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February 2012


Pastel Handbags in Bloom & Under $50!

You can feel it in the air. Spring is almost here and   pretty-pastel handbags are in bloom and there’s absolutely no need to spend hundreds on one handbag when you can buy one in every color!

Here are four finds under $50.00. They’re beyond perfect for the spring, and can be recycled throughout the summer and fall! Whoop, whoop!Which one is your fave?

Tags (left to right, top to bottom): Heart-Clasp Purse, $24.00 at TopShop.

Snake Twist-Lock Bag, $50.00 at TopShop.

Bird Across Body Bag, $35.81 at Asos.

Jaylea Clutch, $28.00 at Bakers.

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Spring Looks with Freed Love

This post goes out to all the fashionistas of Northeastern PA. There’s a boutique that’s fashion forward and more importantly, skinny-budget friendy.

They carry some of my favorite boutique brands such as BB Dakota and some one-of-a-kind finds too (unique dyed-&-studded daisy dukes made in store!!).

Today on WBRE’s PA Live! we showcased some of the hottest spring trends – colored denim, color blocking, neon, ’70s chic, and p0lka dots to name a few. Tune in at 4pm to see me and the models at work and check them out online at Andd get excited – they’re going to start selling online too!

Thanks for reading! Join the convo on twitter —> @trendhungryblog & @freedlovely

XO, Jessie


Red-Carpet Lips

I’ve been pretty hooked on the red lip for a while. It makes me look more put together than I actually am, reminds me of Mad Men (my  Netflix addiction), and it creates the look of a whiter smile. Lucille Ball wore the it well (my idol) and Angelina Jolie makes it look more regal than thought possible.

The problem with the red lip is the constant touch ups, getting it on your teeth, and it not looking smooth due to dry lips. Solutions await …

A lip stain is what you need to get the right red that stays in place. I know Beyonce shows it off on the commercials, but Infallible really works and I have the puckers (and compliments!) to prove it. It comes with a moisturizing top coat and a reflective case you can use as a mirror.  Ohh, and you need to scrub the sh*t out of your lips to remove the color.

Tag: L’Oreal Infallible in Beyonce’s Red, $9.97 at Walmart.

Now for avoiding color on teeth. It’s pretty simple. After applying color, pucker lips and stick a finger in your mouth. Pull finger out and excess color will be in tow.

And if dry lips are your hurdle, olive oil and brown sugar can act as a DIY exfoliant and moisturizer. Watch how to make it.


Oscars 2012: Peplum Pretty

Were you just as glued to the 2012 Academy Awards as I was? So many amazing outfits, inspiring speeches, and the Cirque du Soleil BLEW MY MIND.

Okay, back to the trends – muted tones, bright reds, and peplums stole the show. Plus, peplums have been all over the runways, so it’s about time we talk about them. Plus, I really want one … now!

Let me break this trend down for ya.

Peplum: (pronounced pep -lum):  A short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress. (courtesy of

Oscar Examples: Tina Fey, Michelle Williams

Skinny-Budget Buys

Tag (left to right): Two-Strap Peplum Dress, $34.99 at Ally Fashion.

TFNC Pleat Trim Peplum Bandeau Dress, Was $90.00, Now $44.76 at Asos.

Showbiz Strapless Coral-Red Dress, $39.00 at LuLu*s.

Metallic Peplum Top,  Was $50.13, Now $39.60 at Asos.

Peplum-int Candy Golden Yellow Dress, $28.00 at LuLu*s

Midi Dress With Lace Peplum, Was $62.69, Now $31.33 at Asos.



JCP Fair & Square Haul

First, let me just say that this blog is not a “haul” area, where I simply show what I bought.   But, my first JCPenney “fair and square” experience is SO worth sharing!

JCP is not just for your mom or Christmas pajamas. They’re totally revamping – more diffusion lines, simple-chic ads, and way less math in order to save a buck. The sales are simple, labeled, and the MNG by Mango jewelry I’ve been eying since the fall finally went on sale!!

Snagged two bangles, a long necklace, and futuristic earrings for $16.00 … TOTAL!

I’ve always been a JCP girl. Got all my school clothes there. Even my first interview blazer was snagged there. Watched the JCP evolution and love where it’s going. Their exclusive lines  ( I ‘Heart’ Ronson, Olsenboye, MNG by Mango) are becoming my go-to brands and this simple-chic pricing is perfect. No longer do I feel the need to go with my mathematic mom and coupons in tow for the best deals.

