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{Video Tip} The Right Brush For Flawless Makeup

makeup tutorial

You may recall that Trend Hungry’s weekly video series Trend Bite took a hiatus around the end of summer. It honestly just came down to being crazy busy, scheduling conflicts, and giving a lot my creative juices to TV segments, other media outlets, and clients (personal styling, and brand collaborations).

So we shot a some videos in the fall and I held off on putting them up since I wasn’t entirely sure what my plan was – do I continue doing weekly videos, change up the concept, or take a break from YouTube? Well, I’m honestly super indecisive and still haven’t fully decided what this next move is for Trend Bite, so I thought I’d put out the last ones shot that have never before been seen and see what you think.

Here’s how to get a flawless finish from your foundation.


The Kabuki brush I’m using came from my friends at The Body Shop. I got it last year when working with them on a big event and have been using it ever since. The hairs are synthetic but don’t feel it and are bound in a way that keeps all the hairs secure – no shedding!!

So should Trend Bite stay? Should I do a different video series? How often would you like to see videos?

I really want your opinion so please serve it up in the comment section below.

Xo! Jessie



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Trend Bite: Make a Statement, DIY Your Bobby Pins

fashion blog hair DIY

Happy Wednesday!! It’s HUMP DAY … and time for another TREND BITE!!! This Wednesday I’m happier than a camel on Hump Day! I just got done at a photoshoot for a local magazine called Philly Current (sneak peek on Instagram) and had such a blast styling and modeling fall fashions for my budget babes!

hair accessory DIY

Now it’s time for me to return clothing samples, eat (I forget to do that when in work mode), and share with you this week’s video blog and I’m talking about hair accessories again and am showing you a DIY that I’ve been doing since literally 4th grade.

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Reuse & Repurpose Your Accessories – Trend Bite


Get inventive girl! A true Trend Hungry fashionista must think outside the box and have fun with style. Do boring pieces that everyone owns win the compliments? Well, sometimes. But, really fabulous style is making it your own, like I did here with by turning by necklace into a hair accessory. video-blog-hair-tip

Even though here at Trend Hungry we like to keep up and be the first on our block to rock blue mascara, it’s all in the styling. So wear the trend your own way and make it work for your life, style, and budget. The more YOU you make the trend, the more amazing it looks!

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Trend Bite: How to Wear a Maxi Dress as a Skirt

Style Video: how to wear a maxi dress as a skirt

Style Video: how to wear a maxi dress as a skirt

This tip, like many others, came to me in that moment of staring into my closet saying “I have nothing to wear.” As I gaze at my clothes as a painter would colors and brushes, I dream up ways to pair the pieces I own in a different way. It’s basically out of necessity, but it sure does make my wardrobe go the distance and helps my shopping trips become fewer.

Dress Forever 21 circa 2011 // Top c/o Nich //Necklace c/o Sears.

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Trend Bite: The Easiest Way to Alter Your Summer Dress

style video: how to alter your dress with ease

Like my dress? Kohl’s sent this to be from their line with Candies and I’m obsessed with it, but it’s a pinch big in the bust. Then I stumbled upon this quick tip while out for a business lunch at Parc ( it’s THE place for dining al fresco in Philly). I complimented the hostess’s dress and she told me she noticed it was too big when she got to work, so she took off her earrings for an impromptu pinning – genius!!

 Tag: Candie’s Hi-Low Chiffon Floral Dress $58.00, 

sale $39.99 (c/o) Kohl’s.
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Trend Bite: Go from Office to Cocktails in an Instant

Trend Hungry Style Tip: How togo from the office to happy hour

Don’t drag your big, bulky bag from work out for drinks.  Use a clutch as your wallet and grab it when ready to ditch your desk and a work bag.

Tag: Big Buddha Clutch (birthday present from my boyfriend’s mom) // Turban (c/o) Melissa Viella – $20  // Necklace (c/o) Kardashian Kollection // Cropped Top (c/o) Nich, Skirt (actually a dress, and three years old) Forever 21.

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