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10 Coconut Oil Beauty Recipes

Ladies, let’s prep our hair & skin for spring! Chrissy wrote about understanding the chemicals in your cosmetics and, I agree with her. It is SO SO SO important to know what you put on your skin and hair. One product I’ve been obsessing over is coconut oil (I’m even cooking with it!). Coconut oil is natural and can give you soft, hydrated skin and is pretty much a beauty lifesaver.


Considering its many uses, organic coconut oil is inexpensive. I bought a jar from my local Whole Foods for $14. It’s also found at Trader Joe’s and most grocery stores. The DIY beauty recipes below only use 1-2 ingredients. The jar is huuuuge and I’ve been experimenting with its never-ending beauty uses.

Here are 10 ways you can get spring-ready hair and skin by stirring up beauty recipes in your own kitchen. 

1. Lip Scrub

Mix coconut oil with raw sugar and scrub.

2. Face & Body Moisturizer

A one-ingredient wonder. Simply apply generously to your face and body. It’ll feel super greasy, but the oil absorbs fast.

3. Face Wash

Combine equal parts of coconut oil & baking soda.

4. Cuticle Oil

Melt the oil and use as cuticle oil when doing your nails.

5. Body Scrub

Combine coconut oil with raw sugar and scrub.

6. Hair Mask

Melt 2 tablespoons of coconut oil  with 2 tablespoons of honey.  Apply to your hair in the shower, coveryour hair with a shower cap, and wait 15 minutes before shampooing and conditioning.

7. Hair Conditioner

Apply a small amount (as needed) of coconut oil to your ends prior to shampooing.

8. Lip Balm

Dab some on for soft glossy lips.

9. Hair De-frizzer

Add about 1 teaspoon to your hair for instant shine and frizz free locks.

10. Makeup Remover

Use like a regular make up remover and apply with a cotton ball or swab. I think this works better than most make up removers (especially with stubborn eye makeup).


Do you use coconut oil in your beauty routine? Is there a beauty use we should have included? Do tell in the comments below!

makeup tutorial
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{Video Tip} The Right Brush For Flawless Makeup

You may recall that Trend Hungry’s weekly video series Trend Bite took a hiatus around the end of summer. It honestly just came down to being crazy busy, scheduling conflicts, and giving a lot my creative juices to TV segments, other media outlets, and clients (personal styling, and brand collaborations).

So we shot a some videos in the fall and I held off on putting them up since I wasn’t entirely sure what my plan was – do I continue doing weekly videos, change up the concept, or take a break from YouTube? Well, I’m honestly super indecisive and still haven’t fully decided what this next move is for Trend Bite, so I thought I’d put out the last ones shot that have never before been seen and see what you think.

Here’s how to get a flawless finish from your foundation.


The Kabuki brush I’m using came from my friends at The Body Shop. I got it last year when working with them on a big event and have been using it ever since. The hairs are synthetic but don’t feel it and are bound in a way that keeps all the hairs secure – no shedding!!

So should Trend Bite stay? Should I do a different video series? How often would you like to see videos?

I really want your opinion so please serve it up in the comment section below.

Xo! Jessie



Santas Lip Scrub

How to Prep Your Pout for Soft, Kissable Lips

Meet our new contributor Sarah Rae Arroyo, a stylist who splits her time between New York and Philadelphia.  Stay tuned, full bios, pics, and fun Q&A’s with Sarah and all the Trend Hungry contributors is coming soon. Xo! – Jessie

For me the holidays really are the best time of year.  I love counting my blessings on Thanksgiving, exchanging gifts on Christmas and the anticipation of a New Year.  There’s a certain mystery and wonderment to it and what it may bring.  A million promises and pacts for self-improvement are paired with elevated hopes and brand new dreams.  You really feel like anything can happen…it’s almost magical.

Getting ready for the big end of year bash is just the beginning! So now that you’ve got your outfit situated and merchandised to your hearts content, what’s next? Well, if a female’s best accessory is her smile, then why wouldn’t you prepare for its very first kiss of the year?  Just a couple easy steps before applying your lipstick and you’ll be ready for that special smooch.

 Step 1:  Exfoliate

Santas Lip Scrub I LOVE all of Lush’s lip scrubs. They’re fantastic.  Staying in line with the holidays, I’ve been using their seasonal Santa’s Lip Scrub; it tastes like cherry cola!  Take your pointer finger and swipe up enough product to fit on your fingertip.  In a circular motion, gently rub the scrub all over your upper and bottom lip.  You’ll be able to feel the dead skin lifting from the surface.  Using a damp washcloth, wipe away any excess.