Tags: MNG by Mango Spike Earrings, $10.00 online, $4.00 in store.

MNG by Mango Long-Bead Necklace, Orig $30.00,  $24.00 online, $6.00 in store.

MNG by Mango  Bangles, not currently online, $6.00 in store.

So have you been to JCP lately? Dish your shopping deets below!


#TotesAmaze Mag Bags

Dear Technology,

I love and appreciate your improvements, but I still LOVE magazines in the tangible form. That being said, this post is not about ipad cases, but magazine bags. Thanks for understanding!

XO, A blogger who still loves turning the pages and Pinteresting the old fashion way.

Initial Attraction

Tag: Deena & Ozzy Alphabet Stud Tote Bag, Was $24.00, Now $9.99 at Urban Outfitters.

Take Note: Not all initials available.

Frills and Function

Tag: St Barts Ruffle Bag, $54.00 at April Marin.

Take Note: I already own it and love it! Great for quick errands, an overnight stay, or even a few groceries.

Bag of Tricks

Tag: Bag of Tricks Tote, $23.00 at Madewell.

Take Note: Adorable. DUH!

Okay, let’s hashtag this post with #totesamaze & #trendhungry.

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it. Love the support, but LOVE comments even more, so leave one!


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Over-Easy Ombre Nails

Ombre  is sweeping Hollywood’s hair, nails, and outfits. Think of a child’s hair. From playing out in the sun, it creates a natural fade in the color and the ends are lighter. We grownups (and us faux grownups too) want that color-fade look too.

The fab thing about ombre for your hair is that you’re actually saving money in the long run because it means less roots growing in. The con is I wouldn’t try this at home.

A DIY manicure, however, is easy to achieve and creates an attention-grabbing effect.

There’s two ombre manicures to try.

1. Shady Lady – as seen on Jeanie Mai & Lauren Conrad.

Pick a color palette and use 3-5 different shades and use a different one on each nail to create a gradual color fade. Repeat pattern until all ten nails are polished. Add a second coat for the perfect finish as well as a top coat. Bam! That was way easy.

Linda D. of's mani

2. Glitter Girl

Start with a traditional manicure (two coats of your preferred color). With your choice of glitter nail polish, begin adding glitter to the tips using tiny strokes (make sure your brush isn’t clumpy or too wet). Once tip of nail is gilttered, begin making strokes beginning at the center of the nail using less pressure. Repeat on all nails. Allow dry time and add a clear topcoat.

My Glitter Ombre

Tag: Confetti’s Blue Bombshell, $1.99 at CVS.

The glitter was an old shade I had from Wet n Wild. Any thin glitter should do the trick. I don’t recommend a chunky shade.

Would you DIY? Comment below!


Stella & Dot Jewelry Trends

Bold pops of color, stones, graphic elements & rose gold are some of what you should expect in jewelry this coming season.  Great examples of these trends are featured in Stella & Dot’s new Spring Line.
Pop of Color
La Coco Rope Necklace is a great, easy way to introduce the pop of color trend.  Made with infused beads (so the color won’t chip) with this universally flattering coral color will be the focal point of your outfit.  You can wear it as a long strand, doubled, or tripled.
Tag: La Coco Rope Necklace, $59.00 at Stella & Dot.
Serenity Small Stone Drops are an affordable way to adapt this trend of natural stones. They are polished, hand cut, hand hammered, and offered in two beautiful Mediterranean-inspired colors.
Tag: Serenity Small Stone Drops, $34.00 at Stella & Dot.
Take Note: Come in navy too.
Graphic Elements
This ring is the least expensive cocktail ring offered from Stella & Dot, but doesn’t look like it should be!  These epoxy stones and hematite faceted stones sit on a shiny silver plated adjustable ring, and is the fastest way to take your look from day to night.
Tag: Midnight Bloom Ring, Was $39.00, Now $29.25 at Stella & Dot.
Rose Gold
These little earring make a sweet statement and they also speak to the animal print trend that’s still going strong.  They are accented with sparkling Czech crystals, and the rose color looks great on everyone.
Tag: Sidewinder Studs, $29.00 at Stella & Dot.
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