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Reads Du Jour: Kate Middleton in Labor // Philly Blog Love Launch

philadelphia fashion blogger happy hour

Happy Monday! Let’s catch up, shall we?

philadelphia fashion blogger happy hour

1. Since Kate Middleton is in labor, now seems like a good time to take a stroll back and check out her royal-prego style on Glamour.

2. Need nude shoes? Here’s a pair for every budget on the Simon Style Setter Blog.

3. Eat yourself pretty. The Beauty Department came up with a list of snacks to enhance your natural beauty – genius!

4. Sampan & Sangria. My newest venture Philly Blog Love  hosted a blogger happy hour last week. (some of the guests pictured above – thanks Chaucee for the great photos!!)

5. Speaking of happy hour, here’s a post I recently did on the 3 things you need to take your outfit from office hours to happy hour.

6. Rihanna dyed her hair gray. Why??



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#4U2Read: NYFW Style & VMA Nails

It’s New York Fashion Week! I spent Monday and Tuesday in NYC for some fashionable festivities then spent Fashion’s Night Out hosting the blogger lounge at the King of Prussia Mall. Tomorrow I’m back in NYC for a jam-packed day of fashion (follow along on Instagram @trendhungryblog) and I’m also on Better TV tomorrow showing you how to wear white jeans after Labor Day. Then I’ll be back in the Philly area for The Philadelphia Collection (a fashion celebration in Philly) and I’m most excited for the HUGE event at South Moon Under that yours truly will be hosting. You’re invited! Here are the details. Okay, enough about me, let’s see what’s going on in the fashion blogosphere.


Photo: Getty Images/@KatyPerry's Twitter


1. Cosmo is now a fashion collection, and it’s at JCPenney. The lingerie is perfect for a Cosmo girl and the price point is just right! – The Budget Babe

2. Friendship bracelets were so ten minutes ago. Opt for a more sophisticated, stackable bracelet and don’t buy, DIY! – Stripes & Sequins

3. Fashion week street style def sets trends. Here’s what Fashionista found on the streets. Also, take notice to the site’s redesign. Looking good! – Fashionista

4. Get your nails did! Don’t even think of attending a big event without a statement manicure. The VMA’s are a big deal and nails must be outlandish. – MTV Style


Thanks for reading and enjoy what’s left of your weekend! Hope to see you this Thursday at South Moon Under  – free mini makeovers, manicures, and swag bags too!!

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#4U2Read: Kim K Is Selfish + #IFBCon Coming Up!

Not gonna lie, I’m kind of freakin out! This Tuesday AM I’m filming my second-ever national segment with Better TV. From there, I’m off to Day 1 of the Independent Fashion Blogger Conference. It’ll be a fun-filled day of fashion-blogging 411, meeting lots of fashionable people, but this will be my first time in NYC all by myself for more than a few hours. I live only tow hours away, but the IFB CON is a two-day thing and so, this will be my first time in a hotel all alone! I’m pretending it’s like dorming and am telling myself everyone will be in the same boat.

On the to-do list: steam clothes for the TV segment, pick out and pack conference outfits, clean makeup brushes and pack up my beauty essentials, print my ticket,  organize my purse and equip it with lots of business cards, and map out my trip (I’d be lost without the Map Quest app on my phone).

Okay, now that I’ve vented out my worries (if you’re going to the IFB Con tweet me @trendhungryblog) here are the four reads this week.

1. Kim Kardashian is selfish. Sorry, but she’s selling swag (aka free clothes) and only donating 10 % to charity, not cool. – Fashionista

2. How much do you make? Here’s how the fashion industry sizes up on salary. – The Gloss

3. The Road ahead for independent bloggers. – Independent Fashion Bloggers.

4. How to transition to next season with ease. – Lush to Blush

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#4U2Read: Kanye Picks Kim’s Clothes

Woot! Woot! It’s already time for another weekly roundup, tweet it using the hashtag #4U2read. This week flew by! Between a TV segment for NBC10 on the fly, styling a shoot today, and working with a web designer to make Trend Hungry even more fabulous (should be done in a few weeks!), it’s been pretty cray cray. This week will be just as busy with a shoot with eHow (can’t wait to share the footage!!), finishing up planning a national segment, and the FNO blogger preview event. Ahh, team Trend Hungry will need a fashionista-ish cocktail by mid September! In the mean time, read what’s trending in the fashion blog world and gear up for another fashionable week, you trendsetter, you!


