Jeffrey Campbell Look-a-Like Booties – Under $50!!!

Jeffrey Campbell’s bulky booties are all over my favorite shop sites and blogs. I kind of love that signature style, but not loving the price, almost $170!!

But now it’s time to get excited. This knockoff is identical. Identical I say! Same pattern, same hight, same wooden heel. No fashionista would guess they’re not the real deal! Andd they’re less than a third of the price.

Big-Budget Splurge

Tag: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Lita-Ex’ Bootie, $169.95 at Nordstrom.

Skinny-Budget Steal

Tag: Francheska Snake Bootie, $46.00 at ShopHallelu.com.

IDENTICAL!!! Right!?!? I know, you’re super excited. So excited you want to share your findings? Leave a comment and tell your stylish friends!

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