Floral Bib Necklaces on a Budget

Floral Bib Necklaces on a Budget

I was at J.Crew today and saw the most gorgeous bib necklace, um ever. It was $228 (way too pricey for costume jewelry!) and then I visited Cupcakes & Cashmere to discover her little piggy bank sporting the bling. My skinny piggy can’t break that kinda bank, so now I am on a quest for the perfect bib necklace. I’d like one that’s pretty, shiny, and showstopping. Under $25 would be ideal.

So here’s my inspiration…

And here are my poor-lady substitutions, that I gotta say, are pretty freaking amazing! So tell it to me straight. Do you like these frugal finds or would you splurge for the big-budget bling? Comment below!


Simon Malls Style Setter, skinny-budget fashion blogger, and on-air style expert. Loves tea parties & window shopping.

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  1. Alyssa at 11:24 am

    Never ever ever would I spend $228 on costume jewelry – that’s friggen insane!! BUT I do love the $14 mixit yellow bib from JC penney, that’s more my steeze.

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