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{ You’re Invited! } This Saturday! Come Hang with Me + Get Styled

Savers Thrift

You are invited! Come get your thrift on with me! I’m hanging out tomorrow { this Saturday, April 16th from 12-5pm } at Savers in Willow Grove and will be on hand to help you find the perfect outfit. I’m so excited! I’ve always LOVED thrifting and have made a day of it with friends on many occasions. I like to think of it as a hunt for unique thrifted treasures, and my last visit to Savers left with a week’s worth of outfits for under $45. This time I’ll be there to be your thrifting partner in crime. Hope you can make it!  Details below.

Jessie Holeva style blog

{ What }

Check out the first Savers store in PA + get styled by me! I’ll also be curating a rack at the front of the store featuring top fashion finds.

{ When + Where }

Saturday, April 16th from 12-5pm @ Savers, 300 York Road, Willow Grove, PA.

{ Tip }

Donate items you don’t want + score a discount. The more you bring, the bigger the savings. More on that on my blog post previewing the new store.

Philly thrift event

Savers Thrift

Savers thrift store PA Savers Willow Grove 2

{ Photos by Justin Bostwick. }

{ Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Savers Thrift. All opinions are my own. }

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{ Dare To Wear } My Everyday Style: Jeans + Tee + Vintage Vibes

AG jeans

Okay, this weather has been seriously throwing my blog photoshoot schedule way off. Last weekend it snowed, yeah, snowed! I know, #crazy #Imoverit #movingon. Now that I got that social-media banter out I can move on this latest outfit post. This is pretty much my go-to type of outfit. Skinny jeans, a flattering tee shirt, a cool little jacket, and some of my typical accessories  — vintage mini-statement necklaces, a vintage clutch that I got years ago for like $4 (it may have been less, I can’t remember), some understated shades and heels … and I’m out the door.

I’d rock this style for a creative meeting (in my work pretty much every meeting is creative), meeting up with a styling client, or just out for drinks and food with friends. It’s kind of casual, a little dressed up (thanks to the jacket + accessories), and looks like I’m not trying too hard… the entire vibe I’m always going for.  Keep scrolling for pics and style tips.

AG jeans

Jessie Holeva wearing LOGO by Lori Goldstein

how to wear gray jeans

simple-chic outfit ideas Jessie Holeva style blog Philadelphia style blog Simple Chic style tips

{ Style Tips }

1. Find a look you like and wear it again and again. I love switching it up (evidence: all the previous outfit posts), but certain combos are worth wearing on the regular. A look you know you love adds confidence to the day. True story: if I really hated my outfit I used to fake sick to go home from school. I can’t do that as an adult so I gotta be sure that I like my outfit before I leave and this is one combo I often turn to.

2. Add a jacket with a draped front to your wardrobe essentials. The shape on my topper is an outfit power player. It’s crazy flattering on the figure, making you look thinner + taller, all while keeping ya warm and adding some midsection coverage too.

3. Opt for vintage accents to make your outfit extra unique. This bag and the necklaces are items that I wear a ton and they always seem to snag the compliments. They were also crazy cheap (bought the necklaces at an estate sale and the bag was from a thrift shop) and are crazy special to me. I love how they infuse a ladylike energy to any outfit.

Philadelphia style influencer

{ LOGO by Lori Goldstein top (it’s actually a twin set!), QVC| LOGO by Lori Goldstein ponte jacket, QVC | AG jeans, Nordstrom | French Connection heels, DSW | Ray-Ban ‘Clubmaster’ shades | vintage bag + necklaces } similar styles in the showroom below

style blog

Speaking of vintage, while trekking around Manayunk to snag these pics we also stumbled into a super-cool little vintage store with the loveliest of things called Millay. The owner let us browse and snap some pics. I’ll be blogging those in a separate post and sharing some of my favorites from the shop. And guess what, they have even more amazing vintage styles online. Stay tuned for more on Millay Vintage!

Philly vintage shop, Millay Vintage

Dare To Wear } a blog series dedicated to “dare to wear” the same thing three ways. If you’re gonna buy it, you better be able to wear it at least three ways, right? Photos by Audrey Gallagher.

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Thrifted Threads = a Week’s Worth of Outfits, Under $50!

