Designer Steal: Kim K.’s Sequin Blazer

Designer Steal: Kim K.’s Sequin Blazer

Loving sequins and glitter right now? Me too!! Glitter heels are so festive, and here are some affordable pairs!   There are a few other items that are shiny and sparkly too. This skinny-budget steal is designer and perfect for Christmas, New Years and many happy hours for 2012.

Big-Budget Splurge

Found this picture of the Kardash crew on Rachel Zoe’s Tumblr. Love the look of the sequin blazer. Hate that I can’t afford it.

Tag: Rachel Zoe Liza blazer, $495 at Cusp by Neiman Marcus.

Skinny-Budget Steal

Still a nice brand, but one fifth of the cost. Much better for my bank account and will make happy hour much happier.

Tag: Sequin-Ruched Sleeve Blazer, Was $199.59, Now $99.99 at Calvin Klein.

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