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Celebrities Are Going Skeletal

With Halloween just around the corner, celebs are getting their street style into the spirit. It’s getting spooky out and celebrity style is going skeletal.

The list of celebrities rocking the skeletal trend is basically a who’s who list. Rapper Meek Mill recently partied it up in NYC wearing an Alexander McQueen skull tee, while the Biebs has been seen with a skeletal face mask that covers his mouth. Miley Cyrus donned a skull romper right before her big hair cut.  Vanessa Hudgens & Emma Roberts opted for bones on their shirts, while Nicole Richie accessorized skulls into her ensemble.


celebs skeletal trend

As you can see, this spooky style can get more use than just on Halloween. Even Cher Lloyd wears the trend on her sleeve with a skull tattoo. You don’t have to take it to that level to rock the trend. 

Try the trend from head to toe and make it your costume. Or opt for accessories to add edge to your look. A scarf or bracelet will get much more wear than an in-your-face skeletal look and accessories are often more affordable. Scroll through the showroom to get skeletal on a skinny budget. There are so seriously amazing bracelets we hand selected for you!

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