Get Miley’s Grunge Look: Boots Under $50!

Get Miley’s Grunge Look: Boots Under $50!

By Brooke

Why feel like you’re confined to wearing half of your closet during certain seasons of the year? Β The summer is slowly winding to an end but that doesn’t mean your fashion has to suffer! Combat boots are great for a daring girl ready to adapt to the next season. They can be worn year-round, are extremely comfortable, and are a bold statement in themselves. Β Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are especially making the grunge look fab again! For Miley’s look, pair combat boots with denim shorts, a black V-neck shirt, and a flannel shirt (maybe add tights if it’s chilly out) and you’re ready to conquer any backyard bonfire or house party. If you’re feeling really edgy, throw on a slouchy hat to tie the grunge look together.


If you’re ready to be the topic of conversation, scroll below and to shop grunge goodies.

Simon Malls Style Setter, skinny-budget fashion blogger, and on-air style expert. Loves tea parties & window shopping.

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