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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Lash Extensions

eyelash extensions philadelphia

I did it! I got eyelash extensions. I’m now in the club with Kim Kardashian, J.Lo, and whole bunch of other beautiful celebrities! But before embarking on some extra-long lashes there’s a few things you should know (don’t want to risk going to a hack and getting an eye infection!). I sat down (well, technically I was laying down) with Eye-Lash Expert Deneen Marcel. She’s a certified Lash Extensionist, trains people in the lash art, and also gave me my stunning lashes on live TV! (click here to watch!)

All you need to know about lash extensions with Deneen Marcel

Explain the process of getting lash extensions.

You arrive with a clean, product free face. If it’s your first time, I will chat with you about the look you’re going for and the available lash options. The lash extensions are applied with two pairs of tweezers and adhesive. Your bottom lashes are taped down with a collagen-gel eye pad and medical tape in order to conceal your bottom lashes. I will prime your lashes, ensuring they are clean, then I apply your lash extensions one at a time.

 How does it work?

Lash extensions is a process by which one strand of synthetic hair is attached to each lash one at a time. They are bonded with a medical grade adhesive, extending your natural lashes, resulting in a look that makes your eyes pop!

eyelash extensions philadelphia

What’s the upkeep at home?

You can’t get them wet for the first 24 hours after application. Keep your lash line clean with mild cleansers. Fluff your lashes after a shower using a mascara wand. Avoid pulling or twisting your lashes. Don’t use eyelash curlers and avoid waterproof mascara.

  • Do shower just before your appointment. If that is not possible, thoroughly cleanse your face and eye area to remove any dirt, make-up and/or oil, so the adhesive isn’t compromised.

  • Don’t wear water-proof mascara or products containing high amounts of Polyethylene glycol, Hexalene glycol, Butylene and Propylene glycol, these can break down the eyelash adhesive and shorten the life of your extensions. If you feel the need to wear mascara after getting your lash extensions, L’Oreal Full Definition Voluminous mascara is a great choice.  It’s water-soluble and glycol free, making it easy to clean off with a gentle cleanser.  You may also use baby oil or olive oil to remove your makeup.

  • Don’t shower or get your eyelash extensions wet for 24 hours. This includes working out and saunas for the first 24 hours, as this will allow the adhesive to fully dry.

  • Do wait at least six months before getting lash extensions if you have used Latisse.

  • Do make sure you go to a certified professional who is licensed and certified as a LASH EXTENSIONIST. Do not accept any type of lash service from an untrained stylist.

  • Don’t attempt to apply lash extensions yourself. “I don’t care how many DIY videos are on YouTube,” Deneen quips.

  • Don’t remove lashes yourself. If for some reason you are overwhelmed by all the attention you are getting with your fabulous new lash extensions, don’t pull or try to force them off, go back to your technician to have them professionally removed.

  • Don’t use an eyelash curler. Doing so can cause serious damage to your natural eyelashes. If you want a curlier lash, ask your professional for them, you have options.

How much does it cost to get lash extensions and refills?

$275  for full set. Refills depend on how many weeks since your last visit: $50 after two weeks, $65 after three weeks, $75 for four weeks, and $85 after five weeks.

How long does it take to refill?

Refills take 60 – 75minutes

What to watch out for when looking for a place to get eyelash extensions? Make sure they are certified lash extensionist. You can as to see their certification.

To contact Deneen Marcel


525 South 4th Street

Philadelphia, PA, 19107



Little Black Bag: My Haul & Exclusive Deal!

Sponsored Post

Who likes presents? That’s rhetorical, we all do! What’s even better? Getting gifts that you get to pick out. Little Black Bag does just that. It’s a retail site that specializes in accessories and has great bags, all for only $50. Here’s how it works. You pick an item to buy ( I picked a little black bag, couldn’t help myself!), then they throw in extra goodies for free. This is where it gets good. The next step is trading! That’s right, you get to swap items. Other shoppers will offer you trades for your items. I waited a few days before getting my purchase shipped so I could see what was up for grabs and scored Betsey Johnson earrings through trading!


Then, it arrived! I opened it, as you can see in the quick video above, modeled my new lovelies around my apartment, Instagrammed it to make my friends jealous, and now, here I am blogging about it and sharing an exclusive deal  for you, my trend-hungry fashionistas! So here’s the great deal, you an additional item worth up to $25 off with this code 25FREEITEMtrendhun. By the way, lots of the bags should be over $50 (mine normally retailed for $78.00!!), so you’re already walking away with way more than you paid for! This is literally the best way to treat yourself!

Okay, now that I’m done bragging, it’s your turn. Treat yourself to the exclusive deal (expires 9/9) and share your haul with me by tweeting me @trendhungryblog. Also, comment below and share with me what you think of all my new stuff!



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SRS: A Girl’s Gotta Spa Sale Strategies

My name is Shannon and I launched A Girl’s Gotta Spa! in 2005 back when blogging was basically unheard of. A Girl’s Gotta Spa! is my version of “Calgon Take Me Away!” My team and I focus on real-life reviews of beauty products from skin care to hair care to makeup, and of course, spa treatments too. I honestly believe that taking time for you and pampering yourself is the best preventative medicine to so many things that ail us mentally.


