Celeb Favorite: The Retro Bikini

Celeb Favorite: The Retro Bikini

Hey there, hope your Memorial Day weekend was as fabulous as you. I spent mine in a fringe bikini, but now I’ve got a new swimsuit on my mind, the retro kind. Think high waist and Marilyn Monroe sex appeal. It’s the perfect way to leave a little to the imagination, but still standout at the beach, pool, or while laying out on your lawn (in my case, apartment balcony).

Celeb sightings: Katy Perry, Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Kim Cattrall.

Great for: covering love handles, highlighting waist, accentuating curves.


Katy Perry image via GlamTimee.com

The main piece you need to achieve the look is a high-waisted bottom. Curvy on you backside? A high-cut leg on a high-waist bottom will highlight your curves, cover up problem spots, and won’t weigh you down with too much fabric on the leg (boy shorts are bad for big booties).

It works with most bodies, as you can mix & match it. Try a bandeau top for a full retro look, or add  a string-bikini top to show more skin. Play with colors and patterns and make it your own.


Simon Malls Style Setter, skinny-budget fashion blogger, and on-air style expert. Loves tea parties & window shopping.

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