Kimye (Kim Kardashian & Kanye West) dress alike for a reason. Kanye basically runs Kim K.’s closet. – The Cut 

The cat eye is so tough to perfect, but a piece of tape makes it much easier! Think we should take this tip and shoot a Trend Bite on it?  – The Beauty Department

Audit your closet. Here are 10 reason why you should! – You Look Fab

Make yourself a new scarf, no sewing required! – The Fab & Frugal

Thanks for reading! Comment below and tweet with the hashtag #4u2read!

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#4U2Read: Are Bras Healthy to Sleep In?

Hi there and happy Sunday! Yesterday I was in NYC for the AM to attend a fabulous blogger brunch where I got to meet some cool people and nibble on yummy bites – thanks Rebecca from A Daily Something for throwing such a beautiful blogger brunch! Today I slept till noon (hate when I do that), but needed rest because tomorrow’s to-do list is HUGE, including lots of blogging and prepping for an upcoming shoot with eHow!!

I’ve also been busy Fung Shui-ing my apartment and attending yoga, both of which I totally believe are bringing goodness and opportunity into my life.  Okay, without boring you more about my life, here are four blog posts hand selected by yours truly. Read and share w/ hashtag #4u2read!

Image Via Gilt Group

1. Weeds is what put Copenhagen on the fashion map for me (remember Silas got his modeling start there). Check out what walked down the runway for their Fashion Week. – Fashion Indie

2. Are babies assholes? You may not agree with this article, but it’s pretty funny, so read it! – Jezebel

3. Is sleeping in your bra good for you? This beauty myth must be answered! – Stylelist

4. Get the look for less of one of the girls from Bravo’s new show Gallery Girls. – The Budgetista


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#4U2Read: Whitney Port Asks For Money

Hello and Happy Sunday! What’s up? Well, since I’m writing this, I guess I answer my own question. Today I’m at my parents’ house in Northeastern PA. My boyfriend and I came for a quick visit to catch up with my family and get away from life for a moment  – sometimes you just gotta get out of your space to clear your head. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to share my top four reads this week. Let’s kick off the blog love. If you wanna get in on the good blog karma, leave a comment below and tweet this post with the hashtag #4u2read.


1. Whitney Port needs donations for her fashion line!?!?! I love her and interviewed Whitney before, but this sounds a little off. – Jezebel

2. If Bloggers Ruled The World ( ahh, I love this title already!) – The popular blog Table For Two gives us a peek into her life. You’ll love her, her recipes (perfect for two people – love it!!), and the blog that’s featuring her. - Julep Made

3. Prints are going a little bit cray cray. Check out these digital designs you can wear.  – Beauty Riot

4. A lot of blogs compare interior design to fashion. The new take: comparing ice cream to makeup shades. It just so happens that ice cream and makeup are two of my favorite things. And, you’ll look delish! – 15 Minute Beauty

Thanks for reading! Show some love by tweeting this with the hashtag #4u2read. Gracias!!



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#4U2Read: Outfit Crush & Lauren Conrad’s Craft

Happy Sunday Funday! Hope you got to sleep in and are ready to take on the world tomorrow. I messed  my sleep schedule yesterday by waking up at 4 AM and decided to start on a vision board. That’s one of my new goals – a monthly board (vision, mood, dream – they’re all pretty similar). This board of inspiration will keep me focused, motivated, and inspired.

Hopefully next time I’ll pick a more normal time of day to finish my board. Right now, I’m feeling kinda crafty, as you may be able to tell from my reads listed.


Image Via Penny Chic

1. Looking for the perfect LWD (little white dress)? How about a whole outfit that looks identical to one of Heidi Klum‘s for under $70?!? Here you go! – Penny Chic

2. Get crafty with Lauren Conrad‘s new do-it-yourself washer bracelet. It’s pretty and idiot proof – my favorite! – Lauren Conrad

3. Ever thought of making your own clothes? This blog makes it seem so easy. Check out this DIY circle skirt. Note: Does require a sewing machine.  – A Pair And A Spare

4. Trays make everything look better – baubles, bling, and snacks too. – Cupcakes & Cashmere

If you liked my picks, tweet it with the hashtag #4U2read. Enjoy your Sunday!!


