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{ Trend Hungry Tuesday } Celebs Love Lokai

Oh hey, April is Earth month and April 22nd is Earth Day. Fashion with purpose is always in style and this next trend is one that incorporates Mother Nature and also gives back.

They’re called Lokai and they’ve been blowing up on social media. The first time I really noticed them was a few weeks ago on Ralphie Aversa’s Instagram. I chat celeb trends with him every Tuesday on his syndicated radio show, Ralphie Tonight (link to listen is below) so it’s fitting that he’s the trendsetter who first put Lokai on my radar. Continue Reading


{ Astro Style } Where I Check My Horoscope

Here’s a secret about me that’s not really much of a secret. I love reading my horoscope. I thoroughly enjoy reading up on my sign and even watch astrology readings on Youtube. What can I say, it’s an interest of mine and has been for as long as I can remember. So today I thought I’d share with you my main places that keep me informed of what’s in the stars. Continue Reading

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{ Dare To Wear } Laid-back Layers

I absolutely love this time of year. After a brisk winter the warmer weather is oh-so appreciated.

This season I get the urge to break out both the light and bright hues. I don’t want to feel too summery, as there’s still a likely chance for a chilly weather change.  It’s not consistently warm just yet, so layers are your friend — I know they are definitely mine! Continue Reading

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{ Local Love } Shop Smak Parlour’s Capsule Collection On Kickstarter Right Now!!

So there’s these two really stylish, super sweet, girl bosses that own a trendy and affordable boutique in Old City Philadelphia called Smak Parlour (love their store & them!!). They also happen to be best friends and designers. Their names are Abby & Katie. They’ve been in business for ten years, have really cool style that’s all their own, oh and they’re also a blast. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with them on TV segments, shoots, events, and they even carry pieces from my vintage-jewelry collection Bling Babe.

Also, they are budget-friendly fashion babes and know it’s all about fun and expression, not spending a fortune. And so, they’re gone back to their designing roots and created a capsule collection through Kickstarter that’s so the Smak Parlour style. It’s a little glam, a little edgy, quirky, cool, retro, feminine, and incorporates their Philadelphia roots by collaborating with three Philly artists.

Continue Reading

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{ Dare To Wear } Whatever YOU Like

Hello fabulous darling! It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and today I’m talking (well, typing… ) all about a style rule to live by. Wear what YOU like.  I follow it and it serves me well. In fact, it dawned on me when I was typing up the tips below. You see, first comes the outfits, then the tips. So that means I play dress up to figure out what I like. Continue Reading

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{ Five Things Wellness } The Cutest Bowls For Healthy Snacking

Can we all agree that April is a little strange? There are random days where it just rains (or snows!) and out of nowhere there are a bunch of absolutely gorgeous sunny days. That’s why this month, I’m all about skipping routines and mixing it up with indoor and outdoor workouts.

Don’t forget, April is Earth Month and there are a bunch of wellness-themed things going on. So, let’s love our planet and ourselves with these five things wellness that I’m currently craving. Continue Reading

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{ Dare To Wear } Purple Tones

My lovely blog photog Audrey  just got a new camera and we couldn’t be more excited! The pics for April are our best yet and I cannot wait for you to see more thoughout the month! It’s so funny to think that before I met Audrey randomly at Starbucks I didn’t really do outfit posts and now it’s one of my favorite features to work on. Continue Reading