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{Celeb Style} Miranda Kerr & Kourtney Kardashian in Double Denim


Traditionally, double denim is seen as a giant fashion faux pas. But for the past three years, this trend has become more and popular.

Notice the two different ways these two famous fashionista are wearing this trend. Miranda Kerr has her top tucked in for a more polished look, while Kourtney Kardashian has hers untucked for a more casual style. Either way, their styles give off a softer look and vibe. Their simplistic choices make double denim look flawless.

This trend is super attainable with a skinny budget. We all probably have a favorite pair of jeans, so all we really need is a good top. Here’s some double-denim inspiration:


H&M Skinny Regular Jeans (Dark), $40 | H&M Skinny Regular Jeans, $30 | Halogen Long Sleeve Chambray, $68 now $39 | Forever 21 Collared Chambray Shirt, $29

There are a few rules to this trend, such as:

1. Mix your washes

For a more contrast, pair a light chambray top with darker bottoms. A darker wash on the bottom create an elongated  leg and & slimming effect.

2. Don’t go overboard

As a stretch, think of Justin Timberlake & Britney Spear’s infamous double-denim look, circa 2001.  That’s what not to wear.

3. Create a softer look

Add strappy heels or put on a neutral statement necklace. The style this look takes on really depends on how you choose to accessorize.

4. Tuck and roll

Take a cue for Ms. Kerr by cuffing your sleeves. Or tuck in the top to show your waist.

Whose look do you prefer – Miranda Kerr or Kourtney Kardashian? 

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Kendall Jenner Wearing All-Black Everything


Is Kendall Jenner the new  “it” model on the scene? She is looking more grown up, dressing more chic, and has been spotted asll over New York & London Fashion Week.  She’s taking over the fashion scene (hello, did you see her walking the runway is a sheer shirt?) and positioning herself quite well. Just this past weekend Jenner wore an all-black ensemble while attending the Topshop Unique at  London Fashion Week. Oh and she was sitting next to Anna Wintour!

Looks like she is doing her thang and also reminding us that black always looks cool. Here’s a few reasons why wearing all-black everything is a good move.


1. Black is slimming.

2. Black is cool. I know this lists sounds like it’s written by a first grader, but seriously – wearing all black just looks cool.

3. Labels don’t matter. Yeah, you don’t have to spend to get this trend. Any black will do, as long as it’s in good condition and not too faded.

4. Easy to accessorize. Go gold, silver, sparkly, dainty, bold, whatever you’re digging.

5. Perfect in a pinch. Not sure what the attire is for where you’re going or forget to plan an outfit entirely. A few place pieces are bound to match.

Add coolness to your all-black outfit by adding leather (we prefer faux).

{image via}

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Style Flashback: The Good Times of Amanda Bynes

stylish times for amanda bynes

It’s a shame when it happens… and it happens more than necessary! It happened to Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Demi Lovato…I’m talking about celebrities that fall off the rector a little bit but eventually get back to sanity.

amanda bynes style

Right now, it’s all about Amanda Bynes. The tweets, the wig, the arrest, but worst of all-THE FASHION. Instead of dwelling on the negatives and the woulda, shoulda, couldas, let’s take a flashback at some of Ms. Bynes best style moments. (Sorry Amanda- we know you don’t want us to use old pictures, but it’s a must!)

Coffee-Break Chic


Seriously Amanda! She kills it with this look. Whether it’s grabbing coffee with a girlfriend or shopping in the city, this look is comfy, stylish and appears effortless! Are you having trouble taking your eyes off those killer heels? Thought so.

The CL by Laundry Ines Wedge Sandal is only $44.95 and gives off the same strappy look as Bynes wedge, plus has a fun tribal print on the wedge to spice things up!

Night on the Town


Cute, cute….CUTE! It’s warm outside so why not show some skin like Amanda! What’s your favorite piece from this outfit? If you said everything…you’re correct! The contrast of black, white and pastel pink is working great with this night time ensemble. The different textures on the skirt give the look more edge and the pastel pink purse balances femininity and sexiness.

Get the same look on top with an American Apparel White Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Tee on sale for $23.80 that breathes nicely, works well for going out but can also be transferrable to beach wear!

On the Go!

Trend Hungry needs the fashion Gods to have a word with Ms.Bynes!! This last picture is bringing us back to the good ole times. This look below encompasses that girl next door look or the I just threw this one and still look fabulous.


Denim shorts. The #1 must have for warm weather. If you don’t have a pair, make sure they’re a part of your wardrobe ASAP.  What do you think about these Charlotte Russe Crochet Trim Frayed Denim Shorts for only $12.49? Sounds like a steal to us!

Wedges, sheer shirts, denim shorts and you’re all set for the summer courtesy of Amanda!

Are you loving her classic looks or are you a total fan of new Amanda?

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Style Profile: Ode to Danielle Fishel (aka TOPANGA!!)

Danielle Fishel, aka Topanga

In case you haven’t been near a computer for the past week, Danielle Fishel, better known as Topanga from Boy Meets World, has been making her mark all over the internet with a new steamy Maxim cover. Mr. Feeny…Cory Mathews…Chubbies- who doesn’t remember this iconic tv series! If you don’t tune in to catch reruns of the crew every weekend, here’s a flashback into the style history of every guy’s dream girl…Topanga.

Cropped Top

fishel crop top

This picture completely defines the 90s. She’s totally rockin’ the look, but WOW! 90s’s fashion was something else, don’t you think? Spring is just around the corner so get ready to witness everyone’s navels peeking out. Crop tops go great with high waist jeans or a flowing skirt for those warmer spring evenings. Crazy to think but 90s fashion is slowly making a comeback. Check out this crop top we found on sale for only $7.49!

