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Suede Shoes for Spring

Suede shoes are SO in style this spring. Just ask Prince Harry. He just wore a blue pair dancing. But my finds are cuter and way cheaper.

Pair with socks for sketchy-temp days. Yeah, socks actually are a DO and tomorrow I’m posting a video showing how to rock the look.


In the meantime, peruse suede shoes. Don’t ya just love the blue. It’s a subtle statement piece. Regal, perhaps?

Tag: Women’s Mossimo Petene Heeled Sandal, $28.00 at Target.


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Romantic Cutouts

By Jessica of Coffee Colored Fashion

A look I’ve been trying to pin down ever since I saw it float down the Louis Vuitton spring 2012 runway, is romantic cutout tops, dresses and skirts.

This trend been seen on two of my personal favorite it girls, Elle Fanning and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Not everyone can pull of those bold skirts but you can easily get the look in this casual tank. Pair this boxy tank with tailored pants for a sophisticated look, or with jean shorts for a casual day of shopping. Either way you’ll look chic and at under $20 this top from Forever21 is a true fashion steal!

Comment below with your take on the cutout trend!

Tag:  Cutout Daisy Top, $19.80 at Forever 21.


Be a ‘Men Men’ Lady on a Budget!

#1. How good was the finale!?! #2. How weird/sexy was Mrs. Don’s party behavior?!?! #3. How bad do you want the look on a budget?

I literally mention Mad Men every chance I get. I am OBSESSED, but the marketed merch is kind of pricey (a dress for $150 at Banana Republic). Here are my mad tips of getting a touch of that 1960’s look for less.


1. The Bag. We all NEED a lady bag. Wear it to church, the office, on a first date, or to a Mad Men viewing party ( I’ll bring  Chex Mix on my 1960’s plates I inherited from my grandparents).

This one looks just like Joan’s!

Tag: Mad Men Bag, $24.00 at Etsy.

2. The Lip. A red lip is timeless and everyone really could wear it! Plus it makes you look put together when you had no time do fix your hair or do up your eyes. Estee Lauder came out with a pretty red color in honor of the show, but it’s $20. I got it as a gift and love it, but I love my Loreal infallable stain WAY MORE. Beyonce’s shade is the ‘it’ shade. Read about it here.

3. Retro Accessories. If you gotta have the real deal, then opt for accessories from Banana Republic. The clothes are too pricey, but one pair of earrings won’t break the bank.

Tag: The Mad Men® Collection Flower-Stud Earring, $35.00 at Banana Republic.



Lavender Denim Deal-ightful!

I’ve been on the hunt for a specific hue in colored denim – lavender. It’s been calling my name, but not my wallet’s name (she goes by Betty, I just made that up).

The only places I could find this color was designer denim at boutiques and I wasn’t trying to spend close to $200 on this trendy item.


That’s all in the past. I’ve just stumbled upon a site that I’m kind of digging called Very. It lets you search by trend and price – both major pluses for this trend addict.

Like my find? Comment below and let me know!

Tag: South Pure Seventh-eighths Length Skinny Jeans, $35.00 at

Take Note: UK sizes so use the size chart!

Ohh, and you were looking for blue, bright pink, bubblegum pink, or yellow they’ve got that too!

And if you were wondering, I want to wear polka dot nails with these skinnies!


DIY Polka-Dot Nails

By Aling of What’s Last Call

I was searching for some inspiration this weekend and ended up finding it in this really cute blouse I bought from H&M a few months ago (sorry, they don’t carry it anymore). I loved the cute little stars sprinkled on the top so I used the same color scheme sans the stars, mainly to save time.


I started out with Wet n Wild’s Megalast in Sugar Coat 205B. The baby pink color was the perfect match and I do love the fat brush. For light colors, especially if I’m layering a design over it, I always do three coats to make sure color is even. Top off with a layer of topcoat for a candy-coated look.


