Red-Carpet Lips

I’ve been pretty hooked on the red lip for a while. It makes me look more put together than I actually am, reminds me of Mad Men (my  Netflix addiction), and it creates the look of a whiter smile. Lucille Ball wore the it well (my idol) and Angelina Jolie makes it look more regal than thought possible.

The problem with the red lip is the constant touch ups, getting it on your teeth, and it not looking smooth due to dry lips. Solutions await …

A lip stain is what you need to get the right red that stays in place. I know Beyonce shows it off on the commercials, but Infallible really works and I have the puckers (and compliments!) to prove it. It comes with a moisturizing top coat and a reflective case you can use as a mirror.  Ohh, and you need to scrub the sh*t out of your lips to remove the color.

Tag: L’Oreal Infallible in Beyonce’s Red, $9.97 at Walmart.

Now for avoiding color on teeth. It’s pretty simple. After applying color, pucker lips and stick a finger in your mouth. Pull finger out and excess color will be in tow.

And if dry lips are your hurdle, olive oil and brown sugar can act as a DIY exfoliant and moisturizer. Watch how to make it.