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{Trendy vs Spendy} Balenciaga Buckle Strap Ankle Booties

balenciaga look-alike boots

There’s a brand I’ve been finding myself eyeing and buying. That’s how you know you’ve found what you like, when you end gravitating towards it again and again without even realizing. That’s what Call It Spring is for me. I always take my time checking out their shoes and and have pursued their selection more than a few times online as well. Then over the summer I bought a pair of their wedges at JCPenney. Kohl’s also carries the brand, so as you can guess, Call It Spring is Trend Hungry approved in the budget department.

Their latest shoe to lust is this bootie with cutouts, buckles, and a chunky sole. They also happen to be Balenciaga bootie look-a-likes and are more that $1,200 cheaper – talk about a major score!

balenciaga look-alike boots

Trendy: Call It Spring Flomiss Bootie, $55.00.

Spendy: Balenciaga Buckle Strap Ankle Bootie,  $1,275.00.

Check out more shoes from Call It Spring. Most are under $100 and there’s a lot under $50 as well!

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Coffee Talk: How to Order Starbucks on a Budget

how to order starbucks on a budget

We may be hungry for fashion trends, but we’re also thirsty and crave Starbucks like nobody’s business. I enlisted the help of fabulous New York beauty publicist who’s ultra-savvy when it comes to her Starbucks order. Read on to meet Teona & learn her Starbucks street smarts. – Jessie 

how to order starbucks on a budget

Living in New York I basically wake up everyday and throw $50 out the window. That’s before I get dressed and definitely before I buy my first cup of coffee. No matter how hard we all try to save money and make coffee at home it just never seems to work out. It doesn’t work out for me because I don’t own a coffee maker (mainly due to lack of space) and the french press is kind of a daunting process. So I head to work everyday and pass by all the expensive coffee shops on the Lower East Side and then from my walk from the subway to my office I pass by three Starbucks. By the time you set your eyes on Starbucks #3 it’s hard to not get sucked in. Considering the fact that I have already thrown $50 out the window and I still have three meals to eat and inevitably some sort of “happy hour” to attend (I use that term loosely because I have never made a real happy hour; who actually leaves work at 5pm??) I need to be wise with my coffee order. Since ordering a Venti Blonde Roast gets boring and soy lattes are really delicious I’ve have learned to serious about my Starbucks ordering skills over the years. In fact, a lot of people who know me know I am a master at saving money at Starbucks. I put together my top tips and facts on how to order your favorite drinks at Starbucks and never pay more than $4.

The golden rule – Get a Gold Card.

All you have to do is register a Starbucks card and collect 30 points (thats 30 swipes) and you are literally golden. You get free syrups, free refills and every 12 stars and on your birthday you get a free drink!

Don’t order iced coffee, order an Americano!

Let’s be honest, you want the coffee for the caffeine. If you don’t, you might be lying to yourself. What has more caffeine than regular coffee? Espresso. What’s an Americano? It’s espresso with water. What does it taste like? Iced coffee. It’s also the exact same price. I always get an Iced Grande Americano (3 shots) in a Venti cup (extra ice because the espresso melts the ice) and its $2.99. 

Do you have soy milk?

It’s really hard to avoid paying 60 cents for soy. You used to get it free with your Gold Card but they sadly got rid of that. So unless you managed to ruthlessly flirt with your regularly barista daily in order to get free soy (hey, a girl needs soy!) you need to know how to order your soy beverages. The main rule to live by is simple: Don’t ever order a soy latte. Ever. Instead order these:

  1. Grande Light Water Americano with Steamed Soy. Translation: Triple Grande Soy Latte.

  2. Iced Grande Americano in a Venti Cup with Extra Ice and then add your own soy at the bar. Translation: Iced Venti Soy Latte.

  3. Grande Chai Tea Misto with Steamed Soy. Translation: Grande Soy Chai Latte(plus you save a lot of calories by not ordering the syrup chai. You’re welcome)

The 12th Star and The Birthday Drink – So I made it my mission to create the most expensive drinks ever and then order them when I got my 12th star and my birthday drink. Why? Because they are free and its a fun game to watch them ring up an $8 coffee and you walk away without spending a dime. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Quad Venti Soy Pumpkin Spiced Latte (winter beverage of course)

  2. Iced Quad Venti Soy Sugar Free Caramel Caramel Machiatto. If you can manage to even order this drink, you deserve to not pay for it.

  3. Iced Venti Soy Green Tea Latte

Get more bang for your buck.

Did you know? Starbucks Iced Tea is double brewed so that when they make your iced tea they fill it up half way with tea and the other half with water. Actually, its really mostly ice. So get more tea for your buck and ask for it without water. Trust me by the time you take your first sip half the ice melted so it actually becomes the perfect brew. Then you aren’t paying almost $5 for watered down Tazo tea.