DIY i: If you don’t want to make a purchase, you can easily make your own scrub at home using products from your pantry. Check out this DIY lip scrub video tutorial.  

Step 2:  Moisturize

bag_balm My lips tend to dry often so I have a set ritual that I practice even outside of kissable moments like NYE.  Moisturizing is the biggest part of that ritual.  Aside from drinking water, I need a product that produces the kind of moisture that’s almost medicinal. Bag Balm is perfect for just that, so I use it every morning when I wake up and every night before bed.  It’s also great to use after a deep scrub.  Pat your finger lightly on the surface of the balm.  It’s super easy to get too much on your finger so be careful.  Tapping twice (think Instagram) is usually enough for me.  Apply it evenly to your top and bottom lip then allow it to absorb fully for about 5 to 10 minutes before applying your favorite lipstick.

Things to Remember:

  • Save yourself the embarrassment and use a matte lipstick for tonight…it won’t transfer onto your date’s lips!
  • Alcohol steals moisture from both your face and pout.  Maintain a healthy glow by alternating cocktails and water.
  • I doubt your date wants to taste the wagyu beef dinner you ate hours ago.  Excuse yourself to the bathroom and freshen up both your breath and your lips 15-20 minutes before the ball drops and don’t forget to blot!

Now you’re ready for a special night and a special kiss. I hope all your wishes come true this year.  Be safe and have a beautiful new year!


fashion blog hair DIY
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Trend Bite: Make a Statement, DIY Your Bobby Pins

Happy Wednesday!! It’s HUMP DAY … and time for another TREND BITE!!! This Wednesday I’m happier than a camel on Hump Day! I just got done at a photoshoot for a local magazine called Philly Current (sneak peek on Instagram) and had such a blast styling and modeling fall fashions for my budget babes!

hair accessory DIY

Now it’s time for me to return clothing samples, eat (I forget to do that when in work mode), and share with you this week’s video blog and I’m talking about hair accessories again and am showing you a DIY that I’ve been doing since literally 4th grade.

Do you like this tip? Chat it up in the comments below!

international kiss day: tips to your most kissable lips
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3 Tips to Kissable Lips Just in Time for International Kissing Day!

Did you know that you will probably be spending 366 hours of your life kissing?! Prepare to ramp that number up because this Saturday is International Kissing Day! Before you pucker up and get your smooch on, we’ve got some tips for you to get the softest, most kissable lips ever!

international kiss day: tips to your most kissable lips

Tip #1: Hydrate.

The key to soft and kiss-ready lips is staying hydrated! Oftentimes lips get chapped due to lack of moisture underneath the skin, so drink up that H20 (8 glasses a day is recommended, but I recommend adding a few more, especially in the summer heat!)

Tip #2: Exfoliate.

While staying hydrated is important, sometimes it doesn’t always prevent chapped, dry lips. Out in the sun, your lips really take a beating. To slough off the outer layer of dead skin cells, use a mild lip exfoliant once or twice a week. This will keep your lips baby soft, but me mindful of not scrubbing too hard or too often, which will cause irritation.

DIY to Try: Our  Summer Sugar Scrub works wonderfully not only for body, but for lips too!

Tip #3: Moisturize and Protect.

In the morning, it’s important to apply lip balm and reapply throughout the day to keep your puckers moisturized and prevent cracking. Always use a balm containing SPF! Even on cloudy days or days stuck in the office, those harmful UV rays still find their way in so you want to remain protected. Sunburned lips are not fun, not cute, and definitely not kissable!

Before bed, pat on a layer of Vaseline. This ultra-moisturizing drugstore miracle works overnight to seep into lips and keeps then moisturized throughout the next day.

Editor Pick: Sun Bum Banana Lip Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 30+,$4 at Nordstrom.

Sunny's Art Store kisses

Follow these three steps and you’ll be smooch ready in time for Saturday!

Want to join in on the kissing fun & help break a world record?

Put those kissable lips and help LUSH Cosmetics beat a Guinness world record for most “kiss prints” collected! Come out to LUSH Walnut St. or The King of Prussia Mall to share your smooch between 11am-3pm to take part in this record-breaking attempt! Click here to find a Lush near you. The current record LUSH is attempting to break was set by Oriflame Slovakia, who collected 22,174 lipstick prints in 12 hours on September 14, 2010.