Boyfriend Jeans Danielle_Fishel-008p


Meet wannabe bad girl Topanga (what season is this picture from?) Boyfriend jeans are a great item that every girl should have in their closet. They work great year round and are really sexy when paired with some heels or wedges. Check this pair out for only $21.99, Good call Topanga!

Call Me Maybe?

Topanga who?? I think everyone’s jaws dropped when this picture leaked last week. Topanga is back and looking better than ever. Feeling comfortable in your skin while looking sexy is exactly what this picture exudes. Every girl should have that special lingerie set that makes her feel sexy.

Jean Jackets


Hi my name’s Topanga and I’m just one of the guys! If you did a quick glance of this picture, you’d never be able to tell there’s a fierce mama under those clothes. Trend Hungry loves jean jackets…just not in this look. (It’s okay…we’ll blame it on the decade.) Rock darker denims in the fall and winter and save the lighter rinses for spring and summer.



Hello there. This is my favorite look because 1.She looks fabulous. 2. She’s rocking lingerie during the day. 3. Topanga is back! Thin-strapped dresses are ideal because they can be taken from the street to the bedroom.

Fun fact: If you have a form-fitting dress, it can easily be tucked into high-waisted jeans to emulate a bustier. We love this River Island dress! How about you?

What was your favorite Topanga style? Share by leaving a comment below!

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5 Style Lessons On How To Wear Polka Dots From Taylor Swift

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 1.29.54 AM

By Brooke

They’re fun, flirty, and a chronic obsession for Taylor Swift! Polka Dots- a long-lived trend that has been passed down from generation to generation. Snapbacks & Tattoos put snapbacks back on the map, Nelly’s Air Force Ones reminded everyone to get their shoe game together, and Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ got ladies thinking about the summer. Fashionistas have been rockin’ polka dots dating all the way back to the ’60s (work it ladies!)

Today, this classic trend works great with beachwear, nightlife, and everyday living. If I had to make one assumption,  I’d say T Swift is completely enthralled with this trend- check her out in the latest ad for Keds!  That being said, let’s take a peek into how to successfully rock polka dots like the expert herself, Ms. Harry Styles (whoops, I mean T. Swift). Continue reading…

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5 Style Lessons from Fifth Harmony

By Brooke

Confession: It’s human nature to naturally be jealous of each another, but it’s most taxing when the envy is towards someone a lot younger, isn’t it? Now that I’ve let all my emotions out on the table, I need everyone to know about five amazing ladies that make up the group Fifth Harmony. Other than the unexpected recent reunion of Destiny’s Child, there hasn’t been a girl group on our radar in years! Similar to groups in the past, Fifth Harmony encompasses talent, attitude and of course FASHION. Each member has their own unique personality and style that is tied together by the chemistry of the group. Fifth Harmony’s style is fun, modern and young. Even though each lady has their own fashion voice, their collective look is kept consistent with a common denominator.

Let’s take a peek at my favorite looks from Fifth Harmony.
Photo c/o
Greyscale: Grey is a color that’s in the same family as your whites, blacks and navys. With so much versatility, grey is great because it compliments other basic colors and pastels. From summer to winter, a grey sun dress goes great with a pastel sun hat and bathing suit or rock a white shirt and navy blazer with grey wide leg pants. And of course, let’s not forget about your night on the town- a grey sequined or sparkled dress is perfect for any city girl. Continue reading…
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Five Style Lessons from Elizabeth Taylor

By Brooke

Like everything in life, we must learn from the past to prepare for the future. History repeats itself…over and over again, especially in the world of fashion. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend wasn’t just a song popularized by Marilyn Monroe but also the lifestyle of Elizabeth Taylor. With the premiere of Liz & Dick over the weekend (insert opinions on movie here), a Blast from the Past Style Lesson is well deserved. Elizabeth Taylor is a fashion icon who encompassed class, sexiness and confidence in everything she wore. Whether it was a pair of studs, a diamond necklace or a studded headpiece, Liz had an undeniable love for jewelry. Liz would match the elegance of diamonds in a casual outfit of capris, flats, head scarf, and shirt and sport the same jewels with a long flowing gown, kitten heels and fur shawl. Think twice before you step outside in a pair of sweats ladies. Elizabeth reminds us that class is a look that should be carried from day to night. No matter what time of day, you can never go wrong with a perfectly stenciled cat-eye, juicy red lipstick, and loose kept curls. Let’s take a glance at our favorite Elizabeth Taylor looks.

1. Turbans. Bad hair day approved. If you thought this trend was something new, think again. Liz shows that this trend can go from super casual to super chic in no time! A turban can finish the equation to the lazy beach bum or the red carpet diva. Here’s a video we made showing how to DIY your own turban by simply tying your scarf. Continue reading…

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Five Style Lessons from Kiernan Shipka

By Kelsey

Well we just stumbled upon something interesting – that awkward moment when a 12 year old, Kiernan Shipka (AKA Mad Men’s Sally Draper) has better style than you.  Her undeniable elegance is shown through her fashion choices. Although we’d like to think someone a little older is responsible for her fashion choices, her love for ballet, eloquence, and the 50’s shine through regardless of age. Kiernan is known for her adorable collection of perfectly-tailored dresses. Bows, pink, and adorable flats are a part of her daily wardrobe. Although Kiernan takes on a more delicate look, there are times she pairs a glamorous dress with a pair of distressed army boots. We are also a huge fan of her layered bracelets and bands, not to mention her fabulous hair styles that seem to match every outfit perfectly. Check out some of our favorite Kiernan Shipka looks. You may find learn a few things.

1. It’s never too soon for a sock bun. Every age looks good with a chic bun. We adore this ballerina bun. It is a quick style that fixes a bad hair day while showing off your stunning face. Kieran is seriously schooling us right now! Continue reading…

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