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January 2012

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    Valentine Guy Gifts

    Ladies, we need to get our gift-giving on! Here’s a few presents your man will thank you for. I’ll be on WBRE’s PA Live! showcasing these lovely gifts for a skinny budget. 1.…

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    Kim K. Finale Fashion Necklaces

    Everyone is buzzing about SAG fashion, but hello, did you forget about our girl Kim Kardashian?!?! It was her big night, the night where they said they’d be showing the beginning of…

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    Salon Services For A STEAL!!

    Philly peeps, Just got my hair done and loving it, so gotta gush about my new salon of choice, André Richard Salon on 12th & Locust. Here’s why… They fixed my color, treated me…

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    Tantalizing Lip Tattoos

    You want a crazy pattern on your puckers? You don’t need a celebrity makeup artist to do the tricks of the trade. All you need are some temporary lip tattoos. The Kardashian…

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    Online Jewelry Gems

    Online shopping can be tricky. What if something doesn’t fit? It’s a major turnoff to buying online, but fashion jewelry is way less risky and there are so many fab outlets worth…

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    Plaid Cape Super Sale

    Have you yet to buy a cape? Don’t want to spend the money or simply waiting for a sale? This the time to buy! Found two amazing plaid capes via Urban’s sale…