If you have some tips and trips to ordering Starbucks on the cheap I would love to hear them! Tweet me @teonaostrov. Happy ordering!

About Teona Ostrov

teona_ostrov A beauty chick inside and out, Teona Ostrov has been working in beauty PR for the past  4 years. Before that she worked in sports for teams ranging from the Boston Celtics to the New York Red Bulls. She currently works for Bratskeir & Company in New York City. Her favorite products are Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray, Demeter’s Salt Air, NARS Funny Face, Susan Posnick’s COLORFLO and Kiss imPRESS. When she’s not working and hanging out with her maltese named Reese (he comes to the office too!) she’s probably at spin or yoga. The only thing she loves more than beauty products is food and wine. She spends a lot of her time exploring new restaurants in NYC and instagramming it every step of the way! Her favorite filter? Kelvin!


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7 Drugstore Beauty Buys You Need for Spring

7 drugstore steals
beauty buys

By Simone of Fashion Runs The World

In need of some new product to spruce up your beauty routine? We’ve scouted out the latest and greatest from the drugstore sure to kickstart your beauty routine into the warm temps. And like we said, all these goodies are from the drugstore so  you don’t have to break the bank to snag the latest and greatest. You can get all of these products for under $15. What a wonderful way to begin to add beauty on a budget!


I love lipsticks. I think lipsticks and lip gloss can up the amp of an outfit or pull a makeup look together. It’s a must have for any fashionista or makeup connoisseur’s collection. Yet, buying a lot of lip products adds up. Even though I’m a fan of MAC, Urban Decay, Nars, and many others; too many of those names hurt my wallet over time. Thank goodness, drugstore lip products have been stepping their game up!

1. An essential before applying any type of lipstick or lip stain is a good lip moisturizer. While there are many good ones on the market, I personally think the best one is the Baby Lips by Maybelline. This lip balm that comes in six hydrating shades. After using the product for a few days, my lips became softer and moisturized. Add protection with SPF 20 infused into each balm, which makes this product a great investment in your makeup arsenal.

Tag: Maybelline Baby Lips, $2.99 @ Target. 


2. Recently, Maybelline released a new addition to their color sensational family called Color Whispers. This collection offers 20 new shades that are perfect for the springtime, like Oh La Lilac, which is a beautiful light purple. These lipsticks have a glossy finish and offer lots of color selections ranging from pink to coral and everything in between.

Tag: Maybelline Color Whispers, $5.94 @ Target.


3. Okay, one more thing from the Maybelline family are the Color Sensational Vivids lip color. Unlike their counterpart (the color whispers), these lipsticks are more pigmented and brighter. The color selections for this collection are a little smaller (choosing between ten shades as oppose to 20), but the finish is still same. Their colors range from hot pink to purple and even orange. My personal favorite is the Vibrant Mandarin lip color, which is a beautiful orange-red shade that is very in this season.

Tag:  Color Sensational Vivids lip color, $5.54 @ Target.

4. Lastly for the lips, this one is for all my ladies who don’t like to wear lipstick. L’Oreal has released their Colour Riche Caresse Aqua Lacquer lip gloss which is more like a lip stain than a lip gloss. There are 12 shades in this collection and we like all of them (that never happens!!).

Tag: L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Aqua Lacquer Lip gloss $7.99 @ Target.



Now that the weather is getting a little warmer outside, wearing foundation can look and feel heavy. Nobody wants to go outside when it’s sunny and hot and fear that their makeup will melt off. Good thing lots of makeup brands have come up with a solution for a light-weight foundation or cream.


5. Covergirl came out with their new 3-in-1 foundation, which acts as a primer, foundation and concealer all in one. This new foundation is having all of the beauty vloggers going crazy. This new formula eliminates piling on facial creams.

Tag:  CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation, $8.54 @ Target.

6. Another facial product that is good for the spring is the beauty balm or BB cream as they are referred too. One of the best ones on the market is the Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB cream. This product is an 8-in-1 skin perfector that blurs imperfections, brightens and evens skin tone, smoothes, and hydrates, enhances, protects with SPF 30, and has 0% oils and heavy ingredients in it.

Tag:  Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, $6.44 at Target. 


7. The ombre hair trend took over last year and is staying strong. Everyone from Jessica Alba to Lea Michele is rocking the trend. Fortunately, women everywhere don’t have to run to the salon and  spend $50 or more to get this look. L’Oreal Paris have added a Wild Ombre kit to their Feria collection. This kit retails for only $12 at Target and offers only three shades that work with natural or color treated hair: 080 for light to medium blonde hair, 070 for dark blonde to light brown or strawberry red hair, and 060 for medium to dark brown or auburn hair.

Tag: L’Oreal Feria Wild Ombre Hair Color, $11.99 @ Target.

