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Clip-in Feather Hair Extensions

Sephora is a mecca of amazement. They manage to always have what I’m looking for and they’ve got a trend I can’t get enough of. Feathers!

Not just jewelry, but hair extensions. If you haven’t heard of this yet then dive right in. It’s haute in LA and has made it into magazines, blogs, and now Sephora! Say buh-bye to a salon price and DIY it. Scroll for the details!

Trend: Feather Hair Extensions

Hungry: User-friendly At-Home Solution

Tag: Feather Hair Accents, $25.00 at Sephora.

Take Note: Comes in four different color kits.

This kit is perfect for the indecisive trend-hungry gal (I can’t even commit to a candy bar at the grocery store). Unlike most feather extensions, these clip in and are not sewn in. So if you’re feeling feathery clip ‘em in. And if your job isn’t really feather friendly then save them for later.



Sales This Weekend!

This post is dedicated to those of us that will be hitting up the mall instead of beaching it, or simply squeezing in shopping.

Victoria’s Secret – Panty Raid – 7 for $25.50. Bras and Panties up to 40% off and free shipping on orders over $100.00.

Macy’s – tons going on, just look at the pic and click to head to the sale!!

American Eagle – Specials online and in store!

JCPenney – lots of deals, as usual. Here’s a coupon to save you extra!

Charlotte Russe is cheap to begin with… but now, even cheaper. Check it out and text BFF to 21534 for more savings.

There a million more sales. These are my personal faves! Happy shopping skinny budget beauties!

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Casual Friday: Sale-Rack Raid A La Urban Outfitters

Hello Summer! It may not be officially Summer, but in my humid apartment it sure feels like it. I’m dreaming of a mini vacay to the beach and if I want something new to wear I had better hit the sale rack.

Trend: Beach Ready Outfit From The SALE RACK!

Hungry: Urban Outfitter’s Signature Style with Reduced Prices

Tag:  Ecote Sun-Washed Day Dress, Was $44.00, Now $34.99 at Urban Outfitters.

Okay, how amazing are these earring to match?!?

Tag: Urban Renewal Vintage Pansy Post Earring,Was $10.00, Now $4.99 at Urban Outfitters.

Take Note: Only sold online and they’re made from vintage materials!!!

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My New Wedges

I was in Target yesterday dressing one of my models for my upcoming TV segment and I fell in love… with the most gorgeous wedges. When I should have been shopping for someone else I of course ended up finding the perfect shoes for my own wardrobe.

Trend: Wedges

Hungry: Neurtals with the Perfect Color Pop

Tag: Women’s CALYPSO St. Barth for Target Linen Espadrille Wedge Sandals – Natural, $29.99 at Target.

Why I love these: They pink on the inside bottom, orange on the sides, and silver sparkly on the outside without being childish. I’m in love and they also remind me of Kate Spade which is an added bonus.

They’re part of the Calypso St. Barth new line exclusively for Target. That means you get the fabulous, lux-resort designs the designer is known for without the luxury price tag. Target is so good to us on a skinny budget.

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French Connection Is Now Affordable … Like REALLY AFFORDABLE!!

On Monday, June 6th you can catch me on NBC10’s The 10! Show with the fashion 411 on diffusion lines. And since I’m currently planning it out I’m super into designer brands that fit a skinny budget. Want the skinny on my new favorite collection? You won’t even believe where I found it!!!

UK Style by French Connection is the name and the signature style of the coveted French Connection is the game … just with a wayyy more appealing price tag for the wallet. And it’s at Sears!?!?! It’s now on my shopping itinerary. Like when did Sears up their style?

This line just launched this spring and it’s already in 500 stores, so hopefully one is near you.

Today I browsed and here are a few highlights. Don’t fret, I’ll be blogging about this brand much more seeing as they’re got tons of fab stuff on a skinny budget (and no, they don’t pay me).

Trend: Diffusion Lines (aka designer duds on a skinny budget)

Hungry: UK Style by French Connection 

1. The Perfect Party Dress

Tag: Sequin Front Tank Dress, Was $49.00, Now $36.99 at Sears.

Take Note: Comes in Ink (navy) and Fatigue (army green).

2. LBT -The Little Black Tee – fits for any fashion need.

Tag: UK Style by French Connection Black Kimono Top, Was $21.9o, Now $15.99 at Sears.

3. That 70’s Chic Jumpsuit – I have not seen anything like this for such an amazing price! O-M-G!

Tag: UK Style by French Connection Ink Wide Leg Knit Jumpsuit, Was $44.90, Now $32.99 at Sears.

