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Make Your Shopping Count: Fair Trade Month

fair trade beauty products

We all look forward to October for fall fashion and getting dolled up for Halloween! Well, now there’s another thing to add to your list. Fair Trade Month. It’s the month that’s dedicated to reminding us that with fair trade, the money spent on every day goods can better an entire community’s lives. As fashionistas, we need to remember that it’s important to be a conscious shopper but to also give back. Fair Trade reminds us that every purchase matters. According to Fair Trade USA, “They help farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities. We’re a nonprofit, but we don’t do charity. Instead, we teach disadvantaged communities how to use the free market to their advantage.” How cool is that?!!!

There are even organizations like Ten Thousand Villages that create income-earning opportunities for artisans in developing countries by establishing a sustainable market for handmade products in North America. For 65 years, Ten Thousand Villages has been one of the top sources for jewelry, home decor, accessories and art from around the world!

We are completely obsessed with Fair Trade. Take a peek at Trend Hungry’s Top 10 Fair Trade Items:

1. Strawberry Body Butter (the Body Shop)



It’s made with Community Fair Trade shea butter and smells so yummy! The mini size is only 4 bucks!

2. Swinging By Necklace (ModCloth)

fair trade necklace

Found this necklace from Modcloth for under $20 by  a feminist-minded brand, Mata Traders, who specializes in fair trade and handmade products that are both beautiful and ethical, so you can feel great and look spectacular sporting this chain above a printed shirtdress and slate-blue heels.

3. First Blush Bangle (Ten Thousand Villages)

6832420_1-1 Handmade in India, this bangle is to die for and will spice up any arm party! For only $8, this bracelet is perfect for work, brunch, or date night with that special someone. Plus, it’s blush pink coloration gives it a royal, sophisticated feel.

4. Splash of Sun Infinity Scarf (Ten Thousand Villages)


You can never go wrong with an infinity scarf. Handmade in Indonesia, this scarf can be worn year round and goes great with an army jacket, jeans and a black tee for the fall. There’s no better way to invest $24 !

5. Mariposa Key Hider (Ten Thousand Villages)


For a girl on the run, this is an essential gadget that you won’t regret investing in. For only $18, this Mexican handmade key hider also functions as a wall decoration.

6. Alana Dress (prAna)


This hooded jersey dress will keep you styling in comfort on those weekend days when you’re running around doing errands. On sale for only $49, this hooded masterpiece will make you stand out among the masses.

7. Ethiopia Yiracheffe (Adventure Coffee Roasting)


Fashionistas on the run NEED coffee! So why not start your day off with some quality java!? This Ethipia Yiragacheffe blend has floral aromas with a dry lemon finish…YUMMY! Get 1lb for $13 and never step foot in Starbucks again!

8. Oatmeal Face Scrub (Dirty Beauty)


Made with fresh local organic oat grains, exfoliating papaya enzyme extract and calming lavender, this nourishing face wash is soap and oil free. Use this daily to loosen dead skin to reveal your fresh revived skin! ($24)

9. Alegre Recreational Soccer Ball (Senda Athletics)


Soccer is the best way to stay in shape for the fall! It’s fun and involves lots of cute guys! Grab a ball for only $ 19.99 and kick your way into style! Get this- Senda also has brand ambassadors! If you have a true passion for soccer, then this might be your calling! Ambassadors create fun awareness activities and reach out to local clubs, schools and soccer organizations about the impact of Fair Trade in soccer!

10.SpaRitual Illuminate Lacquer Duo with Fair Trade Bag (Zappos)

fair trade beauty products



These two hues come with a fair trade bag to tote around.



If you’re not feeling any Fair Trade products, then you can always donate your earning towards this great cause! Look at it this way- for every $1 Fair Trade has spent since 1999 has generated more than $5 in additional worker/farmer income…that’s amazing!

Which Fair trade item is your fave? Is there a Fair Trade brand we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!



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NYFW Help: 4 Apps for the Girl on the Go


It’s every fashionista’s favorite time of year – New York Fashion Week!!