You can find all of these products online or at your local drugstore. The prices may vary but almost all the brands I mentioned have coupons you can use, so you can stock up on all these wonderful products.

Quick Tip: Head to Target! Every product featured is cheaper there (hence why we listed them as each retailer!!). 


Happy Shopping!



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Shop School: 11 Stores that Offer Discounts with College ID

madewell and other stores that offer college discounts

By Mandy

Everyone always wants the newest fashions right when they come out, but being on a college-girl budget  (or 20-something too!) makes it a little hard to keep up.  Luckily there are stores that offer student discounts when purchasing the latest style and even some sale-rack finds (even better). Show your student ID at these participating stores listed below to score a discount.

madewell and other stores that offer college discounts

  1. Target  10% (online only)

  2. Charlotte Rousse 10%

  3. Ann Taylor 20%

  4. Ann Taylor LOFT 15%

  5. Banana Republic 15%

  6. Club Monaco 20%

  7. J. Crew 15% (only regular-priced items)

  8. Juicy Couture 15%

  9. The Limited 15%

  10. Madewell 15%

  11. Steve Madden 10%

Next time you’re at the mall or shops above don’t forget to show your college ID and get great deals. It also wouldn’t hurt to ask at some of your favorite stores just to see if they offer something similar.

Know of a store we forgot about? Tell us in the comments below!

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Funky-Girl Guide: 11 Must-Have Coachella Essentials

what to pack for coachella

So, you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to go to heaven-ahem, I mean, Coachella this year. Lucky you!! Once you get over the initial excitement (ok maybe that won’t happen), you need to start planning what to bring! Usually a stressful task is now going to be 10 times easier, because I’ve complied the 11 must-have items to bring on your trip to Cali. 

SPF 30+ Sunblock Stick Super Sensitive - Fragrance Free (0.5oz.) by California Baby

1. Sunblock and hat. Seriously. Do not forget your sunblock! It is so crucial to remember to apply and re-apply block throughout the day. Your skin is your biggest and best asset, so you better protect it! Sunburn does serious and lasting damage to skin, and causes all sorts of problems including sunspots and premature aging (aka wrinkles, so please please please protect yourselves, you’ll thank me later. Start in the morning with a moisturizer with SPF in it. I love this Say Yes to Cucumbers Daily Moisturizer  because of it’s calming effects, so it will feel extra good on skin after days in the sun. Throughout the day, continue to apply a good sunblock, like California Baby Sunblock Stick. The stick form is good for high temps, it won’t run or streak! 

 If you want to look extra cute while protecting your face, get an adorable floppy sun hat like this one from Nine West! Protection from the sun never looked so good!


2. Sunglasses. The ultimate festival accessory and another key item to protect yourself. Your eyes need just as much protection from the sun as your skin, and sunglasses will be your best (and pretty much only) form of protection. Snag a few cute pairs and play around with different looks. I like these, and these, AND these! All under $5!

3. Sneakers. The only reason why I am suggesting sneakers (or a closed toe shoe) is a.) They will stay on your feet and b.) they will protect your feet! Unless you plan on running around barefoot, your best bet it to get a cute pair (like these for $12.95 at h&m) to add style and functionality to your festy look. It’s no fun being in a crowd of people and getting your toes stepped on! 

Roxy Handbag, Fly Bird Backpack

4. Backpack or fanny pack. While a bag is fairly important to have with you, a purse is only going to get in your way. You’ll need a bag that stays put like a cute drawstring backpack (we LOVE this fun floral Roxy bag)or a funky fanny pack (they’re making a comeback, I swear! Look how cute this one from Urban is!

5. Dry Shampoo. We can almost guarantee that your hair is going to need serious love during Coachella. Whether or not you’ll care what it looks like is another story. To quickly put some oomph back in your tresses, spray hair evenly with dry shampoo, disperse with fingers and keep on dancin’.

We recommend: Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

6. Baby wipes. Or what I like to call miracle wipes. Since they are intended for use on a baby’s sensitive skin, they can be used on your body and face to freshen up throughout the day without causing any irritation. 

coachella dress: LC Lauren Conrad Fit & Flare Polka-Dot Bustier Dress sale $39.00 original $60.00

7. Sundress. Quick, easy, cute and comfy: recipe for the perfect go-to festival outfit! Top it off with a cute belt, some accessories, and your sunnies and you’ll be good to go! Absolutely loving this LC Lauren Conrad Chambray Fit and Flare Dress!

what to pack for coachella: Favorite short-sleeve V-neck T from gap

8. Favorite tee. Everyone has one. Your one and only. Your ultimate go-to. Your gotta have it. That one tee (tank, shirt, top, whatever) that you can’t live without, or even feel comfortable without. (Mine happens to be the favorite tee from Gap). Bring this along to wear at any point during your trip, it’ll make you feel good and keep you comfy. 

