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{Why We Love} Cheap-Chic Statement Necklaces that Look Expensive

statement necklaces for cheap

Here at the Trend Hungry HQ, we are all about accessories. You can have a plain dress, shirt, whatever and create a totally different look just by the way you accessorize. Whether I’m styling a look for a client, a TV segment, or just for myself,I rely on statement necklaces and here’s why.

statement necklaces under $25

1. They take little thought. Throw it on, and go.

2. Attention ahead. Bling around you neck draws the eye there, and isn’t that where people should be looking anyway?

3. Compliment magnet. They aren’t called “statement necklaces” for no reason and tend to reel in the “Ooo’s,” “Aahhs,” and the “where did you get that?” remarks.

4. Adds style. Whether you have jeans and a tee on or pair your necklace with a little black dress, a statement necklace makes you look more styled, even though like point #1 says, it takes little thought and effort.

Since these babies tend to be memorable it’s good to have a few in rotation. The six pictured are under $25.

1. A Girl Can Gleam Blue Statement Necklace, $15.00 at LuLu*s.

statement necklace under $25
Only $15 and super wearable, make sure your guard is up or someone may be tempted to snatch this right off your neck. I know I would. 

2. Material Girl Necklace, Gold-Tone Stone Statement Necklace, $18.99 $8.99 at Macy’s.

cheap-chic statement necklaces
Under $10, this bright shade is still very wearable. Mix with a printed blouse for a  look that screams full-on fashionista.

3. My Fair Pharaoh Gold Rhinestone Necklace, $20.00 at LuLu*s.

lulus statement necklace
Talk about making a statement. This blinged-out beauty will definitely attract attention.

4. Apt. 9 Gold Tone Spike Swag Necklace$28.00 $19.50 at Kohl’s.

apt 9 spike necklace
For when you’re feeling tough, this gold hardware will add edge to your ensemble.

5. Mirage Mahal Layered Pink and Green Necklace, $24.00 at LuLu*s.

cheap statement necklaces
Colorful, yet with a vintage vibe.

6. Pim + Larkin Tricolor Arrow Necklace, $34.00 $23.00 at Piperlime.

Pim + Larkin Tricolor Arrow Necklace
Keep it casual and pair with jeans and a baggy sweater. This necklace is perfect-o for a cool weekend look. 

Which of these suit your style? Let us know in the comments below!



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Friday Find: Stylish Candle Holders Too Good To Ignore


Earlier this week we gushed about our faves from H&M’s home collection (ahem, which just launched in the US!) and we forgot to share these freakin’ amazing H&M candle holders. Shame on us!


There are so many reasons why these candle holders deserve the #FridayFind spot. First, the price is right at $3.95. Second, they look luxe. They also feel kinda Grecian, will look fab on a coffee table tray or um, anywhere, and these glass candle holders come in three metallic shades: copped, gold, silver.

So which shade suits your style? Comment below or tweet me @jessieholeva #FridayFind!

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Shop the Trend: 40 Moto Jackets Under $50

How celebrities wear moto jackets: Rihanna, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, Kanye & Kim: under $50

Omg Omg OMG! It’s finally warm out, like FINALLY! Clearly,  my coffee has kicked in and I’m pumped for the warm weather! It’ll hopefully stay beautiful outside, but you’ll still need a little somethin-somethin for extra warmth. And our top shopping pick for this transitional weather is a cool-girl biker jacket.

How celebrities wear moto jackets: Rihanna, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, Kanye & Kim

1. They’ve got bad girl written all over it.

2. Adds edge to your folky florals. Whether you’re ready for Coachella or just in love with springtime frocks, this topper will tone down the feminine print.

3. Rihanna, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, Kanye & Kim. That’s technically five reasons.

4. Wardrobe staple. This baby will go with just about everything.

5. Workable for every season. You read correctly. This style works any time of year. So sport even in the winter if the temp permits!

Okay, now time for the goods! All of these jackets are under $50! Tweet me @jessieholeva to share how you’d style it!

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3 Diffusion Lines That Should Be On Your Radar

JC Penney

It’s a common myth that you have to break your wallet to look good or get designer style. It’s always the question of whether to opt for the quick, cheap outfit or spring for an invest piece, a quality piece you’ll have for a while. Have no fear – diffusion lines are here! Diffusion lines are great because they allow you to get the newest designer fashions minus the hefty price tag. Why do we love diffusion lines? Take a look at three we’ve been eyeing and see for yourself…

Designer: Janie Bryant- Costume Designer
Launch: Spring 2013
Price: Range from $29.50-$375
Why: Blast from the Past. Mod Vibe of the ’60s
Style: Late 60s mod fashion mixed with in your face prints and bold & bright colors.
Tip: Influenced by runway trends, get ready for a blast back to a time of geometric jewelry, graphic scarves, capris, and keyhole details. Match a solid colored piece along with a graphic one to stand out amongst the masses. Take a sneak peek into the collection here!
Launch: hit stores February 1st. It’s currently available
Price: Range from $17-$40
Why: Brighten up your wardrobe with these fun pieces!
Style: Fun, young and the perfect addition to wake up your closet.
Tip: This line was created to be fun and exciting! Get funky and mix and match pieces together!
Fave: Zip-Front Cardigan  ($40)
Launch: hit stores February 10th. It’s currently available.
Price: Range from $13-$200
Why: Inspired by the different stages of love.
Style: Light, floral and sheer. These pieces seem innocent, honest, and comfy.
Tip: The pieces in this line evolve from innocence to the confidence that love creates and encompasses. If you aren’t a fan of florals and pastel colors, this line isn’t for you.
Fave: Floral Dress. ($49.99) It’s structured shape makes it appropriate for all occasions.
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Why We Love: Galoshes

By Brooke

It goes without question that Sandy has given us the perfect reason to scope out galoshes. Out of all rain wear, galoshes are the most practical item to add to your wardrobe, plus they’re most fun to dress up! I’m still haunted with the thought of the hideous bulky yellow rain boots my parents used to make me wear as a child. But celebs like Hilary Duff have been spotted casually rocking this look reviving hope to this trend! Hilary has made Hunter boots a staple item in her wardrobe, and we can see why. When you search images for celebs in rain boots, all that pops up are pictures of Hunter boots, a lot of pictures. Although these boots tend to run on the more expensive side (a Trend-Hungry approved splurge), there are a lot of ways to get this look without emptying your bank account. Feeling a little skeptical about investing in a pair of galoshes? Here are a few reasons that put our savvy-saving minds at ease …



1. Sandy. I think that should say enough.

2. Showoff your style. These babies come in all sorts of fun patterns and prints. They can liven up the most simple outfit while serving their purpose. Continue reading…

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Why We Love: Fringe Boots

In honor of boot season, (yes, there is a boot season and it goes from September to May) I’m going to let you in on my favorite boot trend – fringe. Okay, fringe is one of those trends that keeps reoccurring, and on various pieces – bags, skirts, your hair. But I’m not sick of it and fringe boots are always on the top of my shopping/browsing list. In honor of my quest for the perfect fringe boots (I think I found them!), here’s a slew of celebs wearing this trend over the last few years: Mischa Barton, Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Vanessa Hudgens. And, here are four reasons why we (as in me, Trend Hungry Contributors, and you fab fashionistas!) are obsessing over fringe boots.

#whywelove: fringe boots

1. They’re a statement piece. Fringe can be subtle, but those hanging pieces add interest – perfect for pairing with other trned, or letting the boots be the focus. Continue reading…