Celebs Embrace Their Inner Cat Lady! Should You?

Celebs Embrace Their Inner Cat Lady! Should You?

We’re embarking on a major cat moment in fashion. Why? Cats are cute. Cats are kinda funny. Cats are also evil (clearly, I don’t have a cat). So why is this trending? I don’t know, but I do own a cat shirt. I know, I’m a walking contradiction. I’ll be posting a pic of me showing my kitty-cat style soon, but for now let’s focus on how celebs have embraced their inner cat lady.

cat-lady chic

Celeb Sightings: Rihanna, Kesha, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry

MTVStyle found RiRi’s cat jacket at Urban Outfitters, and team Trend Hungry has found you some cool cat tee’s for under $25!

So would you wear a cat on your tee? Comment below or tweet @jessieholeva #catlady!Β 

Simon Malls Style Setter, skinny-budget fashion blogger, and on-air style expert. Loves tea parties & window shopping.

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