9. H2O. Never underestimate the power of hydration! Since you’ll be exposed to sun and heat all day (and doing lots of dancing), you’ll need to be drinking way more water than normal. Not only will it keep your energy levels up and body temps down, but it’ll keep your skin hydrated. 

10. Camera!! Seems like a no brainer, but make sure you remember one of these so you can capture the memories. If you’re an experienced photog and want to shoot the festival on a professional level, then by all means bring your fancy cameras. If you’re like me and have trouble keeping track of things, opt for a (few) disposable camera(s). I always think they take the best photos!

coachella: Single Ribbon Hair Ties from sephora

11. Hair Ties. These ribbon ties are cute enough to wear around your wrist, and gentle enough to tie back hair sans a a major dent. That way you can have your hair up then down again. They’re only $1.50 at Sephora!


Comment below with your favorite!

P.S. We’re on Bloglovin! Follow there so you can read us when you’re catching up on all your favorite blogs!!

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Printed Pants Under $25 You Need Now!

Printed pants from simon malls King of Prussia Mall
Printed pants from simon malls King of Prussia Mall

In case you’re new to Trend Hungry, in addition to running this site I also blog for Simon Malls as their King of Prussia Setter. Not everything I write about for the Style Setter blog is as budget-friendly as on here, so I decided to take one of the topics I covered over there and show you styles for under $25! Yeah, you read correctly under $25!! As you can see, it’s all about the printed pants. They certainly make a statement, but may not be on trend in a year from now, so a budget buy on these babies is recommended.


Scroll through the showroom below and leave a comment saying which one is your fave!

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10 Things To Love About April!

april showers

Ahh, a new month already! Let’s welcome the April showers and dance in the rain all month long. Need a reason to dance? How about 10?



1. It’s April Fools Day! Tell your bestie that crocs are in style.

2. The first Friday in April is Walk to Work Day. Do it if you can and then treat yourself to a cookie and high-calorie coffee. You deserve it!

3. Earth Day is the 22nd. H&M makes it easy to go green. Bring in a bag of clothes to donate and get 15% off!

4. Rain Boots are in season. Check out this crazy pair! 

5. Derek Lam for Kohl’s Launches this Friday! It’s about darn time! Cannot wait to shop this collection. Everything is under $80! Outfit post coming soon!

6. Kate Young for Target drops April 14th!!

7. Model Call. I’m a judge for Simon Fashion Now’s  modeling contest at The King of Prussia Mall. It’s going down this weekend, so here’s all deets.

8. Mad Men is back! Season starts April 7!

9. Snag 30% at InPink. This cheap-chic online jewelry shop has fun pieces at a great price. Shop now with code TREND30 for 30% off purchase. Ends 4/18

10. Coachella! I’m not going, but will be at least be dressing festival-chic.


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Spray-Painted Scalp: Khloe Kardashian’s New Do?

khloe kardashian blue painted scalp

Khloe Kardashian Odom had been rocking a new do (as seen on Twitter), a blue spray-painted line on her hair part. Seeing as we’re trend obsessed, we gotta know, will this take on?


At first we were like “Whaaaat???” and now we’re kinda like, “Hmm…”. So, what are you like? Also, how good to her lashes look?!?!

Oh, and if you are into it, the product is Pop of Color by Rita Hazen. It’s $18 and comes in three hot hues!

Is a spray-painted scalp the new do? Join the convo by leaving a comment.


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Trend Bite: Makeup Brush Holder Ideas

Makeup Brush Storage ideas

Spring is in the air, as so is cleaning and getting organized! Don’t run out and buy something new. Store your beauty brushes in something you already own. There’s bound to be something pretty in your place that’s perfect for holding your makeup brushes. Here are the items I scouted out in my own space that make for a fabulous makeup brush holder. Hope this inspires some stylish storage!


New videos come out every Friday! Click here to watch more!

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Top 5 Budget-Fashion Buys For Spring

5 Budget Buys  For Spring

1. The Floral Top: This top couldn’t be more on trend. Wear to work, pair with jean shorts for a lazy Sunday, or add leather for a night out.

2. Green & White Clutch: Emerald green is the color of the year, after all!

3. Tough Girl Bracelet: Show your tough side. This neon bracelet is my newest obsession!

4. Floral Combat Boots: The perfect mix of feminine and fierceness.

5. Round Sunnies! How can’t you love these? They’re perfect for concerts (who’s going to Coachella?!?!).

budget buys for spring

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Chiffon Blouse, $44.00 $17.60 // Moda Luxe Cory Clutch – Bone/Mint, $29.99 // Report Amberr Bootie$65.00 $49.95  // A.J. Morgan Retro Round Sunglasses, $24.95 // BCBGeneration’Affirmation’ Bracelet $18.00