Can’t stop by the store? Snap a pic of your best kiss cruelty-free kiss on Instagram (Lush products are cruelty free!!), tag it using #crueltyfreekisses, and you’re in the running to win an entire Emotional Brilliance collection.

So take these tips, celebrate International Kissing Day AND attempt to beat a world record with your now perfect pout! We’ll bet you’ll want every day to be International Kissing Day!


{Images are a watercolor painting by Sunny Gu on Etsy}

Rihanna Colored Eye lashes
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How to Try the Trend: Colored Lashes

One of my favorite things about summer is that bright and bold colors come back in our wardrobe and fill our vanities. While you may already be playing around with bright colors on your lips, lids,cheeks, or even hair, there’s another beauty trend that allows for color in one of the least expected places: your lashes!

It’s a quick and easy way to add edge to your daily beauty routine or really glam up your nighttime eyes.

You can go subtle with purple lashes, like Lea Michele

…or bold blues like Rihanna

Rihanna Colored Eye lashes

colored lashes are coming back in a big way.

Want to go bold?

When trying the colored-lash look, it’s best to use stand out vibrant shades of blue or purple if you really want the color to show (as shown on Rihanna).

Our pick: Sephora’s line of colored mascara’s ($15.00). These are universally flattering colors and really make the white of your eyes pop. Plus they go on very vibrantly. 


If you’d like to stay with a subtle look…

Probably your best bet for daytime or work, use a shade that compliments your eye color: Purple for deep brown or green eyes (as seen on Lea Michele), blue for blues, and green with hazel or light brown eyes. Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara offers all of these shades. They’re so affordable (under $5!), so snag two and mix and match to create a unique color of your own!

Be mindful to balance out your look-at-me eyes with keeping the rest of your makeup neutral.

Not sure you want to dive in head first?

Apply a deep navy blue, or coat lashes in your usual black and add a pop of color to the tips. A good product to achieve a subtle look is Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Enhancing Mascara Duo, which comes with both a solid black and color.


DIY Quick Tip: If you only want to test out this look without buying any new products coat lashes in  black mascara. Then, while lashes are still wet, tap blue shadow  on to the tips. Blink a few times and run a lash brush to even out color and get rid of any clumps.

I know I’m going to be rocking this summer look, how about you?

Are you a fan of the colored-lash comebackChat in the comments below!


kim kardashian: spray tan tips
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The Perfect Fake Bake: 11 Tips You Need Before Spray Tanning

Now that tank tops and sundresses are finally (!) recirculating our wardrobe, I bet I’m not the only one’s feeling a little pasty from the winter months. Every year around this time I break out my cute skirts and imagine how much better I’d look and feel with some tan legs! As a former fake baker and someone who still adores a nice tan, I’ve made switch from harmful UV tanning beds to the safe alternative spray tan (and you should too!). Unfortunately the spray tan was given a bad rep by the Jersey Shore cast as being fake looking and orange, but if done right you can get a gorgeous, healthy glow that will look natural and does no damage to your skin!

spray tan

 1. Spring for the custom airbrush.

If this is your first time spray tanning, I highly recommend getting a custom airbrush tan. Almost all tanning salons offer this option (as opposed to a booth that sprays you mechanically). This is what I did and was thrilled with the results. An airbrush tan is done by a salon professional who hand blends a color that will match your skin tone and give you your desired amount of color (a light glow to a deep bronze and anything in between). She will then airbrush you herself, so you know each and every limb and crevasse will be tanned beautifully!

2.  Wax before.

If you wax (legs, arms, bikini, face, etc.) be sure to do this at least 2 days before your appointment. Waxing opens up the pores and if you wax too close to your appointment you run the risk of looking spotted (this occurs when the tanning solution fills your open pores, which, unless you’re going for the cheetah look, will not be cute). Shaving should be done in the shower right before your appointment.

3.  Exfoliate.

(The Body Shop’s Mango Body Scrub gets the job done). Exfoliating will remove all the dead skin cells from the surface which will allow the tanning solution to better soak into your skin. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, any excess oils will create a barrier which won’t allow the solution to soak in completely.

4. Go bare.

Do not moisturize, apply makeup, or wear deodorant. All of these will make it impossible for you to get a perfect tan.

5. Position you cap just right.

Upon arrival you will be provided with a cap for your hair. You should wear the cap a little behind your hairline (so some hair will get sprayed, don’t worry though, tanning solution does not permanently color or damage your hair). Doing this will ensure you don’t leave with a line across your forehead.