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is a week (feels like two!) where the industry’s most prestigious designers debut their upcoming collections for the following season. It’s a week of hustling and bustling and it’s got us realizing that whether you’re backstage at a show or simply taking to the blog to keep up, there’s gotta be some apps for us girl’s on the go.

Are you fully soaking up all the new collections and or at a complete loss of where to begin? Well, thank God for technology. Take a break from Instagramming, tweeting, or chatting with your girls, and get off your behind and make the best of the rest of fashion week!

Whether you go for the week, a day, or just daydream about it, these’s five apps will aid in your busy life.

1. Shoptrotter


Take the runway styles straight to your closet! This navigational website is perfect for mapping out your shopping routes during Fashion Week. Why wait to to get home to shop like a celeb when you can bring your fashion dreams into existence ASAP.

How it works:

  • App will find the stores you’re most interested in.
  • It will provide you with a customized route to stores.
  • Route can be created according to location, price range, brand, retailers, and desired product.


2. Sleep Cycle

sleep-cycle sleepcycle

Coffee doesn’t always do the trick. Ladies- fashion week is super fun, but it can be exhausting. Please, please, please get enough zzz’s! Sleep Cycle will make sure you get a good’s night rest, which is 100% necessary for fashion week survival.

How it works:

  • Alarm clock use accelerometer in your smart phone to monitor your movement and determine which sleep phase you are in.
  • App uses a 30 minute alarm window that ends at your set alarm time and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase.
  • You’ll feel more relaxed and rested than before, not to mention it’s the perfect natural way to start your day!

3. TopShelf


This app is like having a personal stylist at your fingertips! Is the anticipation of fall fashion giving you anxiety? STOP PANICKING because the solution is here. TopShelf will provide top line fashion suggestions that will match your budget and most importantly, your style.

How it works:

  • Create your “personal style” by liking and disliking your suggested weekly style lookbooks.
  • Import your online shopping history to create your personal closet.
  • Let the online stylist help your create off the runway looks with things that your already own! Pretty cool, don’t you think?

4. Uber



Girl, sometimes you can’t count on the subway. Ditch your MetroCard and roll with Uber. Show up on time, in style…and then after the fashion show, ride in style to shop til you drop.

How it works:

  • Select your desired private car.
  • Pay via the app (tip included) to avoid those times when you NEVER have cash.
  • Roll up to fashion week without a worry!

Take note: You don’t have to be in NYC to use Uber. It’s in a slew of other cities as well!

Whether your stuck in the office, class, or parading around fashion parties, now your fashion week experience can be a thousand times less stressful.

SO which app intrigues you most? Let us know in the comments below!

And don’t forget to follow us on Bloglovin!!

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Exclusive: Kohl’s Fall 2013 Fashion Preview

fall 2013 fashion
I hate to be the one bringing up Fall Fashion in the middle of summer, but ladies – it’s never too early to start preparing for the next season! Trend Hungry had the chance to get an exclusive preview of what Kohl’s has to offer for fall and we are DYING to give you the 411 on what’s out there! Whether it’s the start of a new school year, a new job, or a crazy adventure; you better be ready to fashionably rock and roll into any situation!
EMBELLISHMENTS, STUDS and PRINTS is where it’s at! Rock & Republic, Call It Spring and Jennifer Lopez’s collections are perfect for school, work, and our favorite … PLAY TIME!
Hi this is Trend Hungry and we’re here to give you a personal forecast for what your closet can be expecting in the fall season:

1. Rock & Republic Black Laser Cutout Tee ($44)

How amazing is this detailed tee? Pair it with jeans, a colorful blazer, flats if you’re running around to class or heels if you’re a young professional and perfection- your outfit is complete! This tee is available in August, so it’s wearable in every season, for every occasion, not to mention it’s super cute!

