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DIY Olympic-Medal Manicure

The highly-anticipated Olympics are in full swing. You’ve probably already been watching the swimming and gymnastic events and have been wondering how to incorperate Olympic style into your look (I know I have!). Lucky for you (and me!) I’ve figured out an easy way that fits a skinny budget and I’m calling it the Olympic-Medal Mani.

It’s basically a half-moon manicure (super popular!), but with some patriotic-pretty polishes. Celebrity Inspiration – Rita Ora, Rihanna, Lauren Conrad, Dita Von Teese, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian.


What you’ll need – hole punch stickers, three nails polishes – one metallic, one colored (try red, white, or blue for US team spirit), a clear top coat … and a semi-steady hand.

1. Polish your nails in the metallic hue. Do two coats and let dry.

2. Once nails are dry (must be very dry!), add whole punch stickers to the moons of your nails (lower circle lines towards the cuticles). Secure stickers to all 10 nails.

3. Add your second color. Start at where the end of the sticker is. Repeat for all 10 nails.

4. Let dry.

5. Peel off stickers.

6. Add a clear top coat.

7. Instagram your nails and tag me @trendhungryblog. Hashtag it too #olympicmedalmani

8. I’ll tweet it and we’ll be nail twins.

9. That’s all folks!

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Get Lucy Hale’s Blood-Orange Lips

This bright red-orange shade is a summer staple. Lucy Hale just donned the hue at the Teen Choice Awards and this trend is leaping from clothes to your kissers. Check out her lips. I’m loving the look and spent quite a lot of time in Walmart makeup isle to find the perfect orangey hue for my kissers.

Let’s be real, orange lips are not going to work all year round, so I’m def looking for a budget buy and ended up opting for one of those Just Bitten lip crayons. After I used it once I seriously thought of returning it (Walmart will literally take anything, and I mean anything, back). After a few more uses, I’m hooked.


Tag: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, Rendezvous, $7.69 @ Target. (it’s cheaper at Target than Walmart)

Why I hated it: The color wasn’t saturated enough. I was looking for an in-your-face neon lip. This is a lip stain balm, so ended up with a more sheer tint.

Why I now love it: Like I said, orange lips are not the most versatile. It’s a statement, but thanks to the less-shocking pigment the color works with my lip tone to create a more blood-orange color and it’s gives me that trendsetter style with more wearability. Plus, this product feels awesome on. It’s hydrating, has menthol, and seals in the color for a fabulous finish.

So have you tried an orange-lip hue yet? Comment below!



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#4U2Read: Outfit Crush & Lauren Conrad’s Craft

Happy Sunday Funday! Hope you got to sleep in and are ready to take on the world tomorrow. I messed  my sleep schedule yesterday by waking up at 4 AM and decided to start on a vision board. That’s one of my new goals – a monthly board (vision, mood, dream – they’re all pretty similar). This board of inspiration will keep me focused, motivated, and inspired.

Hopefully next time I’ll pick a more normal time of day to finish my board. Right now, I’m feeling kinda crafty, as you may be able to tell from my reads listed.


Image Via Penny Chic

1. Looking for the perfect LWD (little white dress)? How about a whole outfit that looks identical to one of Heidi Klum‘s for under $70?!? Here you go! – Penny Chic

2. Get crafty with Lauren Conrad‘s new do-it-yourself washer bracelet. It’s pretty and idiot proof – my favorite! – Lauren Conrad

3. Ever thought of making your own clothes? This blog makes it seem so easy. Check out this DIY circle skirt. Note: Does require a sewing machine.  – A Pair And A Spare

4. Trays make everything look better – baubles, bling, and snacks too. – Cupcakes & Cashmere

If you liked my picks, tweet it with the hashtag #4U2read. Enjoy your Sunday!!


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Nail Necessity: Mannequin Manicure

Have you ever taken a look at a mannequin’s hands? Their nails are the perfect flesh tone, femininely shaped (slightly rounded), and go with any outfit the store chooses to dress them in. That is one versatile manicure. Plus, it elongates your nail bed and makes those fingers look long and lean, oh la la.

I’m trying out this neutral and natural look and am loving it. Chips are less noticeable and any nail polish slip up isn’t a problem, as it blends in with my skin. See for yourself by checking out my Instagram (aka my manicure diary).

1. Milani in Natural Touch 21A, $3.49 @ / 2. Wet n Wild Megalast in Private Viewing 204B, $1.99 @ /3. Sally Hansen in Mudslide, $6.99 / 4. Natural Shimmer Nail Polish @ Forever 21 / 5. Deborah Lippman in Naked, $16.00 @ / 6. Sephora by OPI in Nonfat Soy Half Caff , $9.50 @ Sephora.

Have a good skin tone shade I should know about? Like this look or is it too plain for your digits? Comment below!

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Kristen Stewart Cheats on Rob & Fashion

Kristen Stewart cheating on Rob Pattinson isn’t her only crime. She breaks a lot of fashion laws. And just when we thought she was getting it together, she’s still making major mistakes. Rob deserves a girl that cares to keep her lips to one lover and her look a bit less homeless.


Image Via NewNowNext

1. Her signature sneakers. I love converses, but we’ve seen you wear them far too often in the wrong setting. They say dress for the job you want. She clearly wants to work in a skate shop.

2. Makeup. Do you have a makeup artist? There are tons of online tutorials to help you. This pic above  looks pretty decent, but that’s a fluke.

3. The hair. I get the whole “elegantly disheveled,” but a hair brush goes a long way. And can someone please explain the lone braid? Random and fugly.