Jessie Holeva thrifted styles

As the blog title reads, I just got some new thrifted threads, seven fabulous pieces of clothing and a leather purse, all for a little over $40. I know, pretty great. I got to preview a well-known thrift store that’s new to PA, Savers, and I scored so much for so little. I’m loving these new additions to my wardrobe so thought I’d show ya what I got.

budget-friendly fashion Savers style, Willow Grove Thrifted fashions Philly style blog

Thrifted threads

Everything pictured was from Savers, minus the shoes. Here’s what I got.

{ Express Design Studio pencil skirt, $5.99 | Chico’s button-up printed blouse, $7.99 | Ann Taylor Loft pants, $7.99 | two Orla Kelly printed tanks ,$3.99 each | Lovestitch chambray dress, $5.99| New Hope Leather cross-body bag. $4.99 }

There are even more combinations to be made with these new things. I’ll be at Savers on April 16th to offer styling tips and help shoppers create their own looks. Details to come!

{ Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Savers Thrift. All opinions are my own. }

{ Photos by Justin Bostwick. }


{ QVC Blog } My LOGOfied Lifestyle

Jessie Hoelva style blog

I am having so much fun as a part of the LOGO by Lori Goldstein team! I can’t believe it’s coming up on a year already. Time sure does fly when you are having fun! Representing this amazing brand on QVC has truly been such a joy and pleasure.

As you may have noticed, I’ve started blogging over on QVC’s blog and will be doing so every month. My latest post talks about the real reason why I love to be #LOGOfied. Yes, the clothes are SO stylish, unique, flattering,  and comfy, but that’s not why.

Hint: it has to do the woman behind the brand and her amazing mantra. Find out the real reason over on the QVC blog.

Jessie Hoelva style blog

{ wearing a LOGO French terry top + pant while spending some quality time with two of my best gals { Kristen & Kate } on a chilly beach day }
Jessie Holeva LOGO by Lori Goldstein QVC

Kristen lives on the West Coast and was back for a quick trip,  so we squeezed in some quality time before she had to catch a flight and I had to head back to QVC for a show. It was a brief hangout, but was so much fun, and this French terry outfit kept me comfy and warm for the breezy beach day with friends.

{ Check out the full post over on the QVC blog. }

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{ Spring Cleaning + Shopping } Upcycle Your Stuff @ New Store, Savers Thrift

Philly-based blogger Jessie Holeva

It’s that time again. Time to do some spring cleaning and say out with the old and in with the new. The cool thing is that what’s old to you is new to someone else, and vice versa. It’s also Earth Month so I can’t think of a better time to clean out that closet (and dresser, and under the bed, and everywhere) and upcycle your stuff. That’s my plan, and there’s a new thrift store opening in Willow Grove, PA tomorrow on April 7 called Savers that kept 650 million pounds of goods from the world’s landfills just last year. Um, wow!

Savers thrift store PA

I got to preview the store yesterday and I gotta say, it’s pretty cool. I ended up shopping until the very end of the event because there’s just SO much stuff! Between clothes and the super-cute glassware, I was in thrift-shop heaven. I’ll be blogging about all that I bought (multiple outfits!) for less than $50, so check back for that this weekend.

Savers Willow Grove style

Reuse: To make sure their racks and shelves are always full, the Willow Grove Savers partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters Clothes for Kids’ Sake, an organization that raises money to support local Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies in the area. Savers pays Clothes for Kids’ Sake for the used goods they collect, even if the items don’t make it to the sales floor.

Another easy way to do some spring cleaning is by donating to Clothes for Kids’ Sake at Savers’ on-site Community Donation Center. Simply bring in the stuff you don’t want — clothes, shoes, housewares, handbags, baby clothes, toys, you name it and then you’ll receive a coupon, and the more you bring the bigger the discount you receive. You’ll also get a tax receipt and whatever the store can’t sell will be reused elsewhere. You get a deal while keeping goods out of our landfills and supporting local nonprofits.

Savers Willow Grove

There’s truly so much to shop for and it’s great to know that these purchases help our planet and keep items from landfills. Plus the prices are unbelievably good. Check out the new Savers, located at 300 York Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090 and find out more information by visiting their website here.