6. Apply blending cream.

I highly recommend applying the blending cream that will be available for you at the salon on your finger nails, toe nails, and any bony or very dry patches you may have, such as elbows, knees, and feet. This will prevent buildup of color at these areas.

7. Wear loose clothing.

There will be excess product that will lay on skin (mostly product that has held on to hair follicles) which you can wipe off with a towel, but in case you miss some I’d wear that same baggy tee and sweatpants ensemble you wore to paint your room. Not to mention your tan needs time (roughly an hour) to fully “set”, so it’s best to give it some breathing room.

8.Wait to shower.

Wait about 4-6 hours to shower after getting sprayed, the longer you leave it on the darker you’ll get. Some salons recommend waiting 24 hours.

9. No sweating.

Try not to do anything that will make you sweat or get any part of your body wet until after you shower for the first time. This will cause the tan to run or streak.

10. Keep skin hydrated.

After getting your tan continually moisturizing, not shaving, and staying away from chlorinated or salt water will extend the life of your tan. Your tan will last 5-10 days depending on how well you take care of it.

11. Invest in touchup kit.

Fixing little patches will help your golden faux glow look luxe a little longer.

Did we miss something? Share your spray tan tips and experiences in the comments below or chat with us on Facebook!

celeb prom beauty: carly rae jepsen, blake lively, jessica chasten
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Hollywood, Boho, or Trendy? What’s Your Formal Beauty Style?

celeb prom beauty: carly rae jepsen, blake lively, jessica chasten

We’re bringing you a breakdown of our favorite looks for a formal occasion. We’ve picked out three of the top trends you can effortlessly achieve at home for less!

All of our looks are paired with up-do’s we’ve previously featured in our Easy Updo Ideas post.

Look #1: Classic Hollywood Glamour


This timeless look works perfect with any style dress. Usually my go-to look when it comes to formal events, it’s always on trend and always appropriate. This look is defined by a bold red lip, flawless skin and sultry (yet subtle) eyes combined with a classic, clean up-do or soft, flowing waves. Celebrity inspiration for this look comes from Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway.

MAKEUP: Since flawless skin is a major player here you want to start with a moisturizer and primer, like Almay’s Smart Shade Perfect Correct Primer, for a smooth base. Apply foundation with a foundation brush (this helps to create that airbrushed look). Use concealer in necessary spots after applying foundation to cover up any still visible blemishes. Set all makeup with a mineral powder. Apply a light colored peach-toned blush to the apples of your cheeks and hold off on the bronzer!

For eyes, start with a light base shadow in a neutral tone (tans and browns work well) and apply all over lid. Apply a liquid or gel liner (check our Gel vs. Liquid post to choose your fave) to the lash lines and extend a wing for a more dramatic look.

To complete your Hollywood Glam style, you’re going to need a dramatic lip! Our go to color is red, but you can change it up and opt for a nice orange lip (click here for Trend Hungry tips on Orange Lips!) which looks just as fab! Use our guide in that post to pick the perfect shade for your lips. For lasting color, start by lining lips (and even filling them in) with a liner that is an exact match or a shade lighter than your chosen shade. When you fill lips with liner and top with lipstick, it acts as a stain and doubles the life of your color!

HAIR: Pair this look with the Twist or the Sleek Pony!

Look #2: Effortless Boho Chic


Messy hair and natural makeup is so on trend right now and such an easy look to create! We love the laid-back Cali-girl vibe a la Nicole Richie and Blake Lively, who prove that a little can go a long way. This look complements a fun, flirty dress and is a good choice for low maintenance gals.

MAKEUP: The whole point of this look is to use makeup to enhance your natural features without looking “made up”. A fresh faced “dewy” look compliments the natural vibe (read more about Dewy vs. Matte looks), which can be achieved with tinted moisturizer, a good skin matching BB cream, and some cheek highlighter. These products combined create an even, gorgeous glow. Top off with a little bronzer. (watch our How-To Apply Bronzer vid here!)

Eyes and lips stay simple. Apply one layer of eye shadow in a neutral shimmer to give a subtle glow (the Naked Basics palette offers great shades). Add a press of liner along the top lash line to make eyes pop, curl lashes and apply 1-2 coats of waterproof mascara (which will stay in place all night!). On your lips, feel free to just apply a touch of nude, peach, or light pink gloss. I love love love the  Body Shop’s Coconut gloss, subtle color and tastes so yummy!