Not positive if this line will be featured in my tv segment, but it will certainly be featured in my closet and ASAP!!!


Do the Bunny Hop… Ring Under $5

Hip and  hop.  This ring is so ugly that actually it’s cute and I just love it. Isn’t that reason enough to blog about it? Well, I think so. This trend is the animal ring.  But instead of a cat or tiger this showcases a softer animal, a bunny. Rock this ring for under $5.00. I spend more at Starbucks!

Trend: Animal-Instinct Ring

Hungry: Bunny Ring-a-Bling-Bling

Tag: Rhinestone Bunny Ring, $4.80 at Forever 21.

Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you want to tell me? Leave a comment, Facebook me, or simply tweet @trendhungryblog!

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All About The Pink Sole

What’s the most coveted shoe brand? Louboutin. And what are those shoes known for? Red soles!

ShoeDazzle is a total copycat and I’m totally craving what they’ve got!

Trend: Colored Soles

Hungry: ShoeDazzle Limited Edition Signature Soles (HOT PINK!!)

Tag: Chanelle, $39.95 at ShoeDazzle.

Take Note: Also comes in black and gray, but I LOVE the nude. It’s so haute for this season and will elongate your stems.

Quick little FYI ShoeDazzle is a monthly thang, so take a style test and every month a new showroom awaits! Want the 411 on the site? Read this post.

These are the designer shoes and they retail for about $800.00. The ShoeDazzle shoes look nearly identical!!! And they’re  1/20th of the price! With affordable options like this why would anyone not stick to a skinny budget?

So what’s YOUR opinion? Leave me a comment!

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Wired: White Jeans = Wardrobe Wonders

Now that it’s nice out (minus this last week of 24/7 rain) it’s time to get out of drab and into fab … clothes! A new wardrobe doesn’t really fit a skinny budget. Make the most of what ya got girl, and a pair of white jeans will instantly update your wardrobe.

Trend: White Jeans

Celeb Cravers: J.Lo, Victoria Beckham, Ashley Tisdale.

Style: Skinny, but if that ain’t your thang then opt for boot cut – very complementary! J.Lo rocks the wide leg. That style is for a truly confident fashionista.

Hungry: It makes me sad because the most fabulous pair ever is currently sold out! They’re by Almost Famous and were at Sears for only $12.00!! They fit like designer jeans, can you believe it?!?! I own a pair and need more since they’re so amazing. But I found you another pair that’s still pretty amazing.

Tag: Carson Double-Button Stretch Twill Skinny, Was $29.90 – $34.90, Now $23.92 – $27.92 (price varies on size) at Alloy.

And for boot cut Express is  where it’s at and they carry lots of different lengths. Hey, not all of us have long legs (I’m only 5’3).

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It’s Karma … Jewelry

The other day I complemented a stylish woman’s necklace and she let me on where she got it. Now I’m obsessed with the source,

They’re known for jewelry that has meaning behind it, but what I LOVE is that you can sort by price. It’s ideal for a skinny budget.

Trend: Jewelry With Meaning

Hungry: Dogeared Designs

Tag: Look Within Make a Wish Necklace (sterling silver eye on black), $26.00 at

They’ve got jewelry for wishes, karma, healing, friendship and amazing gifts. Would it be weird if I bought the gift items for myself? I really like them!!

I love this piece lots! Kick Ass!!

Tag: Kick Ass Make a Wish Necklace (sterling silver cowboy boot on evergreen), $26.00 at

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Denim Vest – Do or Don’t?!?!

I got my first denim best in kindergarten, but since then I’ve purchased a new one about three years ago and still wear it. But sometimes I’m like … how do I wear this thing?

I know the jean tuxedo look is technically in, but it’s not for me at all (at least right now).

If you’re in the same dilemma and are craving a jean vest but not quite sure how to use it then you are in luck.

Trend: Denim Vest?

Hungry: To wear it more than once!

Tag: MNG by Mango Kathy Denim Vest, Was  $49.90, Now $39.92 at JCPenney.

Now that we’ve got a vest let’s think about ways to wear it.

1. With a dress – maxi, floral and flowy, or even a strapless brightly-colored number,

2. With other shades of denim – colored denim and white are popping up and would really work with this.

3. A shirt – opt for something more loose but I’d go for above the knee so that you don’t look a real hippie.

And the way I tend to wear it is with short khaki shorts. I can’t help it. It’s my go to, but I’m breaking away and will be wearing it with the options listed above. Can’t wait!!

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