Savers Willow Grove 2 PA thrift store Philly-based blogger Jessie Holeva Savers Willow Grove store

{ Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Savers Thrift. All opinions are my own. }

{ Photos by Justin Bostwick. }

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{ Dare To Wear } Yellow + Gray

H&M style

I’ve been going gaga for gray jeans lately. They’re just so neutral and give a slightly edgier vibe than the traditional blue. Gray goes great with pretty much anything, but especially yellow. This mustard-yellow top, well it’s not a top at all, but a dress that you may recognize from these past blog posts (1, 2). chic style blogger

spring outfit ideas How to infuse spring into your style How to wear a dress over jeans How to Layer statement neckaces

H&M style

Philadelphia beauty blog

H&M sandals

spring fashion tips

{ Style Tips }

1. Wear your dress over jeans. Now, this doesn’t work with every dress out there, but it’s a great way to get extra wear out of those styles that may feel a little short or revealing.

2. Don’t be afraid to layer your statement necklaces. I like to wear my vintage “mini statements” (as I like to call them) with a bolder piece to create a unique look.

3. A little chilly? Toss on a chambray shirt. It’s a light layer that you can style to suit your mood. I opted for a little collar pop to showcase the necklaces and rolled the sleeves so that the lovely sleeves below were exposed.

4. Make it your own. You may notice that each of my feet are rocking different nail colors. It’s no mistake. I couldn’t pick one color so opted for two hues. This may not be a look I’d wear everywhere, but I sure do LOVE it with these shoes.

Philly style blog

{ H&M dress | AG jeans, Nordstrom | LOGO Links by Lori Goldstein statement necklace, QVC | Ray Ban ‘Club Master’ shades | H&M shoes | Ruehl clutch } Like the look? Check out the showroom below that I’ve filled with similar styles.

philly street styles

Dare To Wear } a blog series dedicated to “dare to wear” the same thing three ways. If you’re gonna buy it, you better be able to wear it at least three ways, right? Photos by Audrey Gallagher.

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{ My Latest QVC Blog } 4 Spring Style Tips + Sneak Peeks

Jessie Holeva QVC blog

Okay, it’s official. Spring is in the building, I mean outside, though it so does not feel that way today. That’s the thing about spring — it likes to throw ya for a loop and switch up the temps … and often.

Ready to infuse spring into your style? I did say it’s official, so now is the time. I recently visited the LOGO by Lori Goldstein styling studio to check out what’s coming up, test out some new favorite fashions, and get some spring styling inspiration.

Jessie Holeva QVC blog

I fell in love fast with this cool take on loungewear. I mean, it’s ombrè! It was basically calling my name… as were lots of other beautiful pieces. So we ventured outside to shoot some more pics. Then I blogged it up with spring styling tips. And now you can check it out over on the QVC blog.

printed LOGO by Lori Goldstein top

I’ll be sharing my style perspective every month or so on the QVC blog so be sure to look for more posts by me, usually at the top of the month. Style tips + products details await on the QVC blog.

{ Click to see the full post: Jessie’s LOGO Picks + 4 Spring Style Tips }

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{ Video } The Most Thoughtful Birthday Present!!

fashion blogger birthday video

My blog photog, she’s so rad. Her name is Audrey. She is super cool, creative, genuine, goodhearted, fun, fabulous, and I am SO beyond happy to know her!  We’ve been collaborating for way more than a minute and it’s been such a blast. Before her, I didn’t even know that I ever wanted to do outfit posts. That changed once we shot together and it’s been a monthly date ever since.

Audrey isn’t only a dream to work with (it doesn’t feel like work with her!!), she’s become my friend.  As the blog title says, this post involves the most thoughtful birthday present. I recently turned 28 and got a birthday text from Audrey, but unlike the others I received, this one had a YouTube link. It led me to this video, and a face of awe, and a huge smile, and teary eyes.

THANK YOU AUDREY!!! I’m SO incredibly touched by this video!!

I hope you enjoy watching it. It’s filled with lots of our silly photoshoot outtakes and positive words.  These sweet messages Audrey wrote for me made me feel so good. Not only did  I feel so loved by this gesture, it was a good reminder to not take myself too seriously and always be loving to myself. It’s something I know and practice, but it’s always good to reaffirm it. It’s so easy to be critical of ourselves or worry about what people think, especially when you are putting yourself out there (it comes with the blogging, TV, and even social-media territory).