2. Rock & Republic Camo Leggings ($48)

If you didn’t get the memo, CAMO is back! Well, it never really left but you don’t want to be the only person NOT rocking camouflage. These leggings will hit stores in September and are great for a ladies night out or cheering on your football team! Camo leggings + studded wedges + a white button up= #1 fall fashionista.

3. Jennifer Lopez Embellished Sweatshirt ($48)

How cute is this sweatshirt?! The reason we love it so much is because it’s versatile, comfy and practical. The embellishments on the sleeves allow it to be as casual as you want or as formal as you can make it. Hitting stores in September, it’s perfect for a quick trip to the gym, grabbing coffee with friends on a lazy Sunday or keeping it cool with Casual Fridays at the office.

4. Call It Spring Riding  Boots ($98)


It’s time to get your street grunge on! These boots are a must have and essential for your every day life. Stand out amongst the masses with these killer studded riding boots that match great with jeans, skirts or shorts. You can get so much wear out of these boots, I don’t know why you wouldn’t get them!

5. Call It Spring Scadlock Booties ($75)


Elevate your style a tad with these fun booties. These unique, detailed shoes are tame enough to rock to the office or your internship but funky enough to rock to a concert or your friend’s basement party. Let these booties bring the crazy, rocker out of you…plus, they’ll totally get everyone’s attention because they look unlike anything that’s in stores!

6.  Jennifer Lopez Jeweled Sheath Dress

Jennifer Lopez Look 6

If you were looking to add color to your wardrobe, well – here you go! This dress is a must have because it’s sexy, will grab everyone’s attention (in a good way),  and is super funky. Try with patterned heels or nude wedges. The jewels on the neckline draw enough attention, so skip out on accessory overdose!

Well, there you have it! Six pieces we think will give you tons of wear, won’t kill your wallet and will have heads turning all season!! Be sure to stop by Kohl’s in the fall to snatch up these pieces and CallItSpring.com right now to grab those fab boots!


What are you most excited about rocking this fall?

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Sneak Peek: Our Faves from FEED USA + Target Collection (Launching June 30th!)

first look:  feed usa + target lookbook

The only thing better than shopping is…well nothing. Wait, that’s a lie. The only thing better than shopping is shopping for a great cause! At the end of the month (June 30th to be exact), FEED USA + Target will be coming out with a limited-edition Americana-themed products that hits sales floors just in time for Independence Day! The collection will include apparel and accessories for women, men, babies, and the home!

feed and target

Did we forget to mention that this collection benefits Americans affected by hunger? Each product represents a certain amount of meals that will feed Americans that need food…how great is that!?

Let’s take a look at three looks we’re loving from this affordable collection!

Look #1

feed usa + target lookbook


This outfit is perfect for those chilly, casual nights on the town. Whether you’re catching a movie or grabbing frozen yogurt with your girls, let this outfit be seen! The Denim Hoodie Vest ($30=24 meals) and Crossbody Bag in Orange ($25=20 meals) really stand out against the other pieces in this outfit and also transfers great throughout seasons!


feed usa + target lookbook

You will never go wrong with a denim sleeveless top. ($25=20 meals) Whether you pair it with shorts and a hoodie or jeans or a skirt, this top can be dressed up with wedges or heels or dressed down with comfy sneakers or flip-flops.

Look #3

feed usa + target lookbook

I know exactly what you’re thinking…you NEED that Large Tote in Orange ($35=28 meals) right? Your feelings are mutually shared. This tote is your travel bag…your gym bag, weekend bag, beach bag, or anything bag! Stop trying to fit all your belongings in that tiny purse and easily store everything you need in one place-while representing for a great cause of course!

We can’t wait for this collection to hit Target Stores June 30th…make sure to mark your calendars!!!

What’s your favorite piece from the upcoming collection? We’re dying to know!! Comment below!

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Eva Longoria’s Wardrobe Malfunction: Trendy or Trashy?


Wait, have I been reading the headlines right or is it just my imagination? Are wardrobe malfunctions a “thing” now?  I’m starting to think this is a covert female fashion movement rather than a mistake! Has the careless wardrobe maintenance of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton resurrected themselves in Eva Longoria, Rosario Dawson and Anne Hathaway?