As a single mom to 4 growing boys, there’s no such thing as buying products at full price in this house. In fact, full price is forbidden. I rarely buy anything in-store because that means I would impulse shop and may not get a good deal. I always go online and comparison shop because that nightstand I saw at Target for $85 is usually only $50 at Walmart…(I’m making over my bedroom right now, so I digress…)


The main way that I score discounts is by first logging into ebates.com and using their web partners to shop from (which are basically all the online stores I use anyway.) If you are not familiar with ebates, the premise is simple–you get cash back every time you shop (you’re paid via PayPal quarterly.) The amount per store vary and many times ebates has promotions where they increase the cash back percentage for certain stores. One way I love to shop through ebates starts when I see a huge discount on an item on Groupon. I’ll log into ebates, click their link for Groupon, then scoop up the sale while getting cash back on my purchase. Pretty cool right? But did you know you could score an even bigger discount?! I ALWAYS use the discount codes from RetailMeNot in addition to ebates. So ebates>online store>enter RetailMeNot discount code at checkout and voila, discount + cash back. I’ve done it with Amazon, Old Navy, Blue Nile, Macy’s….you name it, and I’ve shopped there through ebates. If I remember right, one time I saved $70 on Kohls.com just by using both ebates and a RMN discount code.


Tag: Balinese Medallion Blue Topaz Dangle Earrings, Original Price $95. I bought it for $50 through Living Social plus 2.5% cash back by using ebates plus free shipping with a discount code from RetailMeNot.

I love these earrings and I am a total jewelry geek. So scoring them on the cheap was a major win for me.
If you want to hear about all things beauty related, please be sure to follow me on Twitter @agirlsgottaspa or Like our fan page facebook.com/agirlsgottaspa.


If you like Shannon’s sale-rack skinny tweet it with the hashtag #salerackskinny. Comment below and show Shannon  some love for her sale tactics!
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Splurge vs Steal: Marc Jacob’s vs Target

Is it safe to say we’re all in summer mode? I know I am. I also know that a straw cross-body bag would make a fabulous new addition to my closet.

I found a steal that has the whole neon and nude going on. Plus, a cross-body bag is perfect for summer getaways, carnivals, and shopping excursions. I especially love that it looks like Marc by Marc Jacobs, but minus an extra zero in the price.



Tag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Straw Canteen Messenger Bag, $160.00 @ Net-a-Porter.


Tag: Xhilaration Orange Flap Cross-body Handbag, $14.99 @ Target.

Would you wear the steal? Comment below!

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Glow in the Dark Nails

I’m all about the brights right now, and nails are no exception. Cut those nails down, add a neon hue, and flash me those digits! But, did you know it’s illegal?!?!?

I was just reading on Shefinds that neon hues are illegal to make in the US, so the colors we think are neon are just bright … but not neon?!? Or they’re made somewhere else.I wonder what the stance is on glow in the dark polishes.


Whatever, I still want the look for less. Katy Perry like yellow. Rihanna rocks orange. And I want pink, no wait, green, no wait, blue. I want them all!


Tag: Yellow, $2.80 at Forever 21. Orange, $2.80 at Forever 21.Green, $5.50 at Delia’s. Pink, $5.50 at Delia’s.

And here are more neon-ish hues for the skinny-budget beauty!

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Tea Party with Whitney Port

Tea time! Spring has sprung. Get out your florals and frills, fashionista, and join the tea party with Whitney Port. I’ll be there and so should you!

She’ll be on the Main Line showing you her new collection and you can snag a photo with the style maven, so come dressed to impress in your finest tea-time attire. Scroll for fancy frocks under $25.00. I’ll be posting more florals as the event gets closer!


What to wear: a floral frock is easy and tea-time appropriate. Throw it on with nude heels or a fun pair of wedges and you’re set. Wear it Easter Sunday to get a test drive on the dress before meeting Whit!!


DIY: Faux Glow Yourself

Get your glow on, girl! My most recent radio segment was all about snagging a tan sans sun and fake baking (both are bad and NOT on trend).

All the celebs, minus Jersey Shore, use fake tanner to get a bronze bod. The brand of choice is St. Tropez. Guiliana Rancic uses it and I too, LOVE it!


The step to the perfect faux glow.

1. Exfoliate. Dry skin = uneven tan. Get an exfoliant, use a wash cloth, and scrub your bod. Smooth skin makes your tan look smooth too.

2. Get gloves. I had to earn the hard way. If you don’t wear latex or plastic gloves you will get Cheeto hands. It takes a lot of scrubbing to rid this, so just wear gloves to save yourself.

3.Pick your potion. Like I said St. Tropez is my brand of choice, but there are many other brands out there. If you’re intimidated, opt for a gradual tanning lotion like Jergens or Nivea. Both are at the drugstore and hard to mess up.

4. Teach yourself.  You don’t want to be orange or streaky, so watch tutorials. Here’s the one I watched that help me faux glow.

5. Lotion. Lotion. Lotion. Keep your tan looking good by staying moisturized. It will help you tan stay and it will prevent your dry areas (knees, elbows, ankles) from getting orange and streaky.

6. Show off your glow! Work it girl! If all of this is too much time, work, or too intimidating, just add some bronzer to your face and call it a day.