Trendin: Starbucks + Alexander Wang Coffee-Stained Shirt?

I just made an executive decision. Instead of calling posts that are all about fashion news – Buzzin, they will now be called Trendin. I probably should have called them that from the beginning, hence the name Trend Hungry, but I just now decided it, so let’s roll with the punches.

Fashion and coffee seem to go together. Many fashionistas, such as the Olsen twins, can be spotted with jumbo cups in hand from Starbucks. That with big sunnies, a fashion DO. But an $85.00 coffee-stained shirt by Alexander Wang for Starbucks turning the big 4-0!?!?

Tag:Starbucks® + Alexander Wang Unisex Tee, $85.00at StarbucksStore.com.

It’s Unisex, but in my opinion, will block you from ever getting to have sex. Thoughts? No one gets excited by spilled coffee.

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Buzzin: Snooki Sells Pickle-Print Flip-Flops?!?!

Countless celebs venture into fashion, but shouldn’t they be stylish to begin with? Jessica Simpson pulls it off as does Beyoncé, but Snooki? People dress like her for Halloween. Well as least some Jersey girls can now buy the tackiest flip-flops ever … and wedges too!

Is it wrong that I kind of like the pickled flops? C’mon. They’re surprisingly cute!

Don’t shell out your cash just yet,  you pickle-adorning Snooki-obsessed gals. The agreement was just signed so the shoes won’t come out till this holiday season and will range from $15-$50.

Want more? So many blogs are covering this (hence why it’s “Buzzin“). Gotta give credit where it’s due so check out WWD and Stylite  – two of my favorite sites that filled me in.

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Wired: Designers Do Diffusion

Ready to satisfy your appetite for designer labels? It’s now within reach on a skinny budget!

Get ready fashionistas and go shopping for diffusion lines. It when top designers create lines even us skinny budget folk can afford.

My Faves!

I “Heart’ Ronson – Charlotte Ronson’s Line ( DJ Samantha Ronson’s twin sis) – sold at JCPenney.

UK Style by French Connection – sold at Sears – I know, when did Sears get so stylish?!?

MNG by Mango - Also at JCP.

Calypso St. Barth for Target - It’s the ultimate is vacation style and it’s fabulous!


There are so many more of these designer diffusion popping up. Please check me out this Monday on NBC10’s The 10! Show. I’ll be showing you how real women can rock and afford this stylish trend.

XO, Jessie

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Do the Bunny Hop… Ring Under $5

Hip and  hop.  This ring is so ugly that actually it’s cute and I just love it. Isn’t that reason enough to blog about it? Well, I think so. This trend is the animal ring.  But instead of a cat or tiger this showcases a softer animal, a bunny. Rock this ring for under $5.00. I spend more at Starbucks!

Trend: Animal-Instinct Ring

Hungry: Bunny Ring-a-Bling-Bling

Tag: Rhinestone Bunny Ring, $4.80 at Forever 21.

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Wired: White Jeans = Wardrobe Wonders

Now that it’s nice out (minus this last week of 24/7 rain) it’s time to get out of drab and into fab … clothes! A new wardrobe doesn’t really fit a skinny budget. Make the most of what ya got girl, and a pair of white jeans will instantly update your wardrobe.

Trend: White Jeans

Celeb Cravers: J.Lo, Victoria Beckham, Ashley Tisdale.

Style: Skinny, but if that ain’t your thang then opt for boot cut – very complementary! J.Lo rocks the wide leg. That style is for a truly confident fashionista.

Hungry: It makes me sad because the most fabulous pair ever is currently sold out! They’re by Almost Famous and were at Sears for only $12.00!! They fit like designer jeans, can you believe it?!?! I own a pair and need more since they’re so amazing. But I found you another pair that’s still pretty amazing.

Tag: Carson Double-Button Stretch Twill Skinny, Was $29.90 – $34.90, Now $23.92 – $27.92 (price varies on size) at Alloy.

And for boot cut Express is  where it’s at and they carry lots of different lengths. Hey, not all of us have long legs (I’m only 5’3).

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Wired: Hungry for Kate Middleton’s Style

Kate Middleton is the new style icon and her style is elegant and classic with a touch of high fashion. Trend hungry for Kate’s look? All you need are three key pieces and don’t worry, they’re ultra versatile!

1. The Trench

Tag: Jou Jou Coat, Long Sleeve Lightweight Belted Trench, Was $59.99, Now $47.99 at Macy’s.

2. The Blue Engagement Dress

Tag: Merona Women’s Ruffle Faux Wrap Sweater Dress, Was $29.99, Now $20.98 at Target.

3. The Ring! The Ring! The Ring! – tons of companies are making copies, so you can score one on any budget! Here’s one by the plus size company, Torrid.

Tag : Princess Kate Middleton Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring, $12.50 at Torrid.

Want to hear what I said about this trend on the radio? Check me out on Wired 96.5!

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Buzzin: Christian Siriano Makes Cleaning Chic

I hate cleaning, but will definitely make more of an effort with a sponge that’s leopard print. Project Runway’s Christian Siriano takes a household cleaning item and has made it fabulous on a skinny budget.

Image courtesy of O-Cel-O

Normally when I see gimmicky items like this I want them, but don’t buy them. Andthat’s usually because they’re over priced and I can’t justify paying designer price for something I can buy at the dollar store. These sponges are different, very different. A pack of three is only $3.60.

Christian should seriously be my new best friend. He’s so creative and makes sure to cater to us trend-hungry fashionistas on a skinny budget – the way to my heart!!

Click here to check out a shootie he did for Payless that I LOVE and check back because now that he’s stolen my heart I’m going to dedicate a future post to his amazing Payless line!! (Dear Payless, if you’re reading this your welcome for the free publicity).

Would you use a designer sponge? Tell me!! Leave a comment!