HAIR: This boho chic getup looks so pretty with the Beyonce Braid, or add a little more edge with the funky top knot! If you’re going for the hair down look, don’t make a big fuss over perfect curls or waves, this look is all about looking natural and carefree.

LOOK #3: POP of Color!

bright beauty

Can I say how happy I am that color has finally made it’s way back into the beauty scene?! I mean it was all over the runway, stocked (and constantly selling out) in stores, and the best part is the ability of  a pop of color to add tons of fun and vibrancy to any look! As stated before, if you’re going to go for this bold trend pick either your eyes or lips to emphasize, especially when working with bright colors. Anyone can rock this look, and it pairs well with any dress style! Great examples for this are Carly Rae Jepsen at the Grammys, where she rocked a black dress and electric blue shadow and liner   and when Lea Michele sported a hot pink pout at the People’s Choice Awards.

Both ladies look stunning and knew how to play with color the right way! Now it’s your turn.


MAKEUP: This look is giving BoHo Chic a run for it’s money on the easiness scale. Since there’s really only one area of the face to accentuate, you’ll be done in no time! To start, prime and prep face just as you would for Look #1. Fill in brows with a pencil or gel filler. If opting for eyes, choose a color that will complement your dress (think within the same color family). I love Maybelline’s Color Tattoo eyeshadows. They are creaming and vibrant colors that will last all night. When going bold, stick to one shade and cover the entire lid (do not ever put bright color up to your brow bone, you’ll run the risk of looking too 80′s Madonna). Finish with a nude gloss or a neutral matte lipstick (NYX offers great shades). If you would rather bring attention to your lips, keep eyes very toned down. A good way to do this is to apply false lashes and nothing else. Falsies add volume, definition, and open up your eyes. You can pick up natural looking lashes by Ecotools at Ulta. Pick up two sets so you can practice one time before the big night! Now for the lips, start by moisturizing with a lip primer, like Sally Hansen Plumping Lip Primer, which will make the color last all night. The hard part is picking out the hue for the night! Our current fave is bright bubblegum pink, like this MAC shade. To save time and money, watch this Trend Bite video on How to Line Lips without Liner.

HAIR: This fun and fresh look can be paired with any hairstyle, up-do or down. Formal or funky, you choose!

Now that you have our top three fabulous, easy, and on-trend looks to choose from, pick your favorite and get ready for the best time ever! Have an unforgettable look you’re going to conquer this year that we haven’t covered? Comment and share your beauty secrets below!

At-home tips to get ready for prom
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Prom Prep Time: Our 3 Golden Rules to Ensure Perfection

At-home tips to get ready for prom Ah that time of the year is back again, where girls across the country are prepping and planning (and probably driving themselves crazy) for the greatest night of their high school careers…if you haven’t guessed already, we’re talking about prom!

That magical night where you get to look and act like a princess is a dream come true for many girls, but we all know it doesn’t come easy. There’s a lot of work that goes in to making your prom night perfect. Aside from finding prince charming, brushing up on your dance moves, and snagging the perfect dress, your hair and makeup has to be spectacular! That’s where we come in. We’re here to provide DIY beauty tips, tricks, and rules to help you get pretty for prom with ease… and most of them won’t cost you a penny!

First you must choose your look. While this may initially seem overwhelming, fear not: we have three simple rules to follow and a few do’s and don’ts to help you prep and plan for the best (and most beautiful) prom ever! Next week we’ll give you a few specific on trend looks and narrow down the nitty gritty of how to DIY yourself pretty!

Rule #1: Match your beauty vibe to the dress. It’s best to stick with a look that emphasizes your personality and compliments your dress. Take a look at your dress to determine what “feel” it gives; for example: a chiffon floral halter dress emulates romantic, whimsical beauty, much like Keira Knightly, so loose curls and simple makeup would be a perfect addition. On the other hand, if you’re rocking a silk, low back black number, a sexy up-do and sultry makeup will top off your Megan Fox bad-girl vibe. Pick your look, have fun with it and go all out!

Rule #2: Pick a focal point. Once you have the desired “look” chosen, you have another decision to make: eyes or lips. It’s best to choose to focus on one of the two, yet many girls make the mistake of emphasizing both and wind up looking way too made up or even clownish: enter Christina Aguilera.

Unsure of which asset to emphasize? Go with what most people notice or compliment you on! Make sure to keep other areas of your face toned down and as neutral as possible, which will make your focus feature pop!

