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Fur Real … Only If It’s Vintage

Fur - so on trend. The real deal? So pricey and PETA disapproved. The alternative ... faux or vintage. Faux is totally acceptable, actually more accepted. A Rachel Zoe type of vest is boho, and a glam girl can opt for a fur coat. A faux can still run you major…

Hi Trend Hungry Fashionistas!!

Today I’ll be on WBRE’s PA Live! for “Trend Hungry Tuesday” talking healthy beauty.

Todra from opened my eyes about healthy brands that are actually affordable! Watch today at 4pm for the 411.

Tag: Chocolate Sugar Scrub, $10.00 at Sugared Beauty.

If you want to join the movement download the Healthy Beauty Social app, where you can type in the first four letters of ingredients when shopping and instantly find out if it’s Healthy Beauty approved.

P.S. It’s also “Trend Hungry Tuesday” on The Ralphie Radio Show. Tonight we’re chatting about faux fur verses the real thing. Plus I know how to get the real thing on a skinny budget.

Thanks for the support!!

XO, Jessie

Today on PA Live: Healthy Beauty

Arm Warmers – So 2012!

Fingerless gloves can be arm warmers and vice versa, but there is a difference. Arm warmers are long, hence covering the arm. Fingerless gloves don't have to be long and often aren't. Arm warmers are way more warm, and in my opinion, the 2012 version of the trend. So gear…

Thanksgiving To My Fave Bloggers

This last year has been truly amazing. I got my job at Wired 96.5 as their Resident Fashionista and it parlayed into being on four radio stations weekly and regular tv appearances. I owe it to some fabulous contacts that have offered stellar guidance ... and to my blog readers!!! This site…

Black Friday – DON’T; Cyber Monday – DO!!!

Black Friday is total chaos, and despite me being a being obsessed with fashionable deals, I don’t do black Friday.It’s totally crazy. And you can always get deals, they’re just highlighted on this day, plus the huge deals are only till noon. Cyber Monday is way better and way less…

Wine-Inspired Gifts on a Skinny Budget

It's almost Thanksgiving. I'm already lighting a pumpkin pie candle and polishing my nails in a cranberry -sauce shade. If you're leaving you humble abode for the holiday, or future holidays, you don't want to show up empty-handed. Wine is a staple gift. i love drinking it, but it's kind of…

Trendin: AMA Fashion Recap

SO many trends last night for the American Music Awards. Too many to only pick one, so here's a quickie recap. LMFAO - loves leopard leggings and so could you. Here's a skinny-budget steal from Betsey Johnson! Katy Perry wore bad fake nails - fashion don't. The nude shade she…

PA Live: Tie Your Scarf, Girrl!

Love scarves. Love staying warm. Love learning new ways to make one item in your wardrobe look different. Here's a few easy ways to tie a scarf. Hope you love it, too! Inspiration: Wendy's LookBook TV Clip: WBRE's PA Live! Click the pic to watch! Let's chat!! Tweet @trendhungryblog

Cable Knit in Color

By: Theresa W. It’s sweater time! Looking cute and colorful has never been easier and I've got a designer-inspired deal for you! I’m obsessed with any tops that are pink and cropped, but cable knits will help bear the temps. They add a splash of trend in a sea of…