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#4U2Read: Floral Crowns & Bar-Cart Cravings

Hi there and Happy Sunday. This week was struck with tragedy in Colorado. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the victims in the movie theater shooting and am deeply saddened by such an unbelievable event. It’s hard not to think about it and watch every piece of news on the matter, but sometimes you have to step away from all that heartbreak and give yourself a break. Hope these four blog posts I found add a little light into your day. We all could use a little distraction.


If you enjoy the articles below, be sure to share on Twitter using the hashtag #4U2Read.


Showoff your inner flower child. Floral crowns are in full bloom (check mine out from Freed Love in this vid). Now you can craft your own using a headband and some fun flowers. It’s very Lana-Del-Rey-esque – Fuji Files

Bar carts are all the rage in fashionista living (I’ve been dying to DIY one!) and here are ten essentiasl for a super-fab mobile mini bar. – Glitter Guide

Translucent accessories are trending and this DIY see-through clutch looks so luxe, I can’t even believe it’s a DIY. Bonus: this is modeled after a Charlotte Olympia bag I LOVED, but HATED the price ($995 -eek!). So, the fact that there’s an awesome how-to version is seriously exciting me. (Thanks Stripes & Sequins for linking to this! ) – Sprinkles in Springs

Are you a bride on a budget? Topshop now carries bridal by Richard Nicoll and everything is under $600. – The Budgetista

Thanks for reading! Come again soon and tweet me @trendhungryblog

XO! Jessie


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#4U2Read: Nail Necessities & A Blog For Boyfriends

Hi there and Happy Sunday! I just woke up (it’s after 1pm!) and SO needed that sleep. This week included filming a slew of TV segments, a blog seminar with the super-star blogger Meg of Mimi+Meg (also got to meet Lara of The Glossarie – love that site!), deep cleaning my apartment, missing my roomie/boyfriend – he was in LA for a few days, and dancing my booty off last night at a friend’s wedding.

Now that I’m caught up on sleep and missed yoga class (what else is new?), it’s time for me to share my top four reads of the week! Hope you like them and feel the urge to share with your fashionable friends – hashtag #4U2Read.


Image Via High Snobiety

1. Save money and DIY your manicure ( I  haven’t had a mani in three years!). Here are some tools worthy of wanting/needing/buying. – The Glossarie

2. Virgin America is getting new uniforms by Banana Republic. My boyfriend just flew Virgin (relatively new airline to Philly) and they’ve already got cool lights, good music, and video games on your own little personal TV.  - Fashionista

3. This next blog I just discovered and don’t love it for me, but for my boyfriend (sorry to type about him so much – I just missed him). It’s for men, but not metro men, guys that wanna look good, but sleek and not over the top. They’ve got a whole section just for sneakers. Check out these Batman Chuck Taylor kicks – I wouldn’t even be embarrassed to be seen with someone wearing these.  – High Snobiety

4. What’s better than me linking to one of my favorite reads? Linking to one of my favorite blog’s favorite reads. Let’s get inside and see what they’re reading. The list includes an awesome interior makeover I’m really coveting  – Mimi+Meg

Thanks for reading. Share using the hashtag #4U2Read and comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

XO! Jessie

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#4U2Read: Suri Is Funnier Than Fashion Police!

Headlines are in and I read a lot of blogs. It’s literally one of my favorite things to do . Blogs inform me on the kind of stuff I care about – fun foods, fashion news, decorating inspiration, and a good laugh about celebrity babies  – I have been doing nothing but reading every single entry of Suri’s Burn Book since I discovered it! She’s like Perez Hilton, but waspy and even quicker to judge.

Suri hates this attempt at being sassy - Image Via Suri's Burn Book

1. Nutella, strawberries, and marshmellow? Best combo ever!! - Oh Joy!

2. You can still dress in themes in your old age and look fabulous! – Advanced Style

3. 3D nail art. Will you try this trend? – Mr. Kate

4. There’s a new glass slipper in town and it’s got a red sole. – Slaves to Fashion

Like what I picked? Comment below and share your newly-discovered reads!

Happy Weekend, Sassy Lady!

P.S. Giving away mint jeans from Artifact! Enter Now! Winner is picked Monday (tomorrow!!)