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October 2011

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    Cool Temps = Cape Time!

    Capes aren’t just for super heroes. They’re for fierce females too! They wrap around your whole top half. Think of a skirt, but made for your upper body. Capes are super similar…

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    Gold Digger on a Skinny Budget

    Now I’m not saying I’m a gold digger, but I ain’t messing with no broke bloggers. Just playin! This trend isn’t about the money honey. It’s about the dug-up look, precious metal,…

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    Masquerade Fashions

    YAY!!!! It’s almost Halloween! I am for realz so excited! This is the time for outlandish fashion. I’m going to be Katy Perry. Jealous? Just kidding. This post is for the ladies…

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    Headband Ready

    Got a drab outfit you’re required to wear for work? One of readers is in that predicament. She works at a day care and has to wear a polo that’s ill-fitting. It’s hard…

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    Guiliana Rancic Style Steal

    For real, I LOVE Guiliana Rancic. So does every other female my age, but I feel she and I have a special connection. Maybe it’s because I Google her often to figure…

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    Celebrity-Chic Halloween

    It’s Halloween and the Lady GaGa look was so two years ago. Here are some other celebs you can dress like .. and on a skinny budget. Katy Perry is so easy.…