It’s sad to say but oops the ladies keep doing it again! Eva Longoria and Rosario Dawson were caught red handed flashing their goodies on the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival. Whoops!

Let’s take a poll-how many of you ladies out there go commando?
Admit it – we all do it time and again in pursuit of avoiding that annoying panty line.
Would you laugh off the situation like Eva Longoria or you be totally mortified? I say laugh it off…why not! The paparazzi already snapped their shot so there’s no turning back, right? That being said, here are some tips on how to stay classy in commando-
1. Be conscious of everything. Where your hands are, where your dress is blowing, how high that slit is in your outfit…just everything.
2. When in doubt, pin or glue down a portion of your outfit you’re worried about. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

3. Go commando in the right outfits that breathe or are extremely body hugging. Avoid commando in shorts, jeans, or fabrics that are restricting.


If you’re wearing a super sexy dress like this  Forever 21 Static Cutout bodycon dress ($24.80) , avoid panty lines and don’t be scared to rough it…commando style of course!


Will you join the commando bandwagon or do you totally think these celebs are nuts?
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Recap: Inside Kohl’s Fall 2013 Press Preview

kohl's fall preview 2013

Trend Hungry had the chance to attend an exclusive preview for Kohl’s Fall Collection last week at Gary’s Loft in NYC. Filled with racks and racks and racks of clothes, the Loft’s penthouse looked like a closet one could only dream of.

 Most importantly, I know you’re dying to know what you can expect from Kohl’s for fall! Be prepared to have a wardrobe full of leather, lace and military chic from brands like LC Lauren Conrad, Rock & Republic, and Jennifer Lopez.
It’s always good to think ahead, so here’s a more in-depth description of what you can expect your wardrobe to look like.

Olive green, black, and animal instinct are the main themes of this fall line. These pieces are definitely for the mellow city girl that likes to look fly and comfy. My favorite piece from this line are their short sleeve t-shirts with leather embellishments that will give your outfit more edge and sass.
For the girly girl that goes straight from work to a backyard BBQ or walks along the water. Her fall line will carry dresses and blouses that are subtle and sweet. With animal print and nude heels and tons of gold jewelry to choose from, my favorite piece were the designed chambray shirts. They’re versatile, breath great, and can be worked into many different looks.
This line is for the everyday girl. With that encompasses a little attitude but loves to party in comfort! With lots of loose fitting blouses, tight pants, and killer pumps, her pieces are sophisticated and fun! Going from dinner to the club shouldn’t be an issue in these looks, so no need to stress! I’m totally loving the soft, silky sleepwear from this line…definitely a must have!
Did we mention that Jennifer Lopez was doing press for her collection while we was there? How awesome is that!?! The fall collections for these brands aren’t out yet, but that’s no reason you can’t check out Kohl’s Spring Collection in the meantime!
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Shop Now: Last Minute Gifts for Mom

mother's day gift ideas
5 last minute mother's day gift ideas

Yikes-the week flashed right before your eyes and it’s already the weekend and Mother’s Day is Sunday!! Refrain from freaking out because your last minute Mother’s Day gift guide is here to solve all your worries. :) Sunday is a day where we want to show our appreciation for everything Mothers do for us. Yes, Mother’s Day is everyday but since it’s an official day on the calendar, this is the perfect excuse to shower our leading ladies with something to make them feel that much more special.

Check out these five last minute gift ideas that will surely make any Mother jump for joy!


Nine West

Everyone can always use a new watch. They’re timeless, practical and chic. Depending on Mom’s style, gold or silver are always good defaults. What do you think about this Nine West Round Skinny Studded Strap Watch for only $49? I say it’s a total yes and perfect for Spring!