Rule #3: Prep, prime, and practice! For the days leading up to prom, pamper yourself pretty! Use an exfoliating scrub on face and body (for face we love this Seaweed Exfoliator from The Body Shop and indulge in a sugar scrub like Dirt Vanilla Sandalwood Sugar Scrub  from for baby smooth skin all over) this will help remove any dead skin cells and promote cell growth for fresh, glowing skin. Get eyebrows waxed at least a few days, if not a week before prom, to ensure you won’t have any redness or irritation on your big night. For silky smooth hair, use a smoothing and restorative hair mask (Neutrogena makes an amazing one, here) 2-3 days before, and try to wash your hair no less than 24 hours before prom night (slightly dirty hair is more manageable and easily styled). You should pre-plan your look a few weeks ahead of time, so you’ll know exactly what products and tools you’ll need. Take a few free hours the week of prom to do a practice run through of your whole look to ensure smooth sailing the day of.

Now a few DO’s and DON’Ts for the big day that are key to making sure your night and everyone along with it goes perfect:

DO wear confidence. It’s hands down the best accessory, and no amount of makeup could ever make you look as beautiful as confidence. When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful, so work it girl!

DON’T stress out. Prom is meant to be an unforgettable occasion, and wouldn’t you hate to remember it as a stressful time? Relax, everything is going to turn out great! Plus, stress can lead to breakouts (eek!), headaches, and anxiety; three things you definitely don’t want on prom night.

DO get your beauty sleep! Don’t let prep time take away from bedtime! Getting the right amount (7-9 hrs) of Z’s is crucial to looking and feeling your best.

DON’T worry about what others are wearing. Be yourself! Pick a look that you absolutely love, and don’t worry if you’re the only one rocking that look you’ll be an inspiration for others to embrace their own unique style!

DO pack a mini emergency kit. Foldable flats, concealer, and blotting papers are you friend.

DON’T bring a huge bag. This is a formal event so only little clutches will do. 

P.S. Don’t let this go-to guide for looking and feeling your best be limited for prom night, you can apply these tips and tricks to any big night out! We all know our hunger for glamour is never satisfied, so keep those special occasions coming and we’ll keep you updated with all the latest on getting gorgeous for less!

P.P.S Don’t forget to check back next week for our favorite prom hair and makeup trends for this year with tutorials on how to DIY!!

P.P.P.S The dess pictured is from JCP!! Pearl Georgina Chapman of Marchesa Organza Rosette Dress, $110.

Celebrity Beauty Trend: Orange Lips (as seen on essica Alba, Solange, Kourtney Kardashian, Olivia Wilde, Kirsten Dunst
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Spring Beauty: How to Wear Orange Lipstick

Looking for a new way to upgrade your look for spring? Try a new lipstick to brighten your beauty.

Last summer the orange lip made its big comeback, and let me tell you, I was a bit hesitant to stow away my go-to pinks and reds and let the mandarin madness takeover. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, right? Well orange is coming back in a big way this spring and I think it’s time we should all try this trend out. Turns out (to my surprise) that orange looks amazing on every skin tone (!!!), not to mention these cirtus hues have the innate ability to make us feel happy (just a little added bonus). Oh! Also you’ll be 100% on trend, so it’s a win win win!


If you’re still not sure, lets take a look at the runway: models at Moschino SS13 show perfected the orange pucker, while keeping the rest of the makeup subtle (this is key when doing a bold colored lip). Needless to say they all looked amazing!

Still unsure? How about some celeb inspiration? Who could forget how stunning Jessica Alba looked at this years Golden Globes?! She was featured multiple best dressed lists and look: Orange lip!!

orange lips

Several celebs have developed the orange crush and it’s a knockout on everyone, from fair to dark skin tones:


Like Kirsten Dunst, choose a bright orange that has some subtle red hues. Topshop has the perfect shade of orange lip paint.


Follow in the footsteps of Olivia Wilde, Solange KnowlesKourtney Kardashian and go for a burnt orange. This shade looks perfect on your skin tone, with just the right amount of color without going overboard.

Budget Buy: NYX by NYX Lipstick in Indie Flick, $5.99


Pick out shades with hues of blue, which will balance out the orange color with your natural lip color. Solange looks amazing in this hue and you can too with MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Good to Go.

No matter your skin tone, or even the season, it’s always time to try this trend! Being an unexpected upgrade from the traditional red and universally flattering, there’s no reason not to try!