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{ Trend Hungry Tuesday } Double-Sided Ear Bling


Ear cuffs & climbers aren’t the only cool earring accessories. Double-sided earrings have been showing up on celebs for a little while now. First it was pearl studs with big backs, now there are lots of varieties including earring backs that hang below the earlobe. So it’s finally time to talk about this hot jewelry fashion for Trend Hungry Tuesday. Continue reading…

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{Link Love} Oscar Edition


While many of you were melted into the couch watch the 86th Academy Awards, I was doing the exact same thing (shocker!). Then today I couldn’t decide what about the Oscars I wanted to write about most – hair, makeup, selfies, gowns, um, everything. Since I’m having an indecisive day this post will encompass a whole lot of links that tie in to Oscar night.


Oscar looks for less. Penny Chic recreated a few of the night’s top fashions, include Angelina Jolie’s sheer and stunning style.

There’s a really cool Oscar dresses info-graphic  that’s circling the blogosphere and it’s already been updated to include Cate Blanchett’s Armani Prive gown. Take a look.

Want a little Oscar-worthy glam infused into your look? Try this hair accessory.

The best Oscar beauty looks.

Philadelphia-based jewelry designer Mack and Jane‘s creations were in Oscar night gift bags.

Beauty Sweet Spot spotted Lupita Nyogn’o’s lip gloss. I wonder if Ellen gave it back to her or kept it, and Pharrell’s hat. 

Pretty Connected is hosting an Oscar gift-bag giveaway and it’s filled with a whole lot of goodies.

Penelope cruz wore H&M to an after party. Can she be any more awesome?



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Beauty Battle: Gel vs Liquid Eyeliner

Ding ding ding! New year, new battle ladies and this time it’s all eyes on eyeliner. The newest and trendiest eyeliner choices are gel and liquid, but which liner comes out on top? I’m here to break down the pros and cons to help you choose your champion.
beauty battle: liquid vs gel liner


Gel Time


First up we have gel liner, a super long lasting, very pigmented liner that comes in a pot. Thicker color and the ability to smudge and blend comes from using a gel. Usually best suited for those with an unsteady hand because the lines created with gel are forgiving and luckily, mistakes are barely noticeable. This is perfect if you are going for the smoky effect, as seen on Angelina Jolie.


Here you can see how her liner is not exact, but heavier and a tad smudged, which gives her a mysterious look.

Our Pick: L’Oreal’s Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner is perfect: long lasting and under $10! Continue reading…
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Red-Carpet Lips

I’ve been pretty hooked on the red lip for a while. It makes me look more put together than I actually am, reminds me of Mad Men (my  Netflix addiction), and it creates the look of a whiter smile. Lucille Ball wore the it well (my idol) and Angelina Jolie makes it look more regal than thought possible.

The problem with the red lip is the constant touch ups, getting it on your teeth, and it not looking smooth due to dry lips. Solutions await …

A lip stain is what you need to get the right red that stays in place. I know Beyonce shows it off on the commercials, but Infallible really works and I have the puckers (and compliments!) to prove it. It comes with a moisturizing top coat and a reflective case you can use as a mirror.  Ohh, and you need to scrub the sh*t out of your lips to remove the color.

Tag: L’Oreal Infallible in Beyonce’s Red, $9.97 at Walmart.

Now for avoiding color on teeth. It’s pretty simple. After applying color, pucker lips and stick a finger in your mouth. Pull finger out and excess color will be in tow.

And if dry lips are your hurdle, olive oil and brown sugar can act as a DIY exfoliant and moisturizer. Watch how to make it.


Keen on Green

This wouldn’t be a fashion blog if I didn’t mention the amazing green dresses on the red carpet. My favorite was Catherine Zeta-Jones. I know, I know everyone loved Angelina Jolie, and so did I, but it wasn’t like WOW! It was safe. It highlighted many trends – low back, green, shimmer – but it reminded me of the Wizard of Oz.

This money-ish, not quite emerald green looks so good at this time of year. You don’t have to be extremely tan to pull it off, but a little glow looks good too. If you want to incorperate this shade into your everyday, here are a few pieces to satisfy your green-with-envy craving while staying on a skinny budget!

Polka-dot Priceless

Details: 100% Silk Polka Dot Tank, $16.90 at Forever 21.

Scoop-neck Sexy

Details: 3/4 Sleeve Scoop-neck Tee, $4.50 at Forever 21.

Covered and Chic

Details: Solid Turtleneck Top, $8.90 at Forever 21.

Does this satisfy your green craving? Let me know by leaving a comment.