April showers are a thing of the past so let’s focus on being ready for beach season! I personally wear sunglasses year-round so these are a good staple  to integrate into Mom’s wardrobe.  Don’t get too crazy with frame colors or designs if that’s not Mom’s style; classic is always better and safe! (and will survive through major trend changes) Steven Madden Retro Sunglasses are a great combination of trendy and safe. And for only $38, there’s no going wrong here!



Okay guilty! I could definitely use a new wallet ASAP and I’m sure you can too! Think about how many times you’re in and out of your wallet: whether you’re reaching for your driver’s license or painfully paying bills! Your wallet should look fun, organized and be easily accessible. I mean really- you use it all the time! I’m totally loving this French Connection Desert Croc Wallet on sale for $29.99! It will add a splash of color into your daily routine while fashionable keeping your most important possessions in tact.



No matter what they’re doing, Mom’s are always on the go! Totes are the perfect way for Mom’s to throw everything they need into one place. She’ll definitely loose her cool with this Dooney Burke Reusable Canvas Tote for $48…yes only $48! Plus, throwing a name brand into mix will always put a smile on her face!



No brainer- you can’t go wrong with jewelry…it’s impossible! Marc by Marc Jacobs Love Edge Stud Earrings could be the perfect present because: 1. Costing $48, they’re still in your budget. 2. They’re subtle and dainty. 3. Every time she wears them, she’ll think of you! Oh yeah…they’re heart-shaped so the LOVE is definitely real!

What last minute Mother’s Day gift will work for your Mom? Comment below and follow us on Bloglovin!

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Step Into Spring: 5 Must-Have Shoes Under $50

5 must-have shoes for spring 2013 under $50
Must Have Spring Shoes

Your tax return should already be sitting pretty in your bank account (if not yet, then very soon!) and it’s time to upgrade those shoes! Moving forward, there’s no room for complaints anymore! Vacays, beach weather, picnics, and partying are so close we can smell it! Memorial Day will be here before you know it, so let’s jump the gun and avoid last minute shopping!

Let’s take a peek into 5 must-have shoes that will have you ready for every possible spring occasion for under $50!

Boat Shoes

Faux Patent Boat Shoes

Classic, comfy and give you the right balance of preppy. Matched with a polo and shorts or capris or a long jersey dress, boat shoes work best if you’re not quite ready to debut those toenails or are predicting lots of standing. We found a pair from Forever 21 for only $19.80 and they also come in pink! Stick with classic solid colors for a refined look or opt for bright shoes to jazz up your look!

Leather Sandals


Love, love….LOVE!!! I have never been a fan of my feet, so my motto is “the more distracting shoe….the better!” Wide strapped leather sandals are the perfect medicine for people with the “ugly feet” syndrome because they’re easy to slip on, are attention grabbing yet not too in your face, and can be worn for work or play! These metallic flat sandals from ASOS  are only $46.55 and have an adjustable strap in the back to ensure a proper fit.

Ankle Straps 

rihanna in ankle strap sandals, look for less

Rihanna loves ankle strap heels and we have to admit- so do we! They’re simple, elegant and practically go with everything! Match a pair of Prabal Gurung for Target heels for $39.99  with rolled up boyfriend jeans and a white tank (with a matte red lip) and you’re ready for a lazy Sunday cookout or brunch!



Bright, in your face colors is a trend that’s resurfaced tremendously in shoes and bags within the past year. If you’re going to rock neon shoes, I say lean towards flats because neon in itself is…well- REALLY LOUD! Lime, yellow and pink are popular colors in this trend and I love them all together. These ballet flats from Charlotte Russe are only $17.50 and I can only imagine how cute they’d look with a solid-colored sun dress!


XOXO Shoes, Frida Wedge Sandals

Floral+Wedges= Spring. This is by far my favorite look for spring. XOXO floral wedges run for $49 and would complete a white tee and short overalls outfit or a bustier with capris look.
What do you think? What shoe can’t you live without for spring?
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Trendy vs Spendy: Celine-Inspired, Brown-Bag Clutch

splurge vs steal: roll-over clutch zara, celine, see by chloe
splurge vs steal: roll-over clutch zara, celine, see by chloe

Fold-over clutches (or roll-over, whatever you’d like to say)…they’re simple to wear and go with everything, from casual weekend wear, to a little black dress.

