Kirsten Dunst Goes Gaga For Gingham

Kirsten Dunst Goes Gaga For Gingham

Hey classy lady! Get with the gingham. It’s classic and reminds me of summer days and picnics. Last week, summer was on full strength with a heat wave, fourth of July, and day-drinking BBQs. Stay in those summer spirits and rock it retro style. Gingham is something you’ll continue to wear this summer and the following. Hello? It’s a timeless trend and all-American chic!

Gingham gals include Katie Holmes, Amber Rose, Amy Poehler, Kirsten Dunst (pictured, just the other day in Louis Vuitton), and the blogger behind Running Late (check her out, she is so classic & glam!).


Kirsten Dunst Image Via I'm Not Obsessed

This trend works on swimwear, dresses, shoes, and a gingham shirt will never go out of style. Add a sweater or a blazer to make it work into the next season. Scroll the skinny-budget buys below!


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