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Let’s Pretend Christmas Isn’t Over, Cool?

Merry Christmas! This post is a little late due to some technical difficulties, but it’s better late than never. Aside from crying for an hour (I don’t deal well with technical difficulties) I had a fabulous holiday! I got to visit my parents. We had a white Christmas. My mom made my favorite meal  – chicken parm, hers is seriously the best ever! And my family had a dance party in the kitchen with my boyfriend bringing the best moves, some Justin Timberlake-esque spins and fancy footwork. Continue reading…

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Customized Tee for Your Custom Cutie

Cupid called. He said Valentine’s Day is a holiday that men could honestly care less about, so don’t get his that stupid teddy bear. Instead, um, hello …  a customized tee-shirt!

Yeah, I know it’s a good idea. You can take credit for it. I’ll let it slide. 

It’s pretty common to get these done for sports teams, meaning ordering in bulk, but for one tee shirt try out UrbanOutfitters.com. It’s $28.00 for one shirt. Make it corny, get a matching one, put his nickname on it, a quote … whatever you want – hence the word custom.

My valentine is a singer/songwriter/producer/not the most promoting person. So, I plugged his Twitter on the shirt. Now all he has to do is wear it.

While I’ve got you, please check out his song “Sex on the Weekend” and tell me what you think!