Let’s discuss these three renditions of the nude leather fold over clutch. One is affordable, while others will empty out your bank account. Fashionista.com poses a great point about the three options stating,“what does this mean about fashion when you can buy virtually the same bag at Céline, See by Chloé, and Zara in the same season–for completely different price points.

In an era of diffusion lines and knockoff everything, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between the trendy and spendy bags in this competition. The neutral brown color will compliment any spring pastel you’re thinking about whipping out, but will the bag’s price tag? The Celine bag will run you $2,100,  the See by Chloe rendition is $413, and the Zara version is only $35.90.

Fashionistas- put on your thinking caps. Which bag would you choose in this battle of the clutch? I’m 100% team Zara and here are five reasons why.

1. It’s large enough to use as an everyday bag without the bulk.
2. It comes in three different colors, but lets’ be honest – the brown will go with everything, especially springtime pastels.
3. It can be worn two ways- with/without a strap. Easily functional from day to night wear. 
4. Fool ‘em all! Everyone will ask if it’s a Celine bag. 

5. It’s trendy….not spendy. $35.90…who can beat that! $2000 is better spent towards college loans, a house, or um, anything else.

Tag: (LtoR) See by Chloe Leather Roll Over Clutch $413 // Celine $2,100 // Zara Basic Messenger Bag $35.90

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Spring Trend: See-Through Accessories (Under $50!)

Spring Trend: See-Through Accessories

A girl can sometimes only dream of having everything from the runways fill up her closet. Just because you can’t afford things straight off  the runway doesn’t mean your style has to suffer!  Be there the first of your friends to prematurely bring a trend into the spring season! The fashion Gods have revealed that see through accessories are making a comeback for this spring, so make sure to dust off those jelly sandals jump of the bandwagon. Here are a couple of see through accessories we can totally see in your spring wardrobe!

Clear Collar

Lucite Collar

Add over a plain tee to trendify your look. This hue is great for Easter week!
Tag: Lucite Peter Pan Collar Necklace, $10.80 @ Forever 21.


Apple Charm Necklace

See- Through Apple Necklace Forever 21

Simple, cute and the tiniest accessory that adds the most amount of chic to an outfit. Simple charm necklaces are the best because they’re the opposite of statement jewelry.  They don’t take attention away from your outfit, which is important if your rocking your shoes or dress as a focal point. Remember: you always want to make a statement but never more than one fashion statement at a time!

Tag: Apple Charm Necklace, $5.80 @ Forever 21.

 Neon Necessity

see through bag


This is by far my favorite accessory! Why? (Well, I’m glad you asked!) You can match this bag with your everyday work attire or use it for a night out on the town. This trend works great from spring to the summer season. Think ahead to the summer…beach, bathing suits, sunscreen, neon bag- totally makes sense! And for $14.80, this accessory makes sense for you!

Tag: Neon Boston Bag, $14.50 @ Forever 21.

Transparent Details



How amazing are these heels? Plus they’re on sale for only $31.49 so grab them while you can! I’m sure when you heard  see-through shoes, you immediately thought of trashy stripper-like heels, right? I always did! When incorporating this trend into your wardrobe, the accessory doesn’t have to be 100% see -through. The thing I love about this shoe style  is the light yellow color with transparent details will  perfectly brighten up your blacks and grays or contrast off of spring colors like lavender or blue.

Tag: Wentzell Shoe, $90.00 $31.49 @ Aldo.

Crystal-Clear Hoop

Vince Camuto Lucite earrings $25 1. Vince Camuto is amazing. 2. These earrings are only $25!  3. They feel glam, yet tribal chic. 4. How can you resist? I know we can’t!

Tag: Vince Camuto Lucite Hoop Earrings, $25 @ Shoebox.


Are you feeling this trend? Chat with us by commenting below or tweet @trendhungryblog!

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