 We are all special and unique so celebrate yourself and like she says at the end, “stay fabulous!”

{ Check out more of Audrey’s photos in the “Dare To Wear” blog column. }

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{ Dare To Wear } Going Gaga For Gray Jeans

Jessie Holeva style expert

And now, time for spring! It may be a bit premature to type that, but I don’t care, just like how I didn’t care that I started this blog post with a conjunction. Today is crazy gorgeous outside and so was the day we opted to shoot these pics. I am so ready for this next season (mentally, not wardrobe-wise just yet). Going outside in beautiful weather is seriously magical. It feels like my soul is breathing in new life and I’m so ready to be out and about more, enjoy nature, catch up with friends (I tend to hibernate when cold) and just live.

As beautiful as it is out, it’s not quite as warm as I’m ready for, so jackets and booties are current go-to pieces. I treated myself to some new jeans for my birthday and thought gray would be a cool addition to my collection. I love this wash because it’s neutral and cool, but in a very subtle way, which makes it even more amazing. These will certainly be on me a whole lot this spring so stay tuned for two more blog posts (at least!) restyling these babes (is it weird that I act like my clothes have personalities?!)

jessie holeva style blog fashion blogger style tips motorcycle jacket style AG jeans outfit inspiration philly street style

{ Style Tips }

1. Go for the gray. It’s a cool neutral that can be dressed up or down.

2. Layer necklaces with a lace-up top. It’s simple but looks like you put in some effort.

3. Try a mixed-media piece for extra visual interest. 

Jessie Holeva style expert gray jean style tips

{ BB Dakota jacket, Nich Boutique | Topshop top, Nordstrom | AG jeans, Nordstrom | Ray Ban ‘Clubmaster’ shades | Candies booties, Kohl’s } these pieces + similar styles are linked below in the showroom.

Topshop Lace Up Top

  Dare To Wear } a blog series dedicated to “dare to wear” the same thing three ways. If you’re gonna buy it, you better be able to wear it at least three ways, right? Photos by Audrey Gallagher.

Dare to Wear, Fashion

{ Dare To Wear } Statement Necklace + Stripes

Philadelphia Fashion blog

The other day it was freezing, the next day is supposed to be in the 70s and sunny. That’s the joy of March, my birthday month! One day it’s warm and sunny and the next, a snow storm. As a kid I’d get so upset when it’d snow on my birthday. It meant I had to move my party to a different day. My mom would have to remake cupcakes for my class. One year it was snowing so much that we lost power during the party, which I believe was at McDonalds and was in celebration of the pivotal sixth birthday.

Philadelphia Fashion blog

 This outfit, it’s pretty perfect for this time of year. The sweater is light. The hat instantly adds warmth and can be taken off as quickly as these temps change. As for the eye-catching necklace, this baby livens up the look with interesting color. Take note: some of the stones have a marbled effect going on — so cool! The placement of the stones and shapes give me the feel of florals in an artistic, abstract way. I also love it layered with a favorite vintage choker I’ve had for a couple years.

LOGOlinks by Lori Goldstein LOGO links necklace expert style tips how to wear stripes

 { Style Tips }

1. Top it off with a beanie and bling. I’m always cold and jewelry can really be that pop of personality to make your outfit feel fun and unique to you.

2. Don’t match. The unexpected is extra special. I didn’t spent time agonizing over the fact that the boots are brown and the sweater stripes are black. I wore it because I liked it. End of story.

3. Get comfy. Clothes are meant to be lived in. When I shop I pretty much only buy things that I just want to live in — like jeans, flat boots, a comfy sweater and a beanie (so I won’t have to fuss over my hair). I’d rather spend money on pieces I’ll love to live in rather than just stare at in my closet. That’d be no fun.

style expert Jessie Holeva

{ LOGOlinks by Lori Goldstein statement necklace, QVC | sweater, Nich Boutique | beanie, borrowed from the boyfriend | Diesel jeans | Ugg ‘Simmens’ boots, J.Jill } similar styles in the showroom below!

  Dare To Wear } a blog series dedicated to “dare to wear” the same thing three ways. If you’re gonna buy it, you better be able to wear it at least three ways, right? Photos by Audrey Gallagher.