What girl doesn’t want to be a bombshell? Sexy, glam, and alluring are the words that come to mind when bombshell is uttered. Channel your inner vixen with some sheer tights, sultry undergarments, a little bling, a fresh manicure, and plump lips.

Famous bombshells: Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Loren, Adriana Lima, and Dita von Teese.


bombshell style

Okay, let’s get down to the bombshell style essentials. What does one really need to be a “bombshell”? Attitude – that’s what! It’s all about having confidence and owning your sexuality. Think when you are feeling your most sexy and self assured – that’s bombshell all day.

Every girl can use a little boost to get your mojo up and in the right mental frame of mind. Those essentials include…

-Lip plumper – because your kissers are mucho importante and a little extra pout never hurt nobody. Prestige Wonderfull plumps for pennies.

– Sheer tights –  This pair from Hanes is under $6 at Walmart and can be worn every season, or perhaps even in the bedroom?

– Blingy earrings –  Swarovski adds the right amount of sparkle and will make even jeans and a tee feel more glam.

– The right undergarments. Red is one sexy shade and this bra is made for the well-en·dowed. It’s by My Curves & Me, which specializes in bras for the busty beauty. Talk about bombshell!

– Bombshell mani/pedi – The two hues are from Julep’s Bombshell box. Three products, one box, 20 bucks, not bad.

The Bombshell Manual of Style – if you wanna be a bombshell on the daily then this book with guide you through picking a fragrance, bombshell outfits, and even has some fun quizzes. Gotta love an interactive read.

How do you channel your inner bombshell? Let us know in the comments below!

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