Sorry Kristen. Today you are just an epic fashion fail. Now it’s time for you to weigh in. What do you think of her cheating and her weird braid. Comment below!

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SRS: The Webster at Target is Cheapalicous

Hello my Trend-Hungry Fashionistas! Today starts a brand new series to the blog, and the subject is something we all crave – sales! It’s called Sale-Rack Skinny and every Wednesday, a different blogger will stop by to share their sale-rack score. Today we’re kicking it off with a budget-blogging babe that’s given me quite a lot of blogging advice and I constantly check her site to find out the sale scoop. Without further adieu, here’s Niki of Cheapalicious.

I’m going to be honest with you.  I never really shop Target’s designer collabs when they first debut in stores.  If it’s something that I’m just dying to have, then I will pay full price before it sells out.  But, I usually wait until it goes on clearance, so if my size is still available AND it’s on clearance, that’s definitely a win for me.  Well, my sale stalking paid off this time around.  I found this Webster for Target flamingo top on the clearance rack a couple of weeks ago for only $14.99!


Tag:  The Webster at Target Flamingo Print Top $29.99 $14.99  @ Target (sale price was in store)

Take Note:  It’s also available in petites and plus size.

I fell in love with this top (and other pieces in the collection) the first time I saw it. I love the bold, tropical print! It’s so perfect  for summer!  I haven’t worn it yet, but I have a couple of ideas in mind, like pairing it with white, ankle-length skinnies and metallic flats for the weekend, or tucking it into a khaki pencil skirt and adding a pair of nude pumps for the office.

Like her Cheapalicious find? Show some love by visiting her on Facebook, Twitter & even tweeting this find with the hashtag #saleskinny.

Thanks for stopping by! Next week there will be a new blogger here with the skinny on their sale-rack steal. Come again soon and comment below!


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Kim & Kanye Copy Katie & Suri’s Matchy Looks

By Kelsey

If you always have the desire to have everything around you matching, listen up. Unless you’re a 5-year-old twin, matching is not cute. There is a time and place to look exactly the same as everyone else, that place is the military, private school and any type of public service job. Don’t make the mistake of turning fashion into a boring, unoriginal experience. Spare yourself and your loved ones the embarrassment now and stop with the matchy –matchy  eye sore you think is “stylish”.

Top offenders of this horrific fashion blunder are Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise. Katie Holmes, please stop the awkward encounters of people mistaking your child for a life-sized, “look-alike” American Girl doll.  Looking like your small child is not something to be proud of.  With the endless fashion possibilities Katie Homles has, she should not look like she just got done shopping at Baby Gap.

Katie & Suri Matching, as Usual. Image Via Just Jared


Other matchy-matchy offenders are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (or Kimye, as I like to call them).  Please stop dressing alike, you are not going to prom, your outfits do not have to coordinate. You both are look cutting edge (leather will be huge this fall), but these outfits work much better when you’re at different locations.

Kimye's Leather Look. Image Via Pacific Coast News

So to all the matchy- matchy offenders out there, consider this your fashion warning. There is a fine line between cute and horrendous, don’t flirt with it, stick to being the original fashionista that you are!

Comment below! Tweet & Facebook us too!

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Celebs Say Yes To Yellow

Yellow is an underestimated color. I love it with my dark hair, but don’t tend to buy much of it. Well, if you like this sunny shade, then this is the time to wear it. Summer is in full swing and your tan is probably at its peak, and guess what, yellow makes that sunkissed skin really pop. That’s right, this color enhances your skin tone in these warmer-temp months.

So many celebs are embracing this hue and I stumbled upon a roundup on Coco Perez. The Fashion Police officer Miss Kelly Osbourne works it in the the bright shade and even she looks tanner thanks to her color choice.


Yes To Yellow
1. Dress  $125 $50 @ Asos /2. Sandals $25 @ ModCloth / 3. Fedora $13 @ Forever 21 / 4. Shorts $32 @ Etsy / Print $14.95 @ Etsy.
Are you feeling this sunny shade? Comment below! Or chat with me on Twitter & Facebook.


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#4U2Read: Floral Crowns & Bar-Cart Cravings

Hi there and Happy Sunday. This week was struck with tragedy in Colorado. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the victims in the movie theater shooting and am deeply saddened by such an unbelievable event. It’s hard not to think about it and watch every piece of news on the matter, but sometimes you have to step away from all that heartbreak and give yourself a break. Hope these four blog posts I found add a little light into your day. We all could use a little distraction.


If you enjoy the articles below, be sure to share on Twitter using the hashtag #4U2Read.


Showoff your inner flower child. Floral crowns are in full bloom (check mine out from Freed Love in this vid). Now you can craft your own using a headband and some fun flowers. It’s very Lana-Del-Rey-esque – Fuji Files

Bar carts are all the rage in fashionista living (I’ve been dying to DIY one!) and here are ten essentiasl for a super-fab mobile mini bar. – Glitter Guide

Translucent accessories are trending and this DIY see-through clutch looks so luxe, I can’t even believe it’s a DIY. Bonus: this is modeled after a Charlotte Olympia bag I LOVED, but HATED the price ($995 -eek!). So, the fact that there’s an awesome how-to version is seriously exciting me. (Thanks Stripes & Sequins for linking to this! ) – Sprinkles in Springs

Are you a bride on a budget? Topshop now carries bridal by Richard Nicoll and everything is under $600. – The Budgetista

Thanks for reading! Come again soon and tweet me @trendhungryblog

XO! Jessie


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