Then I used my new handy-dandy dotting tool. Using the smaller end, I started placing random dots of Sinful Color’s Secret Admirer. Although it’s hard to see, this black has silver shimmer in it. I tried to vary the size of the dots a little to match the blouse.

Tag: Wet n Wild’s Megalast in Sugar Coat 205B, $1.99 at Walgreens.

Sinful Color’s Secret Admirer 933, $1.99 at Walgreens.

Dotting Tool, $7.00 at Sephora.

One more layer of topcoat, and you’re done!


PLL Style: Tee-Shirt Fringe

#1 I LOVE Pretty Little Liars! Like OMG how good was the finale!?!? #2 I’m totally into tees right now … what, it’s total tee-shirt weather. #3 I tried to DIY a fringe tee and it sucked, bad! #4 I found a few like Aria’s on PLL for cheap, really cheap! I’m talking mad-skinny budget. And away we go!

The key to this trend is to let this be the focal point. Simple skinny jeans let it shine. Too much of this trend – such as pairing with super-ripped jeans will look super-bad (pun intended).


 It’s got a concert-goer feel ( so Coachella!), but some girly bling makes the look a little softer and feminine.

Tag: Bongo Junior’s Boxy Fringe T-Shirt, $14.00 at KMart.

Take Note: Also comes in plus size for $16.00.

Other celeb sightings include Khloe Kardashian and Selena Gomez.

Ready for more fringe? I am loving the heart tee. You?

Tag: ( left to right) Power of Love Tee, $15.80 at Forever 21.

Puff Heart Fringe Tee, $19.50 at Delia’s. (buy one get one half off)

Fringed Crop Tee, $15.80 at Forever 21.

Comment below!




Color-Block Shoes Under $40

By Jessica F. of Coffee Colored Fashion

Color blocking has been HUGE for this past season and it’s clearly not going to be left behind this spring. This season take the trend to your feet and rock some color blocked heels.

No matter  your preference heels – flats, wedges, chunky heels – there’s a shoe for you. The key to wearing this trend is to let the shoes be the focal point of your outfit.  Below are some pretty great styles all under 40 bucks!


Tag: Color block shoes, left to right, top to bottom

Colorblock Wedge, $25.60 at GoJane.

Double Buckle Strappy Platform, $29.70 at GoJane.

Velvet T-Strap Raffia Wedge, $32.50 at Charlotte Russe.

Color Block Sandal, $16.00 at GoJane.

Neon-Pop Strappy Linen Wedge, $40.00 at Charlotte Russe.

Pop- Up Bow Velvet Pump, $39.50 at Charlotte Russe.


Sale-Rack Report: Skinny-Budget Neon Skirt

Top of the morning to ya! It’s officially St. Patty’s Day. You probably have been celebrating for weeks and don’t need any more green in your life, but how about a touch more?

I hate buying things just for one occasion (St. Patty’s shirt’s, perhaps?).  It’s bad for your budget and your closet. This one-time wear takes up prime closet real estate. I live in a one bedroom with my boyfriend and need all the space I can get. You gotta be super fantastic to make it into my elite selection of sale-rack clothes I love so much (should I fail to mention I have two closets, plastic drawers, 1.5 dresser space and have a bag of summer clothes in my car for storage!?!).

If you are craving green (I still am!) then why not neon? It’s so on trend, on sale, and def looks way more expensive than it is.  I’m already imagining this skirt with a chambray shirt and tying the shirt ends for a daytime took that’s a little more casual. Ohh, or what about a black tube top and a fun chunky belt and blinging earrings? Okay I’m getting ahead of myself.


Tag: Silence & Noise Lace Mini Skirt, Was $59.00, Now $29.99 at Urban Outfitters.

I know, I know, it’s a little more yellow than green, but isn’t it close enough?

P.S. Get a load of the texture and the back!

Enjoy your shamrock shakes and bar crawls!


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