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Celebrity Trend: Girls Rocking Bow Ties

Rita Ora, Kin Kardashian, Beyonce, and other celebs in bow ties

As usual, I’m talking about the Kardashians. It’s not my fault they follow all the trends. Pretty much everyone in K. Dash klan has worn a bow tie. Kim, Khloe, Kourt, even momma Kris, and Bruce’s babies Kendall and Kylie have all been spotted.

bow ties on celebs

Other celebs have also stolen this menswear staple, including Emma Stone, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Rihanna, and Diane Kruger,

Our Pick!


This top is under $20 and can be rocked any season!

Who do you think looks best in this trend? Comment below!

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Spray-Painted Scalp: Khloe Kardashian’s New Do?

khloe kardashian blue painted scalp

Khloe Kardashian Odom had been rocking a new do (as seen on Twitter), a blue spray-painted line on her hair part. Seeing as we’re trend obsessed, we gotta know, will this take on?


At first we were like “Whaaaat???” and now we’re kinda like, “Hmm…”. So, what are you like? Also, how good to her lashes look?!?!

Oh, and if you are into it, the product is Pop of Color by Rita Hazen. It’s $18 and comes in three hot hues!

Is a spray-painted scalp the new do? Join the convo by leaving a comment.


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#4U2Read: Kim K Is Selfish + #IFBCon Coming Up!

Not gonna lie, I’m kind of freakin out! This Tuesday AM I’m filming my second-ever national segment with Better TV. From there, I’m off to Day 1 of the Independent Fashion Blogger Conference. It’ll be a fun-filled day of fashion-blogging 411, meeting lots of fashionable people, but this will be my first time in NYC all by myself for more than a few hours. I live only tow hours away, but the IFB CON is a two-day thing and so, this will be my first time in a hotel all alone! I’m pretending it’s like dorming and am telling myself everyone will be in the same boat.

On the to-do list: steam clothes for the TV segment, pick out and pack conference outfits, clean makeup brushes and pack up my beauty essentials, print my ticket,  organize my purse and equip it with lots of business cards, and map out my trip (I’d be lost without the Map Quest app on my phone).

Okay, now that I’ve vented out my worries (if you’re going to the IFB Con tweet me @trendhungryblog) here are the four reads this week.

1. Kim Kardashian is selfish. Sorry, but she’s selling swag (aka free clothes) and only donating 10 % to charity, not cool. – Fashionista

2. How much do you make? Here’s how the fashion industry sizes up on salary. – The Gloss

3. The Road ahead for independent bloggers. – Independent Fashion Bloggers.

4. How to transition to next season with ease. – Lush to Blush

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#4U2Read: Kanye Picks Kim’s Clothes

Woot! Woot! It’s already time for another weekly roundup, tweet it using the hashtag #4U2read. This week flew by! Between a TV segment for NBC10 on the fly, styling a shoot today, and working with a web designer to make Trend Hungry even more fabulous (should be done in a few weeks!), it’s been pretty cray cray. This week will be just as busy with a shoot with eHow (can’t wait to share the footage!!), finishing up planning a national segment, and the FNO blogger preview event. Ahh, team Trend Hungry will need a fashionista-ish cocktail by mid September! In the mean time, read what’s trending in the fashion blog world and gear up for another fashionable week, you trendsetter, you!


Kimye (Kim Kardashian & Kanye West) dress alike for a reason. Kanye basically runs Kim K.’s closet. – The Cut 

The cat eye is so tough to perfect, but a piece of tape makes it much easier! Think we should take this tip and shoot a Trend Bite on it?  – The Beauty Department

Audit your closet. Here are 10 reason why you should! – You Look Fab

Make yourself a new scarf, no sewing required! – The Fab & Frugal

Thanks for reading! Comment below and tweet with the hashtag #4u2read!

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Maxi Dress Perfect For Curves

One of my readers hit me up on Facebook asking for a maxi dress that works on a curvy figure. I feel ya, girlfriend. I’m tiny, but boobs can makes certain maxis look more nighty. Opt for a dress that cinches in. That way your waist looks smaller and your curves do all the talking… without showing too much, of course.

Khloe Kardashian is the queen of this look. She knows to define her bust from her waist and she stays away from the moo-moo look (spelling??).

Here she is…

And here’s a menu of what you can be wearing for under $50.00…



Wired’s FTOTW: Personal-Styling Sites

Hi! I’m really excited to share with you that I’m now doing a fashion trend report called “Jessie’s Fashion Trend of the Week” on Chio and Shila in the Morning! Listen in every Friday morning! Here’s the 411 on this week’s trend!

First the buzz was all about ShoeDazzle – a site that carries accessories; Kim K. supposedly acts as a stylist for. Then there was JewelMint – a jewelry creation linked to Kate Bosworth. Now HauteLook, a discount designer site, is getting into the game with their new shopping-showroom site for the shoe-obsessed ladies called SoleSociety.


If you’re not familiar with these sites here’s the rundown. You make an account (free), go through some personal style Q&A (what star’s style do you like best, what adjectives describe your closet, etc) and then share with friends (not mandatory) to get some credits ( cash to use on the site). From there a personal showroom is created just for you – hence like a personal shooper picking items for you.

If you dig the diggs, then pay the set fee – every single item is the same price. They sell it as if it’s a monthly rate and every month you pick an item you like, but it’s basically pay as you go. Like something? Get it. Not in the mood to drop money. Cancel payment. That’s the nice part, no obligation.


Sole Society – $49.95

Jewel Mint – $29.99

Shoe Dazzle – $39.99

So would you or have you already tried out one of these sites? Share your tales by leaving a comment and don’t forget to subscribe!


Kardashian Headwear

Kim Kardashian is all over the place and pretty much everyone loves her. Even if you hate the chain of reality shows, or don’t worship the Dash empire, you still gotta give it up for her style. The girl can dress and in typical Kardashian fashion, she made a statement in the first episode of the newest spinoff of the hit Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

Kim wore lots of black in the season premier, but what really grabbed me was her wide-brimmed hat. I stalked it out and found it (or near identical) on ASOS for $43.10.

If you like this type of hat check out some other great pieces from ASOS. I searched high and low and ASOS had the best selection for wide-brims. Another thing I found there? Turban headbands. So, if you liked Kourtney’s headgear then check out this turban headband that will cost you just under $14.00.

For more on turbans click here. So what suits your style? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.



Buzzin: Kelly Osbourne working for Material Girl

Taylor Momsen is out and Kelly Osbourne is in, at least when it comes to Madonna and her daughter’s fashion line Material Girl.

Is it me or has Kelly blown up recently? After she lost weight she was on covers of magazines, did a cameo on Spin Crowd and now if on Fashion Police and Us Weekly in the regular. I’m pretty happy that she got her PR peeps to get her some stuff going. She looks good and has really changed her way. Plus, she takes fashion risks – Such a fabulous role model.

As for Momsen, she’s off Gossip Girl, blames her parents for her bad attitude, and enjoys wearing shirts as dresses paired with slutty lingerie and raccoon eye shadow. Uggh, that look may be getting press, but not in flattering light. Also, Tim Gunn is not happy with you either, just sayin’.

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