’ amazeballs … yeah, I said amazeballs. She’s been on “Good Morning America,” has Sara Bareilles (sry Sara!) shitting herself and also has really good fashion taste that just happens to fit a skinny budget. I’m smitten. Read her blog post below and check out her music. You, too will be smitten.

I love really girly clothes like what I’m wearing in the piano shot of the “Girlfriend” music video. That’s why summer is my favorite season — dresses, jumpers, and patterned shorts! YES! Once the weather gets colder I usually bury myself in an oversized sweater, skinny jeans and some rockin’ boots!
I rarely spend over $50.00 on any clothing item unless I absolutely LOVE something! And by love, I don’t mean, “Oh this is cute,” I mean “I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS!” I just feel like for every big designer getup you can get practically the same look for a smidgen of that price if you don’t mind doing the legwork.
I also tend to repeat my tops but I switch up the look by changing accessories or shoes. I’m big into big necklaces and some of my favorite ones cost me $7 at Forever21.
The one area I do allow for more spending flexibility is footwear, but that being said, I still can’t believe the STEAL I got for the shoes that I’m currently obsessed with my Betsey Johnson Tammiee flats. They sum up my style in a nutshell.
Tag: Betsey Johnson Tammiee Flats, Was $79.95, Now $63.96 at Zappos.
Take Note: Come in pink with polka dots too!
To me, it’s always all about the shoes!

Follow Julia @JuliaPriceMusic
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Tribal Trending

Get ready to jet set to an exotic location and don’t forget to take me with you … oh yeah, and these accessories too! Or, just dress the part! These tribal accents are an inexpensive way to add color to a neutral outfit.

Color Lover

Tag: McCampbell, $25.00 at Aldo.

Bangle Boho

Tag: Studded-Wood Bangle, Was $15.00, Now $11.62 at American Eagle Outfitters.

Flat and Fab

Tag: Rothrock, $40.00 at Aldo.

Beaded for Beauty

Tag: Vibrant Beaded Clutch, $17.80 at Forever 21.

Risk taker? Wear a couple of these pieces with a bright top or colorful skirt. Work it!

Which of these accessories suits you and how would you wear it? Leave a comment at tweet @trendhungryblog!

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